Despite setbacks here’s how to keep on the positive path and keep the belief (that you can fall pregnant and be a Mum)

We live in a society where people are increasingly defined as a sum of the level of success they achieve, in both their career and personal life. For many a key element in their life plan is to start a family with the perfect, loving partner and, that by and large having a baby is an event that will just happen naturally.

The stark reality is that one in seven couples in the UK suffers with infertility. Going through the monthly cycle has been described as a rollercoaster ride. The highs being the excitement that there might be a chance you are pregnant, followed by the absolute devastation that you are not… Or that you have miscarried.

So what can you do to ease those setbacks and keep believing that you will be a parent one day? (Be it first or second time around).

There is no absolute prescriptive formula that works for everyone

In addition, approaching any difficulty in life, including issues around your mental and physical health, can be aided by developing a “tool box” of go to resources and reminders to call on. The following may help in developing your personalised tool box, which recognises the individual tools and elements that work better for you.

Get the basics right

Be knowledgeable about the basics of ovulation, conception and menstrual cycle

This will help with timing intercourse and providing you with a sense of control over the process of conception.

However, do not let this dominate your life or interfere with your sex life.  Timings and temperature taking can dampen the flame of passion.  Best thing to do is to have sex every three days to ensure the sperm is able to fertilise the egg whenever ovulation occurs.

1. Be aware of your diet for fertility

Keep it organic; avoid caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods and research supplements to take for improved fertility.

See these fertility food articles for more tips:

2. Do learn to relax

Find what will work for you, be it:

3. Be patient

Even the healthiest of couples will find that it takes time to conceive. It’s not easy to avoid obsessing over every aspect of the conception process, so try to focus on other things you enjoy doing. For some this will be their work, others it will be a hobby or interest.

Do not stay patient forever… Turn patience into pro-activeness and take back control with these fertility tips

Natural Pregnancy Tips

 Passionate Sex

#1 Make Loving Fun & Powerful

Keep your love life vibrant, use your imagination. Concentrate on creating a light and loving mood, where conception isn’t the sole purpose of sex.

Try making love in new locations – from a tent in your back garden, to a swanky hotel, whatever appeals to your sense of fun!

BE PRESENT and focus on the magic you are creating between you. I know this can be difficult when sex feels like a chore, but you will reap the rewards from being present and BOTH visualising the sperm fertilising the egg at the point of ejaculation.

#2 Shared Experience

Sharing your rollercoaster ride with others trying to conceive can be comforting.

You can get more active in the Fertility Help closed FaceBook group where you can share your experience with others and reach out for support.

You can check out sites like , and which have links to other resources you may find useful in your tool box.

#3 Take Time Out

If the whole conception routine is taking a toll on you and/or your partner, take time out.

  1. Learn to meditate – fertility meditation works. It will change your life for the better.
  2. Learn how to reconnect to what makes you happy – e.g. do three things a day that bring you joy.
  3. Learn to love all aspects of you, stop feeling disappointed that your body is letting you down.
  4. Learn to nurture yourself… A Fertility Foot Detox Ionic Spa Treatment is a great way to feel refreshed and revitalised, it eases pain and deeply detoxifies and heals.

(If you need any help with ways and suggestions you can take time out – leave a comment below or discretely contact us)

#4 Indulge and Nurture Yourself!

Even out the roller-coaster of emotions by treating yourself and each other. Whether it’s a manicure, a weekend away, signing up for that yoga course you always wanted to do, or something as simple as a “funny movie” night. Be good to yourself, you deserve it.

And finally I was recently reminded of this little gem from A A Milne:

“Promise me you’ll always remember that you’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you know.”

~ Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh


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