Mastering the Art of “Thinking Yourself Fertile”:
How to Smoothly Transition into a New Fertility Lifestyle That Can Get Faster Results Than You Ever Thought Possible

Do you wish that you could fall pregnant as easily as others around you who seem less healthy than you; or less active than you; or younger than you?

Do you ever wish you could think yourself from being sub-fertile and into a fertile state?

Thoughtful woman portraitDo you wish you could wake up one morning to the news that you are pregnant to a healthy baby whom you will give birth to nine months down the track?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone.

Sub-fertility is a common issue for women and couples trying to conceive in the 21st century

Statistically, one in three women struggle to fall pregnant naturally in the Western world and if you are one of them, simply by detoxing your mind, your dreams of motherhood could eventuate faster than you ever thought possible.

This article is for you if you have:

  1. Been told the odds are against you because of your age, weight, egg quality, egg reserve, endometriosis, PCOS, you are not menstruating, etc.
  2. Been told you have unexplained infertility
  3. Been told you are fertile but your partner has weak sperm

Over the past seven years I have documented the journeys of numerous fertility-seeking clients desperate to have a baby. One common factor contributing to sub-fertility that I came across is the unconscious mental attitude of the woman or the couple than can create a sub-fertile outcome. Did you know it is our unconscious thoughts that dominate the outcome of our life – more so than our conscious thoughts?

We have all heard of stories when women decide to put their fertility journey on hold, forget about the idea of falling pregnant, go on a holiday, finally relax and they surprisingly fall pregnant despite previous years of actively trying! What is it that changes their mind-set effectively enough that it filters down to the physical body to then make them fertile?

Remember the 1930’s children’s story The Little Engine That Could? About the train that kept repeating “I think I can… I think I can” until he eventually steams up the mountain.

Having true self belief is key to turning optimism into success

There is no doubt that if someone goes around saying “I will never be successful” we know their belief (both conscious and sub-conscious reinforces and unsuccessful outcome).

The same applies with mind sets such as: “I will never fall pregnant; why is it so hard to fall pregnant; when will it be my turn to fall pregnant?”

Understanding the role of your sub-conscious mind

What if you did not realise that an aspect of your thinking mind (your sub-conscious) was not supporting the thought that you really want to fall pregnant? This is what happens to so many clients of mine that I feel I need to share some of the stories with you so you don’t make the same mistake and think yourself out of fertility when all you really want is the opposite outcome.

Back in 2007 when word got out that my fertility yoga was causing too many teachers to fall pregnant and the headmaster no longer wanted me to teach yoga to his teachers (understandably), an influx of desperate women in the late 30’s and early 40’s of all shapes and sizes lined up to join my course.

Despite my course having a 80% success rate over the years, I took careful note as to why not everyone fell pregnant (who was not deemed medically infertile).

All my clients came to me swearing until they were blue in the face that they desperately wanted to have a baby and that my course was their last option before giving up altogether or giving up on the ‘natural’ route to fertility and opting for IVF.

Upon meeting clients I ask them a series of questions, such as:



  • “Tell me about your fertility journey to date?”
  • “Why do you think you are not falling pregnant or seeing your pregnancy to full term?”

I would take notes on what they consciously thought and noted any beliefs that they refer to. Some of these self-limiting beliefs are key to what they were sub-consciously creating by not being aware of the codes of behaviour deeply ingrained within their psyche.

I would then instruct them on how to delve into their sub-conscious mind, to tap into their unconscious thoughts to reveal how they viewed fertility and parenthood. Due to the fact we were working on the sub-conscious mind the results would surprise them every time!

One woman realised that she valued her figure so much (and so did her husband) that she feared he would not find her as attractive and potentially leave her later down the track if that were the case.

Another woman feared her controlling and interfering in-laws whom she felt would dictate how her future child was to be looked after and brought up.

Others had endured family issues that upset them to such a degree they realised this was the reason they had stopped menstruating and as the issues that they buried began to emerge for them to deal with they could see the connection to releasing from the past to enhance their fertility.

Most women say they really want to fall pregnant but have been trying so long without any luck that they are on the verge of giving up. They have experienced so much heart ache from past attempts that have failed several times that they no longer want to get the hopes up so are feeling lost and powerless regarding the direction they feel they should take.

When they delved into the mind-detox exercises they soon understood the role the sub-conscious mind played

The sub-conscious mind (which stores all memories and experiences – remembering everything that has happened to us) is simply there to protect us. Unlike the conscious mind that can project endless future possibilities, the sub-conscious reminds us that if it did not happen before it may not happen again so best avoid the pain. You can see the protective mechanism of the sub-conscious mind yet at the same time it also plays a destructive role by creating confusion.

Through clearing the mental clutter and re-shaping new neural pathways in you mind you can literally think yourself fertile

– just as so many of my clients have experienced.

Power of the mind cannot be underestimated

Incessant chatter in the mind can be very draining and draw upon the energy reserves that the body requires to be fertile. Thoughts release vibrations in the body that directly affect our physiology. Our emotional state has the biggest impact upon the health of our body, more so than what we eat.

The first place to start when embarking on your fertility journey is your mind

First detox your mind then your body

Once you eradicate toxic thoughts (of fear, lack or anything that creates anxiety around fertility) it would be advisable for you to detox your body.

Most of my clients come to me with digestive issues and want to address this first. However, there is a strong link to mental conditions controlling the physical body because it is the thoughts and emotions that affect the central nervous system. When stressed, worried or anxious the nervous system response is to pull the flow of blood to the extremities – away from the digestive system and reproductive system – required for “fight or flight.”

What do you do to detoxify your body after your mind? I answer these questions in my eBook entitled The Fertility Recipe Book offering nearly 200 pages of recipes and fertile lifestyle detox support.

However, the best place to boost your fertility is to think about it in the optimally enhancing way. If you want to understand how your sub-conscious mind plays a very different role than your conscious mind and how to avoid negatively affecting your fertility, contact me today.

I take all clients through a process – free of charge – to facilitate women and couples on how to detect sub-conscious blockages detox the mind to then create the optimal physiological effect on the body.

This is all part of an overall program whereby I can examine your physical, mental and emotional state to assist you on living an empowered fertile lifestyle with an average success rate of 80%.

When I first started studying the rationales and reasons for infertility in Western society it became apparent that the stress of jobs and other daily stressors affects the body to such a degree that it does not take much to tip the scales between fertility and sub-fertility.

21st century living is attributed to:
  • Chemicals in food
  • Toxic build up from house hold products
  • Chemical preservatives in skin care products
  • Chemicals in food
  • Dirty technology
  • Lack of nutrients
  • Lack of sleep
  • Lack of deep relaxation

In many cases it seems the odds are against women in today’s fast-paced lifestyle but once a few mind and body detox methods are century fertility issues employed the effects can be reversed and women find themselves giving birth to happy, healthy babies.

Ready for change?

Ready to rid anxiety?

If you are feeling sick and tired of your current restrictive fertile lifestyle choices, or tired of not falling pregnant or not seeing your pregnancy through to full term, contact Fiona for a 30 minute consultation offering mind-detox tips and techniques to support your fertility journey.

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