Important Preconception Information

Sperm and EggTo create an amazing human being parents need to create the optimal developmental environment for their child in the preconception stages.

Everything in the Universe counts for our epigenetic environment. Our thoughts, emotions, what we eat and drink and who we hang out with all impact our physiology which has a direct effect on your unborn child.

Women, did you know everything you do three months prior conception has a direct effect on your ovaries?

Every moment in every day we make the choice whether our epigenetic environment will be toxic or non-toxic. E.g. Going for a walk in nature, swimming at the beach, allowing our skin to be exposed to the sun, it all has a knock-on effect.

“The best way to conceive a baby is being in a relationship,” claims Dr Roy Dittman author of The Brighton Baby. However, this does not mean a toxic environment, instead, a really loving relationship.

We are bombarded everyday with toxins. Even if you use toxic-free household products, our air and water are constantly bombarded with them.

This is a topic I have been passionately writing about all year. Refer to my other work:


After listening to Dr Dittman speak at the Women’s Wellness Conference in 2014 I was compelled to share this topic for the benefit of my clients again.

Toxic build up has been proven to warp our genes

It has been postulated by scientists that sunlight detoxes 10% of your genes in just 10 minutes of sun exposure (as the name “human implies” we are light beings – we require light and light force energy to survive).


How else can you detoxify your body to prepare your body for fertility?

  1. Avoid BPA’s (in plastic containers, cling film, drink bottles etc)
  2. Avoid parabens and petroleum in beauty products and skin care ranges
  3. No cooking with poly-unsaturated fatty acids (clear oil) – which creates tremendous free-radical damage in the body
  4. Avoid being around factories that spew out cadmium, mercury, lead (these toxic heavy metals are also inhaled when you inhale traffic pollution from exhaust fumes)
  5. Avoid fluoride in dental products and water
  6. Studies show that when rats are exposed to lead or mercury a small percentage of them will die. However when rats are exposed to both lead and mercury at the same time, 100% die.


Can you imagine what this is doing to your body?

You are exposing yourself to mercury when you eat fish – the bigger the fish the more mercury.

Mercury is also used in amalgam fillings (and worth removing ASAP).

Mercury also shrinks your brain, making you forgetful and depletes your immune system

According to this site:

“Lead accumulates slowly in the body and even low doses can eventually lead to poisoning. 95% of lead in body is deposited in the bones and teeth.”


How do you get exposure to lead and how to avoid it:

  • Lead-painted toys
  • Fishing weights
  • Bullets
  • Contaminated soil
  • Cosmetics contain lead, such as expensive “stay on/long lasting” lipsticks
  • Associated iron deficiency – increases lead absorption from the gastrointestinal (GI) tract
  • Poor/old housing (lead paint or pipes)

What to do now?

There are many solutions, feel free to browse the site, and perhaps consider detoxifying the heavy metals from your body.

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