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25 January 2020

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Designed for men and women to boost their sexuality, fertility and energy.
Clear past failures and become renewed

Why is 25 January 2020 So Important?

Not only is it...

The date of the Chinese New Year (new year of the metal rat) a time for allowing ABUNDANCE and NEW BEGINNINGS to easily flow to you

It is also...

The first new moon for the decade, bringing forth NEW BEGINNINGS

It is also...

What marks "the decade" of moving into greater innovations: The Aquarian Age

It is also...

The time for humanity to shift away from destruction and into higher expansion: BEING ABLE TO OPEN YOURSELF UP TO RECEIVE AND GIVE MORE LOVE AND JOY

A big shift has happened in the pelvis of the earth and this will change everything for all the earthlings.

  • This changes the way you make love.
  • This changes the way babies are being brought into the world.
  • This allows your space to clear sexual trauma and disappointments.

This will change the ways future generations of baby's are being made.

Fertility in 2020

Baby's will be made hereon from more of a heart-based loving space, rater than standard penetrative sex.

This is the Time to Release All Sexual Trauma

  • Release from feeling sexually inadequate
  • Release from disappointments
  • Release from rape
  • Release from miscarriage
  • Release from failed IVF/IUI
  • Release from failed natural pregnancy attempts
  • Release from failed relationships with yourself and others
  • Release from when you were taken advantage of

Are You Ready to Embrace This Shift?

This is an extremely important time to clear the past so you can not let it hinder or define you anymore. A great time to overcome physical, mental and emotional limitations.

You can embrace this powerful energy shift in two ways

This is ideal for women and couples to experience the fertility changes you desire to create your happy, healthy baby this year.

1 - Join me for a live healing (or request to receive the recording).

If you are not a member, you can still participate:

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2 - Enjoy this powerful Fertility Meditation on my YouTube channel:

The Empowered Woman Meditation


  • Leave your comments below the video so I can guide you through the transition. (They must be left under the video so others can benefit from your healing shift).
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£55.00 for access to the transformational live group healing meditation to overcome ALL FERTILITY and SEXUALITY BLOCKAGES
(for men and women)

If you can't make the live recording 10:00amGMT Saturday 25 January 2020

You will receive the recording to keep forever

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I recently interviewed Mandi J Nelson, author, documentary maker and yoga teacher in my home town of Perth, Western Australia who attended a ceremony on the eclipse of January's full moon in Uluru (the Base Chakra of Mother Earth) who said:

25 January is a very special day for meditation, contemplation and healing

"I’m still reeling from the ceremony that was held at Uluru. All is coming up for healing at the moment. There has been a massive shift at the pelvis level of the earth, which has shifted our perspective on all of our woundings, which is why they are coming up for reappraisal.

It reflects for humanity the dawn of the new universal law. From the pure heart.

This new moon in Aquarius will reinforce new innovations, creative ways of living and loving. Much more heart based and less programmed. An inner ‘knowing’ encouraging the individual and the collective to view things from a ‘feeling’ state rather than trying to intellectualise things.

We are encouraged to ground right down into the earth whilst calling it in from the stars.

The Chinese New Year also brings with it fresh new energy, 2020 is a year of self mastery."

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Want To Have Your Own Meditations Created Specifically For You?

That's right, now you can have specific healing meditations created for your exact requirements in a way that works for you.

Not all meditations work for everyone because everyone is individual. When you have a specific meditation made for you it will work for your personality type and time restrictions.

Your brain has a map of your body. Change the map your mind has of your body and you can change your body. When you master your mind you can spontaneously improve your health, energy levels and fertility.

- Fiona Boulton (meditation teacher since 2003)

Fiona runs small groups of weekly fertility meditation classes in London (and private sessions across the UK and Perth, Australia) to increase chances of natural fertility success and IVF success.

For more information about the meditations for each step of your assisted fertility journey for IUI/IVF/ICSI/donor egg, contact Fiona here.


