If you are over 40, you’ve probably been told to just give up hope and forget about getting pregnant naturally or through any sort of fertility assistance.  

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve had doctors tell you to that your time has passed. 

I wanted to share this amazing session I had with a woman who is in her 40’s working with me to achieve her happy, healthy pregnancy and baby. When she told me that she was pregnant, I nearly fell apart after she told me what helped her get pregnant. 

Hearing her tell me that she dug deep within herself and applied what she has been learning through the Fertile Lifestyle Course was so powerful and exciting.  

When you apply the techniques taught in the course, so much about your life changes. Little lifestyle tweaks can make a huge impact and really make a difference with your fertility. 

Watch the video below to learn what helped this woman in her 40s to have her baby dream come true.


Like many of Fiona’s clients, they go from feeling deflated to motivated. Want to experience this too?  

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About the Author

Fiona Boulton is a fertility expert, fertility author, fertility speaker, fertility healer and founder of Awakening Fertility. She has helped thousands of women all around to world to overcome all kinds of fertility issues with her Fertile Lifestyle Course which sees an 80% live birth success rate – possibly the highest success rate worldwide.  

If you would like to find out if the Fertile Lifestyle Course can work for you too, you can apply for a 100% complimentary consultation with Fiona when you watch her 3-part video series called The Sacred Fertility Formula – https://sacredfertilityformula.com/