The 5 Keys to Faster Fertility Success

All too commonly we are seeing the rise in rates of infertility. Each year I see more and more clients who have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, low egg reserve, sperm with low mobility and/or motility as well as other issues they have been told are preventing them from naturally conceiving.

However, there are things that each of us can do to naturally boost our fertility! Today I’m sharing with you how you can change your chances with the 5 keys to faster fertility success.

  1. Mind Mastery

    When we master our mind, we master our life. Have you ever noticed that sometimes you’ll be exposed to a stressful situation and deal with it pretty well, yet faced with that exact same situation at a different time (maybe you were a bit tired, had pre-menstrual tension, or had a lot going on at the time) and that same situation really affected you?

    Being human means that sometimes our levels of resistance to stressful situations is impaired, however there are steps we can take each day that work to strengthen our internal musculature. Just like we exercise to build our physical muscles, by using mind mastery techniques and specific fertility meditations we bolster our internal musculature which in turn makes us better able to cope with stressful situations.

    Mind Mastery is a unique aspect of the Fertile Lifestyle Programme that helps to remove conscious and sub-conscious mental and emotional blockages hindering fertility and pregnancy success (including miscarriage fears and “IVF recovery”when IVF fails).

    For specific techniques see our article Techniques for Clearing Trauma, Mental Blocks and Limiting Beliefs.

  2. Eliminate toxins

    Given the highly chemical environment in which we live our bodies are constantly bombarded with toxic exposure from a range of sources including the food we eat, what we drink, body products, cleaning products and even our relationships.First we need to be aware of the sources of exposure to toxins, then reduce our exposure and finally detoxify the cumulated toxins that are stored in fatty deposits around our mid section and in our liver.

    For more information about the sources of toxic exposure, see our articles:
    Avoiding Toxins for Fertility
    Bathroom and Personal Care Products

    To learn about how to naturally detox, see my articles:
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    Another source of toxic exposure that we often ignore is that from relationships. You can be drinking all the organic green smoothies, meditating like a monk, eating chia puddings and exercising to get fertility fit, but if you’re not addressing the toxic relationships in your life then you will still be placing your body under undue stress which can inhibit fertility.

    Each relationship is different so your approach to dealing with the stress they may be causing you needs to be unique to the other person involved as well as within your boundaries of self-love, self-respect, your needs and your values. I have many strategies I can share with you to help you improve your mood (and energy levels) when dealing with this situation.

  3. Whole food nutrition and superfoods

    Eating a diet rich in whole foods is essential to improving your nutrition and boosting your chances of fertility success. By whole foods I mean food that is in it’s original state. Vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, eggs, fish and meat that has not been processed. And by not processed I mean, it doesn’t come in a tin or packet.

    I also suggest that my clients take certain superfoods to help support their body to gently detoxify and certain superfoods can be helpful for specific fertility ailments. And yes, the term superfood is thrown about these days and people are labelling everyday foods as superfoods. However, to be a superfood the food itself must be highly nutrient dense per gram of nutrition. I.e. they pack a punch. Hence, while foods like organic kale and blueberries are amazing and highly beneficial for different reasons, they are not superfoods.

    Not all superfoods were made the same!

    If you’re going to buy superfoods from your local health food store please read the label first. If they contain any binders, fillers or flowing agents (such as magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide or maltodextrin) they are an inferior product and may be causing more harm in the long term than good. For more information about the benefits of different superfoods and how they can assist fertility see our article Superfoods for Fertility.

    Did you know there are certain foods that inhibit fertility?

    Yes, there are foods that make you infertile. These include GMO’s. What are the worlds most genetically modified crops?

    1. Soy/Soya (unless the soy is organic + fermented)
    2. Corn/Maize
    3. Rice

    So it’s best to make sure these are not in any supplements you buy too!

  4. Sleep and stress management

    Most people don’t get the recommended 8 hours sleep a night, and even if we do, it’s rarely uninterrupted. Studies have now shown that the duration of sleep isn’t quite as important as the quality of sleep. Unfortunately, with many of my clients I see that inadequate and poor sleep are often precursors to hormone imbalances which can prevent fertility success.

    To help improve the quality of your sleep we suggest:

    • Sleeping in a completely blackened room, the darker the better. This includes covering bedside clocks and lights on electronic devices. We have light receptors in our eyes and our skin, so even if your eyes are covered this won’t be enough.
    • Create a bedtime routine. Yep, just like when you were little. Many of our parents had us in a solid bedtime routine and for good reason, it helps us to wind down and improve our sleep quality. From about 2 hours before going to bed, turn off bright lights, including the TV and anything with a blue light screen (yes – that means no computers, phones or devices).
    • Ideally go to bed by 10:00pm. Sleeping the two hours before midnight can be the most beneficial for us.
    • No caffeine after 2:00pm. We all know that caffeine does not aid sleep, so stop drinking it early in the day to prevent it keeping you awake, this includes coffee, green tea, black tea and most processed (non-raw) chocolate.
    • No strenuous exercise 2 hours before bedtime. Again, high intensity exercise elevates our stress hormones and will prevent you from being able to sleep properly. Relaxing exercise such as yoga may be beneficial before bed.

    Now that you’ve got your sleep sorted, it’s time to address stress. My favourite stress busting technique is meditation!

    Do you find yourself saying: “but I can’t, I’ve tried in the past and it doesn’t work for me”. There are many types of meditations. I teach five different styles and I
    guarantee I can teach anyone how to meditate. At first, meditation is challenging. Just like learning any new modality, it takes time and practice, but don’t be put off. Any time you spend “trying” to meditate does help your body to relax and in turn is better equipped to deal with stress.

    If you are not meditating for fertility, how can you expect your meditation to get you fertility results?

    For more information about meditating for fertility see our article Meditation – Fertility Medication. I also have a range of highly specific meditations available for download here.

  5. Getting the “right” exercise

    Exercising for fertility isn’t about getting on a treadmill and running 10 miles. In fact, that would possibly be one of the worst types of exercise for fertility. Being fertility fit focuses on increasing the blood flow to the reproductive organs through very specific exercises and also reducing the stress load on the body. Long, intense exercise has been shown to increase cortisol levels (rather than reduce it). To optimise fertility, we want to reduce cortisol levels.

    I highly recommend that any woman on her fertility journey who is keen to naturally increase her chances of fertility success utilise a structured fertility exercise regime. We offer a fertility yoga DVD that has helped countless women on their road to faster fertility success. Click here for more details.

    If you would like specific information about exercises for male fertility or when to exercise (pre and post ovulation) then get in touch with me directly:

By implementing these 5 keys to faster fertility success not only will you be improving your fertility chances, you will also feel a lot better (especially without those toxins), have more energy and increase joy in your life. Vitality and joy are the two essential catalysts for pregnancy success.

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