Fertility Breakfast Options – Eat Yourself Fertile

What’s the best breakfast to eat when trying to conceive? Nowadays the internet is jam-packed with recipes… (Excuse the pun)! But which ones are good for fertility when you are trying to conceive? When we first wake, our body thrives on raw food, which is why I’m an advocate of lemon water (to activate the […]

IVF Failure – how to cope with it and what to do next

Tried IVF and failed? It can be soul destroying getting one blow after another on your fertility journey. It seems so unfair to try naturally and after no success bite the bullet and undergo IVF only to fail that too. Going into IVF you know the statistics, you know the odds are against you (25% […]

Natural Fertility Treatments – What Really Works?

This article is for you if you: Are trying to conceive naturally Have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility Are having problems carrying to full term Are already going down the assisted route of IVF, ICSI or egg or sperm donation Are you looking for ways to boost your fertility naturally? While conventional medicine is based […]

Personal Care Products And Drinking Water Destroying Fertility

Personal Care Products And Drinking Water Destroying Fertility I have made this claim before, via other articles, my ebook and in my Fertile Lifestyle programmes and seminars – this information is not new but the scientific research behind it re-enforcing the importance of removing toxins from our life if we want to preserve fertility. A friend […]

Is Your Sweet Tooth Reducing Chances of Conception?

Is Your Sweet Tooth Sabotaging Your Fertility? Even if you don’t think you have a sweet tooth because you turn down desserts, chocolate brownies and sugar in your tea, you are still hard wired to like sugar nonetheless. Why You’re Hard Wired To Like Sugar Sugar gives a rush of energy and pleasure to the […]

Detoxing for fertility

Know What to do When Detoxing for Fertility In this article we will cover what to do and what to be careful not to do when detoxing your body for fertility. We will also mention why Cleansing (Juicing) for fertility works too.   We live in a fast-paced, stress-filled, modern society and are continually exposed to harmful chemicals, […]

Get Your Confidence Back – Regain Confidence for Pregnancy Success

If you wanna catch that fish – make your own luck – get your confidence back and you’ll achieve it all! Easier said than done, right? Confidence is key to going out there and successfully getting what you want out of life. The same applies to sub-fertility and unexplained infertility. However, the road to pregnancy […]

TTC? Are You Ready to Be a Mum? Funny video

Trying to Conceive Doesn’t have to be so serious Adding a little humour to your journey works wonders. Here are two funny videos to help you lighten the load. What makes these videos funny? Right now all you want in the world is your little baby, to hold, nurture and treasure. Although your current life […]

Pregnancy Support – Know what to do and what to avoid when you are pregnant

When you fall pregnant there are many things you can do to optimise pregnancy success. This article is packed full of information to help you know what you can and cannot consume as well as what exercises are best to do and to avoid. What is best to consume when pregnant? It is vital you […]

Fertility Honey

Sweeten your fertility diet What is the preferred brand of honey for nutritional therapists?   What is the preferred fertility supplement for health care practitioners to advise? What is helping our Awakening Fertility clients get essential nutrients required for optimising fertility success? What’s talked about often on fertility forums? The answer is our Apitherapy Honey: […]