Acceptance is key to faster fertility success

You too can be a success story if you believe in yourself, believe you are worthy of being a parent, do everything you physically can to create the best environment (internally and externally) as well as be honest about the level of support you need.

When we accept where we are at, we are open to the changes needed to pave the way for fertility success
Acceptance, not in the terms of “I have to deal with the cards of life I have been dealt” but more about accepting where you are, what you have been through and no longer resisting it. When we resist we leak tremendous amounts of energy which means our body won’t function optimally.

AcceptanceHappiness can only exist in acceptance – George Orwell

Happiness is the biggest catalyst for fertility. Happiness and joy ignite your body with life force energy and help your body to function at its optimum level of frequency.

If you are serious about changing your chances of becoming a parent then please remember fertility is a spiritual experience. You are bringing forth life from a very high vibrational being so it makes sense to match your baby’s vibrational state to speed up fertility success.

How to raise your vibration to feel more joy

The best thing to do is take a good, honest look at your life and see where you can bring balance and peace to ANYTHING that is affecting you internally or externally. (Epigenetics)

1. Become conscious of the foods you eat

Everything in life has a resonance. The more you consume high vibrational foods, clean air, sunshine and clean water then the higher your vibration (to match your baby’s).

If you consume food from animals from this list, you are lowering your vibration:

  • Reared inhumanely or;
  • Uncomfortably pumped with hormones to grow faster or;
  • Antibiotics (because the animal’s living conditions are so poor they will die without drugs)

Eating animals with a high vibration lower your vibration too

For example dolphins, whales, cats, dogs all have a very high vibration followed by cows and pigs which is why many religions warn you against eating their flesh.

If you consume plants from this list you will be left feeling weaker:

  • Covered in pesticides (non-organic food)
  • Covered in fungicides (non-organic food)
  • Covered in herbicides (non-organic food)

If you consume processed foods:

The artificial, chemicalised processed foods create toxic build up in the body which effects your liver function, in turn putting your hormones out of balance.

The high-vibrational foods are organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, and oils

Best oils for fertility are raw cold-pressed coconut oil and grape seed oil for cooking as well as Greek virgin cold-pressed olive oil on salads – never heated. On the low vibrational list are flour-based cereals, dairy, and sugars.

2. Become conscious of what your music is telling you

All music has a vibration. See for yourself with these two videos from two different perspectives. (I recommend watching both, they are short, just a few minutes long) and leave me your feedback below –


I recommend reading the description of this video whilst listening to this music claimed to heal DNA:

Have you heard of sound therapy?

Have you listened to Kirtan? If not, listen here

3. Be aware of your home environment

Get your home high by getting your home healed or learn more about feng shui. (Attend our “feng shui for fertility, pregnancy and newborns” talk on 28th April 2016, click here)

4. Reduce the amount of low vibrational experiences in your life

Unless it is an uplifting film or inspirational documentary then be careful you are not exposing yourself to low-vibrational entertainment on TV

Become aware of the vibrational levels of your acquaintances, friends, and extended family. If you feel certain people create tension or drain your energy then create boundaries to prevent them from impacting your life, especially now. You cannot afford to leak your energy, you need it for fertility.

5. Reduce your self-sabotage tendencies in your life

6. Practice gratitude,compassion and forgiveness unto yourself and others

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend – Melody Beattie

7. Bringing things into balance = mastering the art of acceptance

Acceptance looks like a passive state, but in reality it brings something entirely new into this world. That peace, a subtle energy vibration, is consciousness – Eckhart Tolle
  • Acceptance does not mean liking, wanting, choosing, or supporting.
  • Acceptance is an active process. It must be practiced.

8. Mind your thoughts

What you think, you become. Your thoughts create your reality and your word is your wand.

Listen to what you are saying and acknowledge the things you are resisting in your life because resistance drains your energy. (The same energy you require for faster fertility success).

9. Make morning meditation a regular practice in your DAILY life

Meditation sets you up for the day. It cleanses yesterday’s pain, suffering and disappointment on a personal level and a global level. By you clearing the slate for a new day you invite new energies and new potentials to be drawn to you. This can help you to apply for acceptance to things you have been resisting which in turn will help to manage anxiety and keep you in a state of peaceful calm.

What (we) resist, persists – Carl Jung

If the art of resisting prolongs your pain and drains your energy by fuelling your suffering, doesn’t it make more sense to master the art of acceptance? What do you choose?

Final word

On a conscious level you cannot consciously orchestrate everything, so doesn’t it make sense to tune into your inner support system of higher consciousness through source energy (God) via meditation and to tune into your inner knowing?

Accept where you are and accept your baby is coming if you truly believe this to be the case.

Throughout nearly a decade of me working with fertility clients the number one thing that each person who experienced fertility success had was the unshakable belief in the ‘knowing’ that they will have a baby. They had no doubt. Remember, I mainly work with cases in which people have been told the odds are against them, IVF has failed them, etc., etc. yet my success rates are incredibly high.

You do not need to do it alone. The more support you get the faster your success, fact.

The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance – Nathaniel Branden 

Ask yourself this:

  1. Are you ready to learn how to master acceptance on all levels?
  2. Are you ready to be equipped with a fine tooth comb to learn techniques of overcoming resistance so you can start building a foundation of hope and positivity instead of viewing things from the perspective of avoidance or denial etc. (which is often unconscious but manifesting in the conscious).
  3. Are you ready to lighten the load of your fertility journey?

If you answered “yes” to any of these then book your 90 minute fertility consultation today.

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