Harness the Energies of Easter with Tips to Access The Power of New Life and New Beginnings When Trying To Conceive


Yes! The month of Easter holds with it the energies of new life, so let them in now.


Now is the time to clear the resistence which shows up in your life as:

  • Chaos
  • Dramas
  • Overthinking
  • Negative thoughts


What makes the work I do with my clients so successful is that I help them to take on a new perspective: to be able to see things differently. As a result they can respond differently and directly change their physiology.


I want this liberating, self-mastery tool to be accessible for everyone. To take on a new perspective in order to change your physiology (and turn your fertility ‘on’), is a personal journey and that is why it is best done with clients privately 1-to-1 to help initiate the subtle shifts in awareness. In doing so I can help them to process the emotions and to allow their mood to improve so they can draw their spirit baby to them.


If you are reading this, you are probably trying to have your happy healthy baby and the good news is that Mother Earth and the whole of Mother Nature is on your side to help you create this.


How Can You Easily Harness the Fertile Energies Around You?


You can easily harness the fertile energies of new life and new beginnings simply by clearing old blockages, especially old thought patterns.


In doing so, you will find the hidden order amongst the daily chaos.


I can help you to transform what has been perceived as stressful (which you carry around as emotional baggage) into its hidden message. You see, every illness, every dis-ease, your fertility issues all have a hidden message just for you.


When you learn to open your heart to allow love to come in you will be able to decipher the hidden messages and because love is the master healer you will be able to flourish with a fertile mind and fertile body.


When self-love is activated it washes the mind of negative thoughts which helps your mind to become inspired (in flow with spirit) and your body to become enthused and energised. The next step is daily gratitude.


This powerful recipe of self-love + living in-flow + gratitude will help you to:

  1. Have the energy and passion to do what you love
  2. Become more productive (so you feel and can see you are achieving your goals)
  3. Become more inspired (in flow) therefore able to hear and follow your intuitive guidance system


Reading this may seem a little ‘hippy-dippy’ but it is not. It is all proven by science. Our thoughts control our physiology.

Why we have negative thoughts and why it is important we stop them ruining our lives


We all live by a set of priorities related to our core values. When we set goals that are congruent to our highest values we become the most powerful, effective, happy and best versions of ourselves that we can be. When in this state you will be grateful, resilient and feeling fulfilled.


If you are finding you are procrastinating, hesitating, feeling disorganised and have swirling negative thoughts in your mind then this is a sign you are not living in accordance with your core values.


It is important you not live in a state of negativity when trying to conceive, because you need to match your future baby’s resonance (which is a high vibrational state).

3 Steps to Success

  1. I recommend you take the time (right now) to work our what your core values are
  2. Start living in accordance with your core values
  3. Inject your fertility mind mastery techniques of daily gratitude and ‘morning motivations’


These three simple steps will help you to lay the foundation you need to achieve your greatest goal of all – your happy, healthy baby.


You can do this when you learn how to clear your blockages and I can help you with some private 1-to-1 sessions.


I am also offering you the opportunity to have your own Mind Mastery Fertility Meditation created for you to help you speed up the process of achieving faster fertility success.


The work I do combines all aspects of life: science and spirituality.


Having your happy healthy baby is easier and more enjoyable than you think. Take the time to shift old thought forms that are holding you back from achieving this.


You can do this.


This is your birthright, seize this opportunity.


If you have any questions, leave them in the comment box below – it is time to take action now and harness the supportive ‘new life’ energies that are upon the planet in the month of Easter (for everyone around the world to enjoy).


Written by Fiona Boulton, the Awakening Fertility founder, fertility author, fertility healer and fertility activator.