fulvic mineral evolution

I am so excited to share this information about Fulvic minerals with you!

Mark my words, fulvic minerals are “the next big thing”

Scientists have been monitoring the benefits of fulvic minerals for years and how they benefit plants, and for the past 60 years they have seen the benefits they are having on humans too.

This makes perfect sense because fulvic minerals:

  • Contain ALL the amino acids (building blocks for our body) and phyto-minerals needed for health and vitality
  • Are water soluble
  • Are bio-available (meaning able to be absorbed by the body)
  • Are “multi-minerals” that contain EVERY mineral in it (that’s 75 trace minerals! Cross reference that with the number of minerals in your stock-standard supplements to realise this is seriously nutrient dense)

Fulvic Minerals

We all know that nutrition is key for male and female fertility because it has a direct relationship to your epigenetics and therefore your DNA.

The newspaper The Independent published an article entitled:

Scientists warn of sperm count crisis: Biggest-ever study confirms drastic decline in male reproductive health

The December 2012 article stated “The reproductive health of the average male is in sharp decline, the world’s largest study of the quality and concentration of sperm has found.

Between 1989 and 2005, average sperm counts fell by a third. (Refer to http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/scientists-warn-of-sperm-count-crisis-8382449.html)

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have recognised human males produce less sperm now than ever before, it dropped from 20 million sperm cells in 1999 to 15 million sperm cells per mL in 2010.

Male sperm count is dropping 20% per year – so over 20 years, sperm count will be halved!


There is a huge spike in oestrogen dominance in males and females and this is also effecting our fertility rates.

It is clear that since the rapid decline of human fertility, there has been increased exposure to toxic chemicals in our diet (eg more processed foods); our air (from radiation, chem-trails and other pollutants); our water – especially recycled toilet water or water drunk from plastic bottles.

Toxins are even in our fresh fruit and vegetables. Chemical farming produces chemical laden toxins which we ingest and all these herbicides, fungicides and pesticides are known to cause infertility.

Furthermore, chemical farming has lead to mineral depletion in the soil, therefore affecting the plants and ultimately affecting humans at the end of the food chain. The food we eat is lacking minerals and this is making us more susceptible to higher rates of malnutrition. In return we are more hungry and rely on supplementation to get the right balance of nutrition required for optimal health, vitality and fertility.

Do you want to cleanse yourself from toxic build up and re-mineralise and re-balance your body on a cellular level?

  • Fulvic acid is an alkalising agent and works on a cellular level, fully hydrating the cell with electrolytes and minerals that it needs
  • Fulvic acid cleanses and removes toxins
  • Fulvic acid supports the regulation of the thyroid (which regulates our metabolism and ability to heal on a cellular level)

As a result of consuming fulvic minerals you can expect to enjoy a sense of wellbeing in mind and body and this is linked to boosting fertility!

What is the best way to consume Fulvic Minerals/ Fulvic Acid?

  1. If you distill your tap water, it is essential you add fulvic minerals to re-mineralise the water and reap the healing benefits of this multi-mineral compound
  2. You can consume it like a pro-biotic in the form of Earth Biotic

Earth Biotic is hailed as “The Planets Most Powerful Pro-biotic”

This Pro-biotic is the most natural pro-biotic available on the market. With Over 40.000 different species of Light Suspension Particles, Earth Biotic is claimed to be able to repopulate your intestinal tract with friendly bacteria immediately after you consume it.

Earth Biotic is made up of soil organisms, fulvic and humic acids as well as over 85 minerals and ormus elements. Earth Biotic contains Phytoplankton and over 14 different types of clay from around the world.

Earth Biotic is a powerful antioxidant and contains living high spin hydrogen molecules. It has the ability to remove toxic radiation as it contains (non heavy) natural iodine.

This pro-biotic is like no other and will take out Nanobacterium Sanguineum. An organism known to excrete calcium deposits made from toxic substances in the body.

Earth Biotic is anti-neoplastic by nature (anti-cancer)

  • Earth Biotic contains usable B12 and builds intrinsic factors
  • Removes the toxic by-products of candida
  • Neutralizes pesticides and other toxic man-made chemicals
  • Takes out hook worms and many other parasites
  • Contains the most powerful living bacteria organisms on planet earth
  • Purifies the blood
  • Raises Glutathione levels
  • Contains Vitamin K2
  • Creates a homeostatic Bioterrain


Want to get your hands on some Earth Biotic?

It is just £38.95 per tub but book your appointment with Fiona to “Body Test” it first, to ensure that this is exactly what your body needs pre-conception, pre-natally and post-natally.


  • The clay and gritty like texture is proof of its natural composition.
  • Enjoy the purest most powerful pro-biotic on the planet.
  • Directions of use: Take 1 pea size pinch and place it on the tongue, Let it dissolve and mix with your saliva then swallow.

Earth Biotic is a pro-biotic for fertility and a fertility cleanse product


For more information about the history and benefits of Fulvic Minerals watch the video below and read this link http://www.kindness2.com/miracle-of-fulvic-acid.html


I hope this article has given you guidance and insight into your conscious fertility journey.

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