Have you struggled with any of these while trying for a baby:  

  • high prolactin levels 
  • cysts on your ovaries  
  • and you have clotty periods?  

Sadly, these are common challenges that women on their fertility journey face. Please know that you are definitely not alone.  

I also want you to know that it doesn’t have to be this way and there absolutely ARE things that you can do to support your body back into balance so that you too can have your happy healthy baby. 

Too often, new clients come to me and tell me that their doctor or specialist has told them there’s something wrong with their body and there’s nothing you can do about it, except for their medical intervention. 

Fortunately – this isn’t true. If you’re here, it’s probably because you can feel that too, deep down. 

The fact is, your body is not broken. When women face fertility challenges, it’s simply our body’s way of telling us that we’re off balance and there are a few, simple steps to take to support your beautiful body to bloom the way she was meant to! 

I’ve worked with hundreds of women who have struggled with literally every type of fertility challenge you can imagine. Best of all, they have been able to heal from them and go on to have their happy, healthy baby. 

If you are tired of feeling like your body is broken (which it’s not!), I would love to help you rebalance your beautiful body and bring joy back into your fertility journey so that you too can have your happy, healthy baby. 

I’ve created this video for you which further explains how to master hormonal health while on your fertility journey. Click on the video below to learn more. 


About the Author

Fiona Boulton is a fertility expert, fertility author, fertility speaker, fertility healer and founder of Awakening Fertility. She has helped thousands of women all around to world to overcome all kinds of fertility issues with her Fertile Lifestyle Course which sees an 80% live birth success rate – possibly the highest success rate worldwide.  

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