Is Your Sweet Tooth Sabotaging Your Fertility?

sweet tooth sabotaging fertility

Even if you don’t think you have a sweet tooth because you turn down desserts, chocolate brownies and sugar in your tea, you are still hard wired to like sugar nonetheless.

Why You’re Hard Wired To Like Sugar

Sugar gives a rush of energy and pleasure to the brain, making things feel momentarily that ‘everything is okay’ – even when it isn’t. That is why it is termed a ‘pick me up.’

However too much consumption of sugary snacks has been linked to the over production of adrenaline.


Adrenaline is part of your body’s defence mechanisms which kills off the female reproductive hormone progesterone and as a result, reduces chances of conception.

How To Detoxify From The Effects of Sugar

Step 1 – Take the mineral chromium after meals to curb sugar cravings

Step 2 – Revitalise the liver because sugar negatively impacts our largest detoxifying organ

How To Do A Liver Cleanse

See the fantastic wellbeing blog by RKLifeStyled on how and why to liver “flush”, here

How Else To Daily Cleanse?

See more tips to cleanse and purify your liver, via our article: Detoxifying for Fertility, here

How To Keep Adrenaline at Bay

You can control the adrenaline by controlling your body’s fight and flight response, or better known as “your stress response.”

Ensure you know how to manage your stress in ways that work for you. This does not mean reading a book or watching TV. Managing stress means exercising, meditating or practising mindfulness.

More Helpful Tips

Browse our site for more helpful tips on these topics. Feel free to get anxiety and stress support at our fertility support group events, read more here – it’s free too!

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