10 Fertility Affirmations For Health, Happiness and Wellbeing


Are you ready to access 10 Fertility Mantras For Health and Wellbeing? Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat over and over and over again to help you shift into a state of ‘betterment’.

I have created 10 affirmations that have been designed to help you override negative thought patterns and utilising your ‘over thinking’ mind by controlling it with conscious thoughts.

You see, we spend 90% of our days in auto-pilot (meaning we are living from our unconscious mind). However this is where all our fears, limitation, codings and programs are being played out. Therefore to help you remain in a positive state I recommend you try these 10 Fertility Affirmations for Health and Wellbeing.

Leave your progress in the comment box so I can guide you and support your shift.

Remaining in a positive, high vibrational state keeps your body healthy and helps magnetise your babies to you as you match your future spirit baby’s resonance.


Fertility Affirmation Number 1

I am safe, I am grounded, I am supported by Creator and Mother Earth. I am of the earth and am bringing new life upon this earth.


Fertility Affirmation Number 2

I keep my body in shape for myself and for my children.


Fertility Affirmation Number 3

By loving myself enough I am preparing my future baby’s bedroom with the perfect environment for them to feel loved, nurtured and thrive.


Fertility Affirmation Number 4

I am an amazing role model for my children by choosing to be the best version of me in every now moment.


Fertility Affirmation Number 5

I trust my body and my fertility journey.


Fertility Affirmation Number 6

Everything is working out for me. The Universe supports me and is working with me (never against me).


Fertility Affirmation Number 7

I am the master of my mind, my body and my life.


Fertility Affirmation Number 8

I am empowered, confident, radiant and gracefully accept all the joy life has to offer.


Fertility Affirmation Number 9

I am an example to others, my fertility journey is inspirational and I am enjoying each step to success.


Fertility Affirmation Number 10

My body is in perfect health all the time. I am able to enjoy food and listen to my body’s needs. I am in a state of peace and harmony with my body.


Did You Know That When You Choose Positive Thoughts…
When you choose happiness through positive thoughts you choose to improve your life and love yourself enough to magnetise your dreams and desires to you!


Are you remembering to do three things a day that bring you joy?

If not, start now! Just three simple things.

If these things stimulate creativity too, it’s even better for your fertility!!


Benefits of Baking For Baby Making

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Baking can help you boost your mood, feel creative and enjoy the creation the process… So get baking for baby making!


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Written by Fiona Boulton
Fertility Activator and Fertility Healer since 2007
Fiona is the founder of Awakening Fertility Ltd., and the Powerfully Pure supplement range helping women and couples all over the world to enjoy their fertility journey and have their happy, healthy babies.
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