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When maternal instincts kick in and all you want is a baby, it is natural for you to have a that deep yearning inside.

But what do you do when the yearning becomes an obsession?

Signs to look out for

If your yearning has become an obsession it would be having an effect on your relationship, your friendships and you won’t feel so happy on a day to day basis.

You may also feel as if you have put your life on hold – constantly making plans around ovulation, so on and so forth.

Reclaim Your Life and Stop Over Thinking Fertility


In the recent decades we have become a self-analytical culture.  Society has adopted the view that constantly analysing and expressing our emotions is beneficial. However, Dr Susan Nolen-Hoeksema challenges this, stating that overthinking triggers negative thinking.

Dr Nolen-Hoeksema’s research shows that an increasing number of women are overthinking to such an extent they are hindering their ability to live a satisfying life.

Encouraged by a fast-paced, quick fix lifestyle, women who have been trying to conceive for more than six months often spend countless hours dwelling on negative feelings and experiences that have occurred along their fertility journey.

On the topic of Dr Nolen-Hoeksema’s work, her clearly written book, (equipped with case studies and examples), Women Who Think Too Much has been claimed to change lives and proclaimed to become a self-help classic.  This book is for you if you want to know:

  • What ‘overthinking’ is and what causes it
  • Why women are particularly prone to negative thinking
  • Techniques for overcoming overthinking and finding real solutions to problems
  • Problem areas which cause us to think negatively – and what to do about them

If it Hurts So Much, Why Do We Do it?

This is a common “self-sabotage” aspect of human nature.  Just because it is common to over analyse painful events even when it hurts, it does not mean we have to live with it for the rest of our lives.  Fiona Boulton offers sessions to help you overcome this, make contact today to feel better.

Toxic Thoughts

Toxic thoughts are destructive on so many levels.  In particular, toxic thoughts are proven to drain our body’s energy by depleting adrenal glands.  This leads to feelings of irritability, short term memory loss, difficulty sleeping, weight gain and feeling drained.

Toxic thoughts dissolve joy and joy (being the highest resonance) is what is required for faster fertility success – which is what Awakening Fertilities Fertile Lifestyle is all about.


Can’t Get Over it: Overthinking Loss and Trauma

Overthinking loss commonly leads to bouts of depression. Depression is a suppression of our energy and energy field.  If you are overthinking loss, due to miscarriage, perhaps loss of opportunity due to not being able to conceive at times when you are ovulating etc., it is best to give yourself the time you need to grieve – do not suppress it – and then take the steps to help you move on.

If you stay in the state of overthinking loss it will hinder fast fertility success.

To help you, you may find our Miscarriage Support component of our Fertile Lifestyle Programme useful or to contact Fiona Boulton directly by booking your consultation here.

Comforting, Reaching Out to Assist with Awakening Fertility

How to Break Free From Over Thinking

Stop thinking about it and keep loving what you do so that the opportunities will flow. This is simply the law of attraction in action – when you feel abundant then abundance flows, which also means expressing lots of gratitude on a daily basis, and that gratitude needs to be meaningful and not filled with desperation.

Remember, thinking about lack brings more of the same
It Ain’t Easy

It is easy for us to say, ‘switch those thoughts off’ but we know just how challenging that can be.

How to Switch off

A way of doing it is to focus continually on feeling the breath in your body, having full awareness of where the breath goes; what it is doing and how it is feeling. Also any and all thought patterns and beliefs that need to shift are to be addressed persistently and consistently. Follow this method and gradually the shift will happen. Guaranteed.

Get assistance today with our Mind-Body Detox Protocol.


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