Are We More Fertile Over Easter?

Ain’t this the million dollar question!?

Well, maybe we are. Pagan traditions stem from polytheistic nature-worshipping, with their wisdom intertwined with the rhythms of mother nature.

Pagan Quote

Saxon’s worshipped the pagan goddess Oestre, the goddess of spring and fertility, responsible for the creation of new life. Oestre was worshipped in early spring, when new plants blossomed and babies were born. Oestre’s totem animal is the rabbit because it is able to reproduce in copious amounts.

It makes sense we would be fertile around the time we celebrate Easter. Spring is the time of new beginnings and new life. It marks a time of change, transitioning out of the dark, cold winter (with it’s heavy foods and heavy meals). Our bodies naturally want to “shed the ways of winter” and it is the best time to cleanse and create positive change!

(Learn how to cleanse for fertility, here…)

Eggs are a symbol of new life and fertility, thus the Christian’s celebrate with Easter eggs.

This Easter season, it can be the ideal time to re-assess the health of your eggs and the environment we create for them.

You see, your eggs are affected by your epigenetics.

Epigenetics is the sum of all internal and external environmental factors.

How you can help improve your egg quality (epigenetics)

  1. Good circulation and oxygenated blood flow
  2. Hormonal balance
  3. Energy from optimal nutritional (eating fertility enhancing food, rich in nutrients)

Good circulation and oxygenated blood flow

This can be achieved through:

Hormonal balance

This can be achieved through:

Energy from optimal nutrition

This can be achieved through:

What can hinder good quality eggs?

  1. Stress
  2. Worry, anxiety
  3. Fear
  4. Anger, annoyance, irritability
  5. Grief
  6. Poor quality sleep


The Natural Fertility BookStress turns fertility off, fact.

Think about it… When your body is stressed, all the blood pulls away from the digestive tract and moves to the extremities. Therefore digestion stops whilst the body goes into “fight or flight” mode.

Your body enters this sympathetic nervous system state to deal with any kind of stress, be it because you can not pay your phone bill this month, or that you are literally being chased by a tiger and you are running for your life – your body has the exact same stress response and therefore turns fertility off.

If you are fighting for your life, how could you possibly sustain the life of a baby?

For more information on this topic, read this The Natural Fertility eBook: 101 Ways to Get Pregnant and Stay Pregnant.

Worry and anxiety

Worry and anxiety effect the spleen and stomach, in turn effecting our digestive system. When your digestive system is impaired you will feel bloated, sluggish and lack energy. Fertility success requires lots of energy. Furthermore, if you are unable to absorb the nutrients you are consuming (due to poor digestive health) then you won’t be getting all the energy you require for fertility.

You may find this QiYoga for Fertility Video on Digestive Health beneficial:

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Excess fear is stored in your kidneys. Fear is a very debilitating emotion which can drain your energy. Sometimes we hold extensive amounts of unconscious fear which could be contributing to your sub-fertility issue. It is worth exploring this with an expert. (Get in touch with your one-off complimentary consultation and I can help you, click here to book).

If you are already aware that you have fatigue or are quite a fearful person, there are specific cleanses you can do to support your kidneys, but make sure it works in conjunction with your fertile lifestyle.

Colour therapy for the kidney is ocean blue. You can watch the video below for an easy exercise to help restore balance to your kidneys.

Anger, annoyance, irritability

Excess anger, annoyance and irritability are all stored in your liver, affecting the optimal function of your liver.

The colour to cleanse your liver, based on colour therapy is the green of a new growth forest. Here is an easy QiYoga movement you can do to help clear your liver, based on Qigong, called meridian tapping:


Energetically excess grief is stored in the lungs. I recommend doing the meridian tapping exercise video (above) to help restore balance and health to your lungs.

Grief has a devastating effect on your fertility. It is worth you taking the time you need to fully grieve and not suppress it. Once you release it, you can genuinely move on and embrace new beginnings, changing your chances of faster fertility success.

I support my clients with specific meditations to help them grieve. A simple one-off “grief relief” session (usually takes just 90 minutes) followed by some Mind Mastery is all that is requited to give people the ability to move on, let go and start afresh on their fertility journey. (Get in touch today if this sounds like something you could benefit from. e.g. if you are playing out regrets in your mind, or heartache from fertility failures to date then this is definitely for you!)

Poor Quality Sleep

If you find it hard getting to sleep or staying asleep then you will find these links helpful:


You may find this QiYoga for Fertility Video on Improving Sleep beneficial:


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