Couple eating fertility breakfast

What’s the best breakfast to eat when trying to conceive?

Nowadays the internet is jam-packed with recipes… (Excuse the pun)!

But which ones are good for fertility when you are trying to conceive?

When we first wake, our body thrives on raw food, which is why I’m an advocate of lemon water (to activate the digestive system) then a smoothie.

However, sometimes it is nice to consume something warmer in the winter – like porridge or something cooked.

Read below for your guide to eat yourself fertile with these breakfast options

Morning Lemon Detox Drink

Raw Smoothies and their benefits

Fertility Drinks

For extra inspiration, get the recipes to make the following:

  1. Almond Milk
  2. Bondi Beach Green Smoothie
  3. Cacau Hemp Shake
  4. Green Smoothie: Absolute!
  5. Maca Majestic Smoothie
  6. Mango Lassi
  7. Mint Carob Kefir (Raw)
  8. Naked Julius
  9. Totally Green Smoothie
  10. Vanilla Spiced Smoothie
  11. Warming Berry Ginger Green Smoothie

All these drink recipes are available in my Fertility Recipes ebook – including lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts in around 180 pages.

These additional cooked and raw options are available too:

Cooked Breakfast Ideas for Fertility The Fertility Recipe Book 2nd Edition

  1. Quinoa Porridge
  2. 5 Seed Porridge

Raw Breakfast Ideas for Fertility

  1. Home-made Coconut Yoghurt
  2. Fresh Fertility Fruit Salad
  3. Gluten Free Buckwheat Pancakes
  4. Soaked Muesli with Vegan Yoghurt or sheep/goat full cream yoghurt
  5. Sprouted Porridge (safe for candida sufferers)
  6. Steel Cut Oat Porridge (not good for candida sufferers)

Get your copy for just £9.99, here


Want to buy pre-made fertility superfood cereals?

I personally recommend:

Primrose’s Kitchen’s granolas and muesli –

Qnola –

Remember – you need protein for fertility

Getting the right balance of protein, greens and fibre will make a huge difference to your fertility.

Like a fry-up?

Enjoy it on a bed of organic spinach – raw or cooked, topped with two eggs (fried in raw, virgin, organic coconut oil from a jar) and sprinkled with tamari baked pumpkin seeds (available from health food stores, by ClearSpring). Drizzle your dish with Greek organic virgin cold pressed olive oil and sea-salt or celtic salt or herbamare for extra flavour.

Fertility Breakfast for Men

Add a glass of tomato juice (organic, room temp) because the lycopene in tomatoes works wonders to improve sperm health.

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