Are We More Fertile Over Easter?

Are We More Fertile Over Easter? Ain’t this the million dollar question!? Well, maybe we are. Pagan traditions stem from polytheistic nature-worshipping, with their wisdom intertwined with the rhythms of mother nature. Saxon’s worshipped the pagan goddess Oestre, the goddess of spring and fertility, responsible for the creation of new life. Oestre was worshipped in early spring, […]

Chia Pudding – The Perfect Protein & Anti-oxidant Delicious Fertility Snack

Chia Pudding – Perfect Energy Food for Fertility Ingredients 2.5 tbs chia seeds 3/4 cup almond or coconut milk Method Stir immediately and keep stirring every couple of mins until it starts to congeal evenly. Eat after about 10 mins with some fresh fruit – organic raspberries are best for female fertility. Bananas and figs […]

Eating the Right Fruit and Vegetables is one of the Fastest Ways to Become More Fertile and Create a Healthy Baby

What are the right fruit and vegetables to eat when trying to conceive? The answer is… 20 portions of organic fruit and vegetables (with the exclusion of corn; because it can not be digested and non-fermented soy; because it triggers the body to produce fake oestrogens). It is a scientific fact that the only food […]