Jen Meditating QiYoga PerthJen Kaz, of QiYoga Australia (Perth) is a Fertility Yoga Teacher who’s taken the time to share one of her yoga student’s personal experiences about their trials and tribulations around falling pregnant. 

Enjoy the read, enjoy the journey of a fellow fertility success seeker. I’m sure you may find some of her techniques a good refresher for you too!

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Why Can’t I Fall Pregnant? My Personal Experience

“Vividly I recall the deep longing to fall pregnant. No matter what we did I wasn’t falling pregnant. What had I done wrong? Why me?


Month following month failed, pregnancy test after pregnancy test came back negative. The heartbreak of hope and feeling so desperate was beginning to weigh me down.


I was feeling helpless, hopeless and at a deep level my maternal instincts weren’t being met as I continually failed to fall pregnant.


The doctors couldn’t even explain it.


They called it unexplained infertility

So, where to from here?


I looked at my lifestyle and wondered if my body was in optimum health for conception to take place. Maybe I was more stressed than I realised. I knew that the majority of women who are sub fertile (or given the diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility) are that as a result of stress.

Was I eating nutritionally?

Was I getting sufficient rest and exercise?


As a society we concentrate more on ‘fixing’ health issues rather than looking at a root cause. We’ve been conditioned to believe that we have no option but to experience ‘disease’ in our lives. I’m a firm believer that our thoughts create our environment.


I’d read how stress has physiological effects that alter the balance of hormones in the body, especially relating to fertility. Strong emotions like fear and anger, another name for stress, can cause the body to produce more cortisol and fewer sex hormones. These changes are part of the fight/flight response that prepares the body for emergency action however this shuts down the abdominal area and increases the chances of infertility.


My quest to being a fertility success story

Step 1 – Meditate

My first decision was to meditate. If I calmed my body and slowed my thinking mind this would allow my body to enter a rest and relax state, rather than the fight/flight.


I practiced two types of meditation – one lying down, called Yoga Nidra and one sitting up.


For my Yoga Nidra guided meditation I chose the affirmation “my beautiful healthy baby” and I repeated this whilst visualising I was holding my healthy baby love in my arms. 7 Chakra System - Fertility Yoga Meditation


To meditate without being guided I sat on a cushion rather than lie down and after a couple of deep breaths to clear my mind began my mantra (words that you say over and over).


My mantra was “Quan Yin” because I was told she is the Goddess of Fertility and Abundance. (Read more here…)



Initially I meditated for a couple of minutes as I found it difficult sitting, however each day I increased my time and still kept my focus. Within a very short period I noticed my body becoming calmer and softer.  

I learned it’s not so much how long we meditate it’s the amount of awareness we give to your meditation.


I then focused on my breath as I’d heard how important oxygen is as a nutrient to sustain life. It appeared to be shallow breathing and for breath to be nourishing to the body long, slow and steady breaths in and out are required. I learnt more breathing techniques when at yoga, which you can learn via the QiYoga website, here


You could incorporate breath into your meditation as you visualise the oxygen going to your fallopian tubes, uterus and vagina as the oxygen sends enriched nutrients and revitalizes your reproductive organs. Imagine a soft belly infused with golden energy on your inhale; as you exhale imagine all obstructions to conception leaving with each breath.


Fertility Yoga soon became an important part of my life, a part of my fertile lifestyle


Step 2 – Fertility Yoga

I was surprised to learn just how many poses assist with fertility. As I didn’t want to create stress I decided on a hatha class and then when I found out about Fertility Yoga I made the transition to that.

Initially I was apprehensive about the benefits of yoga but within a short time I became a firm advocate realizing the many benefits such as improving my chances of pregnancy with the many hip poses, as well as improving my flexibility, building strength in my bones and muscles and I left class with an overall feeling of calm and peace.

(Interested in Fertility Yoga? Click here for Perth classes | Click here for London classes)


The Fertility Diet

Step 3 – Eating Fertility Foods

My diet changed as I became aware of several foods that could have been interfering with fertility. I cut out as many chemicals as I could and where possible bought organic to reduce ingestion of pesticides.

The ‘Dirty Dozen’ being foods to avoid.   I began eating more whole foods concentrating on beetroot (a cleanser), heaps of every kind of green vegetable as well as superfoods. I read labels to know exactly what was going into my mouth. I ditched the fizzy drinks, pre packaged and ready made meals. The Fertility Recipe Book 2nd Edition


I found the Fertility Recipe Book sooooooo helpful with over 100 quick and easy recipes covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, smoothies and even cleanses!


Having read what goes into our water I began drinking only filtered water, and today I have pure Perth Hills Apostle Water delivered ($10 for 15 litres). I have absolutely no affiliation to Apostle except that I have it delivered to my front door!


As my general health improved with proper nutrition, sleeping more, meditation and yoga I found my relationship improved as I became mindful of what we were doing together as a couple.


I found I soon began to laugh a lot more and felt a true sense of joy and happiness.

I became a fertility success story and beat unexplained infertility

I did it! 18 months later I was holding my beautiful baby girl, we were very happy indeed.


My fertility tips for you

Wherever you are on your journey, know that your body is always changing. You influence your epigentetics when you live clean! This means think clean (positive thoughts) and eat/drink clean (avoid as many chemicals as possible). The former requires assistance so find yourself a fertility yoga class that teaches fertility meditations. I also combined Fertility Yoga Classes with Fiona’s Fertile Lifestyle Programme to give myself the best chance possible and recommend you consider this as a powerful support option too.

… That way you can change your mindset and change your life too! ” 


– Kate Saunders, Perth Western Australia

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