When you fall pregnant there are many things you can do to optimise pregnancy success. This article is packed full of information to help you know what you can and cannot consume as well as what exercises are best to do and to avoid.

What is best to consume when pregnant?

FB- Pregnant WomanIt is vital you consume nutrient dense foods to nourish your body.  Why?  Your baby will take what your baby needs and if your body does not have the sufficient nutritional levels then the baby will take from your bone marrow.

So, keep your calcium levels high with whole foods that contain calcium and magnesium (that helps your body absorb calcium) e.g. sesame seeds (best forms are organic tahini that you can use as a salad dressing) and green leafy vegetables. (Green leafy vegetables also contain folate which is essential to add to your pregnancy diet).

B12, electrolytes and essential trace minerals in the forms of Blue-Green Algae and Marine Phytoplankton

Superfoods to keep your energy levels and nutritional intake high. “Revive” is a superFood blends that are packed full of anti-oxidants to keep yourself and your baby in optimal health and vitality.

Vitamin C to keep colds and flu and bay – this is essential as your immune system is weaker when you are pregnant.  The important thing is to take bio-available vitamin C (meaning it can be absorbed by the body). The best form is from whole foods that are rich in Vitamin C such as Kakadu plum, Camu Camu berry, rose hips and lemons.  Wild food has four times more nutritional value and you can get these wildcrafted, organic ingredients in powder form via our product “Shine.”

Apitherapy honey apimist +royal jellyCoconut Oil – This is the best oil to use when cooking and can even be applied as a body moisturiser and lip balm.  The best ones are raw, organic and sold in glass jars.  We find the Viridian brand coconut oil to be the tastiest of the lot!

Apitherapy Fertility/Pregnancy Honey – The whole beehive which includes propolis, royal jelly, bee pollen and all the nutritional benefits that keep your immune system healthy.

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What exercises must I avoid?

Avoid high-intensity exercises, high impact exercises, abdominal crunches, backbends and exercises on your abdomen (prone position poses, etc), twists

What exercises can I do?

Below is a list of safe and enjoyable yoga exercises.  Hatha Yoga (QiYoga) are the only types of yoga safe to do in your pregnancy. Walking and swimming are highly beneficial too

  • Pregnancy Yoga Pose: Reverse Warrior
  • Pregnancy Yoga Pose: Rainbow Warrior

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In your second trimester breathe out through your mouth – refer to my Pregnancy DVD kit.
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  1. 40 minute pregnancy DVD for all trimesters
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