Restore Emotional and Physical Wellbeing – How to tell when Chakras are out of balance

How to Restore Emotional and Physical Wellbeing Restoring emotional and physical wellbeing will help you to manage your moods, to feel better, to experience fewer negative emotions (such as hate, anger, sadness, grief, disappointment, worry, fear, resentment, guilt and so on). When you free yourself from these emotions you feel more in flow with life, […]

Checklist for improving success rates of Embryo Transfer

How to improve Embryo Transfer success Going into your embryo transfer it is natural to feel nervous, anxious, stressed and even feeling elements of doubt that “this time around will be a success.”   The more you are told to relax, the more it can irritate you and leave you feeling a lack of understanding […]

5 Keys to Faster Fertility Success – Get Pregnant, Stay Pregnant

The 5 Keys to Faster Fertility Success All too commonly we are seeing the rise in rates of infertility. Each year I see more and more clients who have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, low egg reserve, sperm with low mobility and/or motility as well as other issues they have been told […]

How to Balance Yang Energies For Fertility When Trying To Conceive

This is an interesting concept. You see, Yang energy is the masculine energy. It is the fire, the passion the “go-getter” attitude, the “keep pushing; keep soldiering on; keep achieving; keep earning; keep on keeping on.” Yang energy is not meant to be consistently in use. If it is it leads to chronic stress disorders… […]