In this day and age there are more cases of anxiety and depression as well as an increase in human sub-fertility, infertility and fertility issues in general.
It is common knowledge and widely accepted within the medical world that the common denominator is stress.
Put simply, stress kills. It kills your libido, your energy, your happiness, your wellbeing and your health. When you are out of balance you are therefore in a state of dis-ease.
Fertility in the 21st Century can be very confusing.
This confusion can lead to feeling anxious and overwhelmed, often resulting in decision paralysis (not being able to make a decision).
This becomes a real issue when trying to conceive (TTC) because are so many decisions to make. As most women and couples want to make the best choices for them (their bodies, their ethics and their values) they simply do not have time to take the long road. The longer the fertility journey, the more difficult it is to turn your mindset around unless you shift your sub-conscious mind to ‘expect a different result.’ I teach my client this technique as part of the Mind Mastery protocols within the Online Fertile Lifestyle Course.
In addition to the Awakening Fertility Mind Mastery techniques you can also follow 10 easy steps to help you find the answers within.
10 Easy Steps to Finding the Answers Within When Trying to Conceive
I teach all my clients to get crystal clear with their fertility goal of being a happy, healthy mother in order to create a happy, healthy baby. When you are crystal clear with your goal, you will be less easily swayed by others who may have their own agenda or opinion which will not and does not serve your best interest. Therefore, the first and most important step is:
  1. Take some time out every day (when you wake and before you sleep is best) to connect with yourself. This means turning off your phone and other electronic devices or distractions so you can centre yourself into a calm state without future thoughts, or past thoughts. Simply be 100% present. You can focus on your breath or a mantra or mindfulness to help you access this state of healing and re-balancing.
  2. Take some deep breaths, the best to practice are the “7’s Breaths.
  3. Get out in nature. Nature is very cleansing, healing, detoxifying and rebalancing.
  4. Pay attention to your needs and values and live in harmony with them.
  5. Nourish your heart and mind with kind, loving thoughts. Thinking positive will raise your vibration to keep you in a state of better health and harmony.
  6. Let go of the past.
  7. Forgive yourself and others.
  8. Remove yourself from people or situations that drain your energy.
  9. Move your body with ease, grace and lovingly nourish it. The more you love it, the better it works for you. Remember your body is made up of the best employees you will ever have. Thank them regularly.
  10. Trust and believe.
We all have an in-built intuitive guidance system, also referred to as the fountain of knowledge within. Now that you are aware of the 10 easy steps to find the answers within, listen to this guided healing meditation to help anchor this new skill into your subconscious mind.

Fertility Meditation to Connect to Your Fountain of Knowledge Within

This meditation was created for one of my clients. Fertility meditations are the best medication.
If you would like your bespoke fertility meditation created specifically for your requirements, click here.

About the Author

As a fertility expert since 2007 I have been handed ‘all the difficult cases’ that IVF clinics and fertility doctors turned away. I have a global reputation that my Awakening Fertility Online Fertile Lifestyle Course coupled with bespoke private sessions can help almost anyone change their genes so they can have their own happy, healthy baby.

Many of my clients have children in their late 40’s and a growing number in their 50’s. (Not because the work takes a long time, it doesn’t, energy moves very quickly and through the science of epigenetics as well as energy management we see most clients succeeding in around 6 months).

I have a world-wide service available online and from my Harley Street Clinic in London and Chichester, West Sussex.