Qi Energy Healing

Qi Energy Healing for Fertility

Whether you are trying to have a baby naturally or are trying through assisted means (such as IUI or IVF or egg donor) you want the journey to parenthood to be an enjoyable one... and a short one!

Since 2007, Fiona Boulton has seen the incredible results that Qi Energy Healing has on women and couples with fertility issues.

This Awakening Fertility Qi Energy Healing is highly recommended and endorsed by Dr Hillary

Is Qi Energy Healing What You Need?

  • If you feel like you have lost control of your emotions
  • If you feel like you have suffered trauma along your fertility journey
  • If you feel stressed and anxious about fertility
  • If you have had surgery in the name of fostering fertility
  • If you feel out of balance
  • If you are lacking energy
  • If you have been trying for over 6 months
  • If you feel you have blocked chakras or energy flow
  • Women - if you have miscarried
  • Women - if you need to revitalise your womb with more energy (qi) or warmth
  • Women - if you need to improve your lining, follicles, egg health or chromosomes
  • Men - if you have sperm issues
  • Men - if you have libido issues
- If you answered "yes" to any of the above or feel something similar, then a Quan Yin Energy Field Healing and Balancing treatment is for you

How Qi Energy Healing Works

Our body's energy system - the layers of the energy field correspond with the 14 chakras and energy flows through the body via meridian linesOur body's energy system - the layers of the energy field correspond with the 14 chakras and energy flows through the body via meridian lines

Sometimes traumatic events, stress, negative emotions and being out of flow with life can leave us feeling "stuck" or "down" and these heavy emotions can make it difficult if you are trying for a baby.

You see, for men your sperm is an extension of your life-force energy. If you are feeling flat then your sperm will be too (and won't function as well).

For women, your baby feels how you feel so to minimise chances of miscarriage these Qi Energy Healings are extremely beneficial.

Fiona Boulton Can Help You Heal For Fertility

As an advanced Quan Yin Energy Field Healing Practitioner (Qi Energy Healer - for short) who has studied kinesiology and nutrition, Fiona Boulton can help you be the best you can be. (By helping you release from the hardships of life as well as restore nutrition, energy, emotional harmony and wellbeing by working on your body's electro-magnetic energy centres).

How is Qi Energy Healing Different to Reiki?

Sessions are set up the same as Reiki but penetrates the energy field as well as all 14 chakras (however Reiki can only access 7 chakras).

This is a relaxing and revitalising treatment that upon request can include 20 minutes of specialised fertility coaching techniques and/or self-fertility massage techniques to facilitate faster fertility success.

Time to feel revitalised and refreshed with the different levels of treatments

Level 1 Qi Energy Healing - Quan Yin Healing:

The classical Quan Yin Healing which you can do weekly - ideal if you only have a few weeks to remedy your body (eg to dissolve cysts, shrink fibroids, to heal UTI's, to prepare for IUI or IVF or an assisted fertility procedure less than 2 - 3 months away. This helps men who want to improve their sperm health and libido).

Level 2 Qi Energy Healing - Energy Field Healing:

As trained by Sue Zange, this healing treatment will leave you feeling deeply relaxed as your body goes into healing mode over the next 28 days.  Most healing takes place over the initial 24 hours and next 7 days. (Healings are done monthly). These healings are beneficial to men and women.

How to maximise the healing effects

It is best not to drink alcohol or watch the news, watch violence on TV after the healing.

Added extras

Upon request, the treatment session can include intuition building skills or self massage training at no additional cost to the 60 minute session.


Optional Fertility Massage

Why learn how to do self-fertility massage?

In each session you can learn to massage yourself through three of the most beneficial abdominal techniques as well as your fertility acupressure points to:

  1. Relieve stress
  2. Boost energy
  3. Facilitate fertility
  4. Improve digestion

What others are saying

"I never realised how easy it is to administer self-massage! And it is deep... It Testimonial Couple Bfelt incredible, I could feel that I was literally helping my fertility and that my fertility was literally in my own hands, it felt extraordinary. I highly recommend it. Your healing sessions combined with your fertile lifestyle course helped me create our long awaited baby. Here's our latest family photo!"

- Marie-Anne Q, London UK

"What can I say! Look at me in this photo! I never thought after such a long, difficult journey that upon meeting Fiona and making time to do her weekly healing sessions, my mood improved, my body changed and I was able to finally fall pregnant. Thank you!" 

- Joanna B, London UK

Mother, father and little daughter - happy family isolated over white background

"When I feel out of balance emotionally I know one of the best things I can do for myself is to book in an energy field healing/balancing session with Fiona, she's incredibly gifted - thanks Fiona! Thanks also for helping us become parents to baby Leah, you took the stress out of trying to conceive."

- Kate D, London UK

"Whenever Fiona came to Australia I would make sure to book in a Qi Energy Field Healing session with her. I would see her weekly and after two rounds of treatments I stopped miscarrying and now have my beautiful baby. I love what you do, thank you Fiona."

- Jayne K, Perth Australia 

"My partner and I both see Fiona for Energy Healings every month.  Wouldn't miss it for the world, they are great. We feel incredibly refreshed and energised after the treatment. I have noticed an amazing improvement with regulating my menstrual flow and my lining! I definitely recommend this 100% natural, holistic treatment that clearly works on improving your mode and your fertility. 

- Ruby M and husband, London UK 

 "I loved the Qi Energy Field Healings so much I really looked forward to our regular sessions when trying to conceive and then all through my pregnancy. I still see Fiona for monthly sessions because it does me the world of good. I recommend this to all my friends who are trying for babies and who are pregnant." 

- Sam J, London UK


Book Your Qi Energy Healing Treatment Here

60 minute sessions, first session is longer

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Step 3: Feel free to email if you have any questions before your session support@awakeningfertility.com 

Step 4:
Please ensure you do not drink alcohol 24hrs before or after your Qi Energy Healing.

Online Distant Healing for Fertility

The session will be conducted live online or on the telephone. You can be listening to me (hands free) whilst lying down for 60 minute fertility healing session.

  • £197.00 per session (for your first session please allow up to 90mins)
  • £499.00 for a course of 3 sessions
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