Mindset Shift the secret to faster fertility success for a natural pregnancy or improving chances of IVF success

Mindset Shift the secret to faster fertility success I know that is a bold statement, but working as a fertility expert for more than 13 years I have seen time and time again that when women activate a true belief that they are: Worthy of being a mother Ready to become a mother NOW In […]

What’s the number one (best) thing you can do for your fertility?

The Best Decision You Can Make For Your Fertility Ready to turn your fertility problems into fertility solutions? Whether you’re planning on having children this year or not, getting your eggs/sperm into the best shape possible will mean you can have a healthier and more intelligent child even if over 30. The more joyous your […]

Restore Emotional and Physical Wellbeing – How to tell when Chakras are out of balance

How to Restore Emotional and Physical Wellbeing Restoring emotional and physical wellbeing will help you to manage your moods, to feel better, to experience fewer negative emotions (such as hate, anger, sadness, grief, disappointment, worry, fear, resentment, guilt and so on). When you free yourself from these emotions you feel more in flow with life, […]

Mastering the Art of Acceptance to Accelerate Faster Fertility Success

Acceptance is key to faster fertility success You too can be a success story if you believe in yourself, believe you are worthy of being a parent, do everything you physically can to create the best environment (internally and externally) as well as be honest about the level of support you need. When we accept […]

Are We More Fertile Over Easter?

Are We More Fertile Over Easter? Ain’t this the million dollar question!? Well, maybe we are. Pagan traditions stem from polytheistic nature-worshipping, with their wisdom intertwined with the rhythms of mother nature. Saxon’s worshipped the pagan goddess Oestre, the goddess of spring and fertility, responsible for the creation of new life. Oestre was worshipped in early spring, […]

Fulvic Minerals Can Help Improve Your Health, Vitality and Fertility

I am so excited to share this information about Fulvic minerals with you! Mark my words, fulvic minerals are “the next big thing” Scientists have been monitoring the benefits of fulvic minerals for years and how they benefit plants, and for the past 60 years they have seen the benefits they are having on humans […]