Having been a fertility expert for over 16 years, it’s easy for me to see patterns in how my clients present when we first connect. 

I have worked with women across the globe with every imaginable fertility challenge. I commonly see past traumas or issues that we can carry with us from childhood playing out in certain, very real, physical ailments in my clients. 

Interestingly, this is something I’ve seen time and time again with my clients that have what’s referred to as the “mother wound”. 

A mother wound, which can be carried through generations, is how your mother’s unprocessed trauma impacted you. This can affect the relationship you have with yourself, others, even your physical and mental well-being. 


How do you know if you have a mother wound? 

When we don’t have our deep, emotional needs met as a child, we learn ways of living or performing to get our needs met. Unless we heal that wound, we bring those behaviours into adulthood.  

Some of the common patterns of behaviour that I’ve seen with my clients that identify has having a mother wound are: 

  • Suffering from high levels of perfectionism, trying to make everything (and everyone) as perfect as possible 
  • Having a lack of self-confidence. This can show up as an inability to set healthy boundaries with others, overworking to get the approval of others, accepting poor behaviour from others  
  • Sometimes the mother wound can show up in adulthood as self-sabotaging patterns in interpersonal relationships. For example, everything could be going really well in a relationship, then we’ll find a way to create drama and sabotage the connection we’re feeling with that person 
  • Commonly, the women I see with the mother wound have a very strong inner critic. This is the parent we develop within ourselves because of the ‘lack of parenting’ we received from our own parents. It’s a shadow of the loving parent, as in, it’s out of balance, quite nasty, and someone we can never truly satisfy 
  • The mother wound can present itself as a feeling of lack of motivation to start or complete new projects 
  • The mother wound can also present in adulthood as a deep feeling of unworthiness. 

If any of these resonate with you, I highly recommend listening to the healing meditation below to help you heal and transmute the mother wound. 

One of the most profound aspects of my signature program, the Fertile Lifestyle Course, is Module 2, ‘Fertility Mind Mastery’. In this Module we work through and clear these old wounds that oftentimes are standing in the way of you being able to fall pregnant or hold your pregnancy to full term.  

Having the mother wound doesn’t mean you had a bad mum, not at all. It’s no reflection on your mother other than to say that she was human. 

Healing the mother wound is a huge part of your fertility journey. Oftentimes when we have a mother wound, it’s because our innermost needs were not met.  

These wounds can get passed down to each generation and can impede your progress on your fertility journey. Healing your mother wound will ultimately break the cycle and make you a better mum. 

This meditation can help you tune into your ancestral line, lovingly connect with the wounds that are still open and help you truly heal them and let them go. It’s a beautiful thing to reach deep into your inner self and release the hurt and give yourself the love you need to bring true healing. 

I hope you enjoy this beautiful meditation that I have created to help you heal the mother wound, once and for all, and enable you to boost your fertility. Click on the video below to access.