Fertility Meditations Can Help You:

  • Take back control of your life
  • Manage stress and anxiety around getting pregnant and staying pregnant
  • Feel empowered and confident whilst trying to conceive and hold your pregnancy
  • Experience new found energy and vitality (fertility requires lots of energy)
  • Experience deep healing on a cellular level (helps improve chromosomal health!)
  • Experience mental clarity
  • Improve intuition (for making better decisions)
  • Improve wellbeing (so life feels easier and more enjoyable and helps to improve your mood)
  • Overcome fears
  • Release from trauma and mental/emotional blockages
  • Balance emotions and feel happier
  • Turn off mental chatter and negative thoughts

Fertility Meditations Pre-Ordered Or Done Live Online

You can pre-order your bespoke Fertility Meditation or have the meditation recorded live sitting with Fiona Boulton.

Meditations are done after your initial consultation, here. (Remember, all newsletter subscribers can register for a complimentary consultation, here).

For anyone who has had a consultation with Fiona you can book below.

Private Beginner's Fertility Meditation Course Details

If you would like to find peace, listen to your intuitive guidance system and fundamentally stop stressing about fertility then this course is for you

Week 1 Still your mind and body with body mastering, brain training exercises

Week 2 Deepen your meditation skills by building upon week 1’s techniques

Week 3 Heighten your stress management and mind-mastery skills

Week 4 Enter into a state of 20 minute bliss for physical, mental, emotional transformation

Private Fertility Meditation Sessions

Online via Skype or FaceTime or Zoom

£125.00 per meditation session/ £397.00 for a 4 week course

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£55.00 for access to the transformational live group healing meditation to overcome ALL FERTILITY and SEXUALITY BLOCKAGES
(for men and women)

If you can't make the live recording 10:00amGMT Saturday 25 January 2020, you will receive the recording to keep forever

Book Your Fertility Meditations

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What others say about Awakening Fertility Meditations

“Fiona’s Awakening Fertility Meditations are the most enjoyable aspect to my life… I’m not kidding! I genuinely look forward to listening to them in the evening to deeply relax me, help me sleep and allow my fertility to improve naturally. The staff at the clinic noticed a positive change to my lining in just a few weeks!”

– Jane Hendricks, Clapham, London

“I was unable to go ahead with my IVF procedure until my cysts cleared. Fiona, with your meditations I cleared my cysts in 4 weeks. Not only are your meditations effective at healing my body I feel sooooooooo good afterwards.”

– Mandy Chetthier, Kingston, London

“I love Fiona’s group meditations and am so excited that this year Fiona’s making them available live online. I’ll be joining the group online so I don’t have the hassle of commuting. I have experienced the Awakening Fertility meditations online as part of my fertility program and found it just as powerful so I’m sure you will too!”

– Sandra Montgomery, North London

“Thanks a lot for this GREAT class Fiona. I love the effects of your fertility yoga and meditation combination.”

– Margaret Wilson, West London

“Fiona, it was a great session, I slept so well for the first time in ages, thank you!”

– Amanda Scharpe, North London
Get the Box Set Collection of Meditations for Stress Management and Fertility
5 CD collection set on MP3:
  1. Meditations for Morning (5 meditations)
  2. Meditations for Anytime (5 meditations)
  3. Meditations for Evening (5 meditations)
  4. Yoga Nidra 1 (powerful 20 minute meditation)
  5. Fertility Meditations Vol 1 (5 meditations)
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How to Meditate For Fertility

There are many ways we can meditate but remember meditation is one-pointed focus (not relaxation).  Relaxation allows the body to rest, meditation activates the body to heal and restore fertility.

Enjoy these free meditation (and manifestation) strategies via the below videos:

How to Meditate and Deepen Your Experience


How to Meditate and Control Your Thoughts

Meditation video part 2:

When you control your mind you control your body.

Want to detox your thoughts and change your physiology to boost fertility? Contact us

Ready to improve your chances of fertility success and enjoy each step of your fertility journey?

Then you are ready to join us for our group sessions in clinic or online so Contact us now to feel back in control of your life and happiness.