Meditation is the best medication while on your journey to conceive.

We know that ovarian health is important, and did you know that meditation can help release blockages causing ovulation issues. Also, what you do now can impact your eggs nine months from today!  

What I love about this is that it’s not too late to start healing your ovarian and egg health.

I have created this beautiful, healing meditation for you. Each breath you take during this meditation will bring you back to a true sense of harmony.  

Harmony as well as balance equates to you being fertile and enjoying a fulfilled pregnancy with having your happy, healthy baby.  

The energy moves through the whole of your reproductive system. You will feel the energy stream down through your crown and the energy from Mother Earth will boost you to sustain your reproductive system.
The more you can relax your physical body, the easier it will be to connect to the fertility resonance moving through you.  

This healing meditation will help you match your spirit baby’s vibration as you have activated your perfect ovarian health. 

Click below to watch and listen to this meditation.