Help me out of my fertility depression   TTC Depression - Im fine

Think you might be depressed trying to conceive?

TTC depression is common. The best place to start is to analyse if you are depressed and how much help you may need to change the way you feel. In doing so you can feel lighter, brighter and re-empowered on your fertility journey.

Instructions: Start by answering the below 15 questions with as much raw, core-splitting honesty as possible so you can attain an accurate result. Base your answers on how you have felt in the past week or so.

Use this scale on a weekly basis to track your moods and improvement. However, this ‘self fertility depression test’ is not designed to make a diagnosis of depression or take the place of a professional diagnosis. If you suspect that you are depressed, please consult with a mental health professional as soon as possible.


1. My future seems hopeless, I can’t allow myself to believe I can or will be a parent until I actually am.

2. It is hard for me to concentrate on things, I either zone out or become fidgety.

3. Im not as happy as I used to be. I find it hard experiencing joy and pleasure nowadays.

4. I have difficulty making decisions.

5. I have lost interest in aspects of life that used to be important to me or brought me joy.

6. I feel sad and a little down at certain times of the day.

7. I can’t stop yearning for fertility success to start/complete our family.

8. I am either mentally, physically or emotionally drained – I feel tired on one or more levels.

9. It takes great effort for me to do simple things at times.

10. I feel that it is not fair that I am somehow being deprived and punished.

11. I feel like I have let myself down somehow, that I’m a failure TTC.

12. I like I have let my family down and I won’t be able to complete being a family until I have this baby.

13. My sleep has been disturbed: too little, too much, I wake easily or too early.

14. I feel stuck in a rut, helpless and hopeless and hate this feeling.

15. Even when good things happen to me I feel I can not fully be happy because I yearn to have a baby more than anything else.

What does my score mean?

61 – 75

– It is recommended you speak to your GP or mental health expert who can help monitor your depression as part of your new lifestyle strategies. We recommend our Gold Level Fertile Lifestyle Treatment Programme, (read more here).

Depression is a suppression of your energy field so you will also benefit from an Energy Balance – Energy Field Healing Session, (click here)

46 – 60

– Getting help at this stage is crucial, you may be going through a downward spiral and you could benefit from some self-help strategies before speaking with your GP or mental health consultant. We’d recommend a Gold level Fertile Lifestyle Treatment Programme, (read more here).

Remember, depression is a suppression of your energy field so you will also benefit from an Energy Balance – Energy Field Healing Session, (click here)

31 – 45

– You are at a mid-way turning point so you could definitely do with more support. Feel free to browse this site to learn ways you could mentally and emotionally detox. There is a list of recommended articles below, so please take the time to read up on these for extra guidance too.

Meditation can always help, especially fertility meditations, (read more here).

A new Fertile Lifestyle Treatment Programme could highly benefit you to:

  • Help you make lasting changes and clear the trauma you have experienced to date;
  • Remove any self-limiting belief systems (that may be blocking you from being a parent).

It can take you out of where you are and take you where you want to be, (read more here);

Most people who feel like you benefit from boosting their mood to help get back on track again with an Energy Balance – Energy Field Healing Session, (click here) in addition to embracing a Silver level Fertile Lifestyle with one of our fertility coaches.

16 – 30

– Life is about being able to take the middle road despite extremes. TTC can be an emotionally distressing time, but you seem to be doing well.

To help you deal with the harder times you would benefit on coping strategies such as:

0 – 15

– You are handling things really well. It is normal to experience ups and downs in your life. If you feel you would like more assistance to cope with the down times then fertility meditations could be just the key! (Read more here)

Depression relief

The first step to depression relief is finding out how deep you are in your depression. Simply add up the totals.

Depression Relief Awakening Fertility


How to relieve fertility depression

Jumping on board our Fertile Lifestyle Programme can help you transform the feelings you are currently experiencing to feeling more optimistic. (Read more here)

What to do next?

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