Pregnancy success is the creation of life. Fertility

Creating life is the ultimate expression of birthing consciousness onto this planet we call Mother Earth. Fertility is sacred – it is holy and connected to God or Source.

Is your fertility journey a sacred one?

Sacred Fertility

Even if you have opted to take the assisted fertility route, your conception and transplantation is still a sacred act. To be sacred is to be cherished, divine and spiritual – which is what all sentient beings are.

Let’s explore sacred fertility Embryo Transfer


What is embryo transfer?

Embryo transfer occurs once eggs have been collected then fertilised with sperm in a petri dish in a laboratory of a hospital or fertility clinic.

Each situation is different, so between one and three of the best quality embryos are selected and then transferred to the womb.

Embryo transfer will only be deemed successful if transplantation takes place. This means the embryo is able attach itself to the lining of the womb, marking the initiation of pregnancy.

What is sacred, spiritual, conscious embryo transfer?

To activate your consciousness, you simply need to bring your awareness and focus to the situation at hand.

The successful conception of sperm and egg which creates an embryo is in itself a sacred act.

The embryo will house your baby’s spirit which in turn naturally makes this spiritual. However, as we are multi-dimensional beings (that is, more than physical third-dimensional beings) the process is of course a multi-dimensional one.

We humans have an energy field (shaded 14 layers) as well as vortexes of energy moving to us and through us situated around clusters of nerve ganglia and expanding into the ether called chakras (rainbow coloured wheels of energy spiralling clockwise). We also have meridian lines – rivers of energy moving through us.

(Refer to the key for details of meridian lines). Refer to the illustration below. Around the human energy field is a torus:chakras, ef, meridians, torus





Now that you can identify with the multi-dimensional aspects of yourself, you can apply the following techniques to create a conscious embryo transfer procedure.

How does embryo transfer work?

The exact procedure for embryo transfer depends on the clinic. A typical procedure usually involves the following steps:

Step 1.  Eggs are collected (via a process called “Egg Retrieval”)

At this time, visualise your energy field around you, activate it, make it vibrant (via the specific fertility meditations). When the eggs are extracted visualise in your mind’s eye that they hold your energy field encapsulated around them.

Step 2.  Two to three days after the eggs are fertilised, the best quality embryos are selected to be transferred into the womb.

  • For people under the age of 40, up to two embryos can be transferred.
  • For people over 40, up to three embryos can be transferred (unless using donor eggs, in which case up to two eggs are used because donors are under the age of 35).
  • It is common practice to have the remainder of good quality embryos frozen and used at a later date (if needed).

When embryo transfer takes place ensure you have listened to:

  • The Egg Journey Meditation
  • Embryo & Mother Reunion Meditation

They will prepare you fully to keep your body receptive to the transfer, you will be relaxed, open and soft – so too will your womb. These meditations and other Mind Mastery sessions will have laid the foundation for you to truly feel excited and peaceful during the procedure, therefore putting the odds in your favour because unlike others (or past times) you won’t tighten up with anxiety, stress and worry. 

Step 3. The medical professional doing the embryo transfer inserts a speculum into the vagina. This is the same procedure as a cervical smear test where the speculum is used to keep the vagina open.

A catheter is used to pass the embryos through the cervix down into the womb, usually with ultrasound assistance.

This is normally a pain-free procedure and usually no sedation is necessary. That being said many people experience degrees of discomfort because a full bladder is required for the ultrasound.

Visualise your body opening up to embrace the return of your egg, which is now an embryo – your baby! Like a mother opening her arms as her child runs back to her embrace, you too are opening up allowing your child (embryo) to return to a safe place where it will survive and thrive. This will aid in improving chances of transplantation success.


Step 4. Life over the next two weeks, especially over the initial three days is to be taken very easy. Read about ways you can maximise your chances of Embryo Transfer success (and how to stay sane) during this 3 – 14 day post-transfer period, here.


Step 5. About two weeks after the embryo transfer, you will be given a pregnancy blood test. If it is positive, you will have a scan about two weeks later.

It is essential you keep your communication channels open between you and your baby during this period even if you “don’t feel pregnant.” (Contact me to find out how)

I hope this article has given you guidance and insight into your conscious fertility journey.

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