Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

Had her baby at 52

"Thank you Fiona for helping me have my baby boy when I was 52 years of age. I am now trying for my second child as I approach 54."

- Zeenat Dawani, Entrepreneur

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Had her baby at 46

“Dear Fiona,
I followed your advice and the doctors at my natural fertility center were able to retrieve some good quality eggs! They were excited given my age. The embryos have been frozen and I’m cleaning out my body from the mild ovarian stimulation drugs and optimizing my health before I do the embryo transfer. Thanks for everything!!”

– L Cooper, Pharmacist

Had her baby at 43

“I had a strong belief that I would have another child but I couldn’t quite see how I was going to get there!

I had conceived my first son in a seamless fashion, in fact he was a happy mistake and yet the desire to give him a sibling was becoming harder by the day. Those nearest to me kept telling me “to relax, to not be so obsessed, to focus on what was fabulous in my life” all said and meant with good intention but equally frustrating, incredibly annoying and more likely to send me into a frenzy!

Following the birth of my first son, I had a unique condition which baffled the medical profession. I contacted fertility experts in London and tried both IVF and IUI a number of times. Each attempt left me emotionally and financially drained and the prospects were bleak. I was referred to consultants in the UK and Germany and finally ended up having a massive operation at the University of Heidelberg in October 2014.

Just before Christmas 2014, I was advised that the German operation had not been successful and that the best I could do was accept I wouldn’t have another child; I was totally devastated.

An Australian friend of mine suggested that I started meditation to help calm me down and Fiona was recommended to me. I was not entirely sure that meditation was going to work for me (I am a forthright banker by trade!) but I was willing to give anything a go.

As luck would have it Fiona turned out to not just be someone who could guide me through meditation but a fertility expert and by the end of my initial telephone conversation I was beginning to feel more positive.

Within weeks I was totally hooked. My vitamin and supplement intake had improved, I was enjoying meditations, introducing myself to fertility yoga and  I was calm and family and friends began to comment on how much happier I was.

I started the program in December 2014 and followed her regime vigorously, I fell pregnant in June 2015 and gave birth to a healthy baby boy 3 weeks ago (February 2016). He is my little miracle and I feel indebted to Fiona and her team for not just him but all that I achieved along the way.
Keep believing!”

– A Carter, Banker. Fell pregnant just before 43rd birthday

Had her baby at 46

"Thank you so much Fiona for believing in me and helping me have my son before I turned 47.

My journey started at a famous London IVF hospital where I failed IVF, then I failed multiple rounds of IUI. The clinic said the only hope for me would be to have a donor egg.

I was mortified, completely devastated because I was still single at 44 and already using donor sperm. I confided in one of my school friends who told me that you helped her to have her second son when she was 44.

You helped me for quite some time and as a result you helped me manifest my husband and to start my own business, but most of all you helped me have my own child NATURALLY. You helped me get my mind and body ready so that we conceived the third month of trying naturally.

Thank you for my perfectly healthy baby boy and now my fiancee and I are planning our wedding.

Thank you Fiona"

- Amanda McClead, entrepreneur

Had her baby at 37 then 38

"Fiona I could not have done it without you, thank you for your incredible teachings, they have helped me with everything in my life, not just fertility.

I came to you when my doctor had said I was suffering early onset menopause and had less than a 25% chance of having children. I took the IVF route and contacted you (after my sister-in-law recommended you to me) and sadly failed IVF after suffering from a chemical pregnancy.

You helped me come off my thyroid medication, manage my stressful life (as a step-Mum and lawyer) and then to have our daughter naturally.

As I was 6 months into breastfeeding I conceived our second daughter!

You always said my second would come easy, but I was surprised at just how easy!!

Thank you Fiona, you are a real miracle worker and I recommend you to everyone!"

- Kate Inglewood, lawyer and step-mum

Had her baby at 44

"Fiona came recommended to me by my craniosacral therapist who said Fiona's work, especially her miracle meditations could help me. By the time I contacted Fiona I had spent close to £100,000 on treatments in various countries to help me clear the physical mucus preventing me from having a second child.

I had been trying for 5 years and was feeling so frustrated with the whole fertility process.

Fiona put me on a fertile lifestyle to suit my personality and within 6 months I conceived and then gave birth to my beautiful son, giving my eldest a brother at long last.

I recommend Fiona's work to anyone suffering with infertility, especially secondary sub-fertility which I had."

- Linda Braithwaite, Finance


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Client Success Stories

Case Studies

Alicia W, 34, Lawyer

Client’s Medical History

  • Had 2 and 3 small follicles in each ovary (very low)
  • AMH levels at 0.7 (very low)
  • During IVF a cyst developed on the left ovary during which was producing a lot of oestrogen. This meant Alicia W could not take the drugs to stimulate follicle growth as they would just feed the cyst

Client’s State at the Commencement of the Program:

“I’ve failed IVF and I want to try to fall pregnant naturally, without any medical assistance. Even though I’ve been told I don’t have much time and I will be going through early menopause.”

