How to improve Embryo Transfer success

So happy! Yay! I did it! Fertility Success!

Going into your embryo transfer it is natural to feel nervous, anxious, stressed and even feeling elements of doubt that “this time around will be a success.”


The more you are told to relax, the more it can irritate you and leave you feeling a lack of understanding between the person who told you to relax.


So, what is the formula for success pre-embryo transfer?
Mind mastery!


The optimum treatment plan (a schedule of strategies designed to guide you step by step down the path of improving Embryo Transfer success is that you need to be confident.

Below is a comprehensive list for you to read through. Ideally you will read each point and “tick it off.”


If you can tick off 100% of these points you can easily instill the confidence required on a conscious level, so when habitual fears enter your thoughts you can dismiss them with the knowledge that you are on-track.


Here is a video reminding you of the importance of ensuring you following along 100% to your fertile lifestyle plan to ensure you improve your chances of achieving faster fertility success.

Remember – I’m here for you


It is essential you get in touch with me if:

  1. There is anything on the list below that you feel you do not understand or;
  2. Do not know or;
  3. If you are unsure if what you are doing is 100% correct for your personal fertility journey.


Checklist for omptimising Embryo Transfer success


  1. Ensure you have done the ground-work and laid the best foundation via living a fertile lifestyle to improve your health on a cellular level.


  • Follow your personal nutrition plan

    • This is done with organic whole foods; clean water (not tap water or plastic bottled water); and supplements that do not contain unnecessary fillers, binders or worse still fertility inhibitors eg soy, corn, maize and magnesium stearate (even though these are commonly found in many “fertility supplements”
    • Body test regularly to ensure your body is getting what it really needs
    • Avoiding processed foods (they are linked to being carcinogenic – meaning they cause cancer. Note, anything that causes cancer causes infertility. Read more)
    • Avoiding caffeine
    • Avoiding alcohol
    • Avoiding sugar as much as possible


  • Know what foods help and what foods hinder fertility


  • Know what cookware/cooking methods hinder fertility


  • Know what essential oils help and hinder fertility

    • This information is detailed within the Articles of the website
    • You can Body Test to see what essential oils are beneficial to you right now


  • Follow your personal exercise planIMG_1395mat

    • Leading up to Embryo Transfer you would have been following along to QiYoga® in the form of my Fertility Yoga DVD and given other personal exercises or restrictions relevant to your bespoke fertility requirements
    • On the day of Embryo you can do:
      • Hip Stretch
      • Downward Dog
      • Cat
      • Child
      • Pigeon
      • Neck Bridge
      • QiYoga®’s Qi Gong

Avoid any abdominal toning poses.

Refer to this link for images of these exercises listed above:

  • Do your Mind Mastery exercises IMG_1260FINAL-1


  1. Learning to love, honour, respect and work with your body

    • Love is the movement of truth
    • Real love is a life-giving energy
    • Pressure never changes love
    • Love does not self-reflect
    • Love is kindness
      • Ask yourself if you have learned to love your vehicle for whom your name has been bestowed? (Your physical body).
      • Do you love yourself and accept your limits?
      • Do you trust that your body is working with you at all times, never against you? That you are a team?
      • Deeply loving yourself and recognising your body is made up of the best employees you will ever get and they always follow your command, even your unconscious ones, so when you master your mind you can master your body and your life. (Return to Mind Mastery exercises to strengthen this aspect if you need to).

Thoughtful woman portraitTip to keep your spirits high and your heart chakra open:

Listen to Kirtan!

Click here.


  1. Understand who you really are

    • As you know, you are more than your physical self. You are a multi-dimensional being with infinite potential. Move out of your thoughts and feelings to access your Being so you can live consciously and be in line to receive the greatest gifts that life has to offer


  1. Know it is not about your fertility – it is about you

    • When you understand your greatness, shed your limiting beliefs, step into your power, embrace your brilliance, shine and expand your consciousness your baby will take form, thrive and survive


  1. Understanding Embryo Transfer from a Spiritual and Conscious Perspective
    • You are a conscious spiritual being creating another conscious spiritual being so read more about Embryo Transfer from this perspective via my article of the same name.



What to do on or by the day of Embryo Transfer


Listen to the mp3 meditations:

  1. The Egg Journey
  2. Embryo & Mother Re-union


What to do After Embryo Transfer?


Due to the fact it can take between 5 – 7 days for the embryos to securely anchor to your lining post-transfer I advise you live mindfully, gracefully and take things easy.


For the first 3 days:

Enjoy bed and sofa rest and have your list of specific meditations and Mind Mastery techniques tailored to your needs at hand.

  • By controlling your thoughts:
    • You can keep stress and anxiety to a minimum
    • Increase your body’s healing ability
    • Deepen your connection to your growing baby and your body (when you are pregnant your intuition is more heightened and finely tuned than ever!)
  • Do several things a day that bring you joy. Joy is the key to fertility and parenthood success. It is the highest vibration and will maximise your chances
For the first 7 days:
  • Do not have a bath
  • Do not have a shower that is too hot or too cold
  • Keep driving short distances to an absolute minimum
  • No heavy lifting
  • No vacuuming
  • No movements or chores that require the intensive use of abdominal muscles
  • No strenuous exercise
  • Slow, peaceful “Buddhist Meditation” walking for 30 minutes from day 4 onwards to help stimulate circulation of life-force energy, blood and oxygen
For days 7 – 14:
  • You are intuitive – your mind and body are connected from all the Mind Mastery exercises you have been doing so you will be intuitively guided by your own wisdom as to what to do. Contact me at anytime if you are ever in doubt.
  • Trust that you will not do anything you may come to regret later
  • Your baby needs positive vibes, so you being in a state of positivity will be key – if something stressful arises, use the specific “7’s Breaths” and other breathing techniques I have taught you
  • Remind yourself:
    • Once your embryos have been transferred into your uterus, they are safe and will not “fall out.”
    • People in the developing world have babies all the time, they are not as mindful, healthy, nutritionally balanced and relaxed as you are – so feel your situation is advantageous and therefore the odds are stacked in your favour!

I hope this article has given you guidance and insight into your conscious fertility journey.

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