Months to Fall Pregnant

Four months

Alicia W’s Tips to Women in a Similar Position

“If, like me you have been trying for around 3 years; have been given worrying test results; and/or failed IVF… Do not panic – there is still hope! Awakening Fertility came highly recommended by my sister-in-law who knew about Fiona’s successes. Fiona helped restore my confidence on all levels. I learnt to reconnect and read my body in ways I have only dreamed of. Through Fiona’s unique work I fell pregnant naturally within four months. For me the mind-mastery techniques that cleared blockages as well as the meditations are really what helped me more than anything.

I urge anyone who no longer wants to struggle with fertility to do Fiona’s program. It works and I couldn’t be happier.”

Dee, 34, Lawyer

Client’s Medical History

  • Severe endometriosis
  • Twisted fallopian tube
  • Ovaries adhered to pelvic wall
  • Very low AMH levels that were preventing eggs maturing

Client’s State at the Commencement of the Program:

“Mentally I am exhausted – I have a stressful job and I’ve been told I had to do IVF within a certain timeframe before it was too late, which emotionally is a roller coaster. Physically I feel strong and had been working hard to have a strong body. That said when we decided to go ahead with IVF it was with the right frame of mind, and I embraced the process (as tough as it was, especially the daily injections) as well as did as much as we could around it to help things along.”

Months to Fall Pregnant

Our first round of IVF after doing Fiona’s program

Dee’s Tips to Women in a Similar Position

“I became a green smoothie addict and felt completely cleansed inside and out! I also cut out dairy, wheat, alcohol and sugar during my treatment. The program was especially powerful with showing me the power of positive thinking and visualisation – something we can all do daily to reach our goals.”

Mari, 39, Media Law

Client’s Medical History

• Unexplained infertility for years

Client’s State at the Commencement of the Program:

“Before starting the Awakening Fertility program I was very frightened of not getting pregnant and not having a child. I was fed up with lots of supposed fertility counselors, health care specialists and doctors who all told me different things. They all suggested I do different remedies, all contradictory and some very daunting and upsetting.”

Months to Fall Pregnant

“In total, it took four years for me to fall pregnant. IVF at the ARGC in combination with the Awakening Fertility program was the only treatment that worked. The program helped me stay focused and positive. I felt fitter and slept better.

I also saw a Maya massage therapist (who is only one of about two people in the UK who specialised in fertility and womb massage at the time).”

Mari’s Tips to Women in a Similar Position

“Don’t give up. Don’t waste time and money on seeing the many people out there who are keen to take your money with no solid results and are keen to waste your time (even further) when you are already at your wits end. If you feel a therapist or doctor is not right, move on.”

Pippa, 34, Pharmacist

Client’s Medical History

• Female client had no fertility problems but her husband
had low sperm mobility

Client’s State at the Commencement of the Program:

“When I found out about the Awakening Fertility program I was in two frames of mind really – very frustrated at not getting pregnant naturally, knowing that it was very unlikely, not because of any known medical reason but rather 4 years or so of trying. I was in the system at the time and likely to be starting IVF soonish but I was so desperately worried about the whole thing and it was consuming me completely and affecting my marriage.”

Months to Fall Pregnant

“When I joined the program I learnt in an early session how to make a mantra and to stick with it (in one of the mind mastery sessions). I thought about it and said “I will be pregnant in Septemberʺ, that was in April I think. And of course I did become pregnant in September with mylovely twins.
I did have IVF and the first cycle was successful.
I do completely attribute this to my frame of mind which had completely changed through doing the Awakening Fertility program.”

Pippa’s Tips to Women in a Similar Position

“It is such a difficult position to find oneself in that it can be overwhelming. I would advise anyone faced with this situation or considering IVF to look to alternate therapies such as the Awakening Fertility program. I’d especially recommend combining it with acupuncture to improve frame of mind and be able to approach the IVF process with feelings of calm and positivity.”

A fresh approach to improving fertility

The program is best suited to you if you no longer want to feel:

  • Tired of trying and not falling pregnant naturally.
  • Sick and tired of all the sacrifices you are going through.
  • Lonely or depressed that your friends are having babies whilst you are longing for your turn to come along.
  • That you are losing hope and faith in your body’s ability to fall pregnant and give birth.

Our unique approach has helped women:

  • Who are utilising assisted fertility (IVF, IUI, ICSI, donor egg).
  • Who weren’t menstruating.
  • With hormone imbalances.

We can also help women who have been told the odds are against them because of:

  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroids
  • High FSH
  • Low to non-existent AMH
  • Low ovarian reserve
  • Multiple Miscarriages
  • PCOS
  • Unexplained failed pregnancies
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Unexplained sub-fertility

Fiona's Awakening Fertility Program has been helping women and couples have happy, healthy babies since 2007.

Founder, Fiona Boulton, is passionate about helping women and couples who are trying to conceive to take back control of their fertility journey.

“I have worked with hundreds of women who were trying to fall pregnant, and most commonly they tell me that they’re tired of being told the odds are against them and that they don’t feel like they’re in control of their fertility journey. I love working with my clients and helping to empower them to regain control of their fertility journey and even bring joy and happiness back to their lives while trying to fall pregnant.”
~ Fiona Boulton

80% success rate

Whilst no two people are the same and of course results cannot be guaranteed, this high success rate is attributed to the multi-faceted approach of the Awakening Fertility Fertile Lifestyle Program which supports harmony in mind, body and spirit.