Hormone imbalances are often the cause of unexplained infertility and fertility issues

More than half of my clients are looking for solutions to get pregnant naturally and one of the ways to do that is to ensure your hormones are balanced. The good news is, this is not as daunting or as complicated as you may think!

Do you, like millions of women worldwide suffer from these hormonal imbalances? 

  • oestrogen dominance (often caused from too much exposure to plastics);
  • raised insulin (often from stress or too much sugar/processed foods);
  • raised cortisol (from too much stress) and;
  • low adrenaline (from too much stress, poor gut health, toxicity, and/or persistent inflammation)

… Then you have come to the right place to help correct your hormonal imbalances and boost your fertility to help you get pregnant naturally.

After reading this, you can be confident in knowing you needn’t dabble in synthetic hormone replacements and you can take back control of your fertility.


Progesterone plays a vital role to help you get pregnant and stay pregnant

Progesterone means “promoting gestation.” Progesterone production ensures that the lining of the uterus remains for approximately 14 days after ovulation (the luteal phase) for when you become pregnant. When you conceive, progesterone rises. If you do not conceive the progesterone levels drop which leads to the shedding of the uterine lining (menstruation).

When your progesterone levels drop too low it may cause irregular or very heavy periods, difficulty conceiving as well as PMS symptoms… There are other symptoms too…

How to tell if you have low progesterone

Do you suffer from high anxiety and low moods?

Progesterone stimulates GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), a neurotransmitter has  an antidepressant and anti-anxiety effect.

Do you suffer from insomnia?

Low progesterone levels can cause difficulties getting to sleep and other sleep related issues.

Do you suffer from weight gain and cellulite:

If you do not produce enough progesterone your body will not burn fat. Often the body will draw glucose into your bloodstream as a quick source of energy which can turn into the production of cellulite.

Do you suffer from fluid retention?

Progesterone is a natural diuretic which can help reduce fluid build up in the breasts, face, fingers, ankles and belly.

Do you suffer from brain fog?

This could be a sign of low progesterone (or too much sugar, or both!)

Do you suffer from saggy skin?

Progesterone stimulates the production of collagen which keeps your skin looking youthful.

Do you suffer from thyroid issues?

Low progesterone leads to oestrogen dominance and this interferes with thyroxine production.

Do you suffer from night sweats?

Progesterone may be the culprit.

How to improve chances of a natural pregnancy

To improve your chances of a natural pregnancy you really need to live a Fertile Lifestyle. It comes down to 5 keys that I see time and time again with my clients. When they apply all 5 key strategies together, they see immediate results (and end up giving birth to happy, healthy babies).


5 keys are illustrated below to get your body baby ready by increasing the production of progesterone:

  1. Minimise stress (with strategies that suit your personality and lifestyle)

    • Let me explain how stress lowers progesterone levels. Progesterone is a natural precursor to cortisol, which is the body’s primary stress hormone. When under stress your adrenal glands can use any excess available progesterone to manufacture more stress-fighting cortisol which can leave the body with depleted progesterone levels.
    • When you are in a state of stress or anxiety the ‘ fight or flight’ response in the body means your body will always divert the available pregnenolone to produce higher amounts of cortisol to help you get through stress. In doing so, it often means there is not enough pregnenolone to produce sufficient progesterone.
    • This is why stress is the leading cause of low progesterone problems.
  2. Minimise toxicity (physical exposure, mental exposure and emotional exposure – eg toxic relationships)

  3. Get the right balance of exercise (to get you fertility fit)

  4. Get good quality sleep (between 10pm – 6am)

  5. Get the right balance of nutrients

In doing so you will give your body the energy it needs to thrive and not just survive.



How to eat yourself fertile and increase progesterone naturally

10 organic supplements and organic foods that can increase progesterone naturally

  1. Sulphur
  2. Magnesium
  3. Zinc
    • Foods:
      • oysters
      • prawns
      • red meat
      • white meat
      • pumpkin seeds
      • figs
    • Supplement:
      • 100% pure liquid zinc
  4. Vitamin C
    • Foods:
      • acerola Cherries
      • baobab
      • Camu-Camu (great for womb lining)
      • kiwi fruit
      • strawberries
      • lemons
      • peppers (capsicum)
      • rosehips
    • Supplements:
      • Powerfully Pure brand Vitamin C powder, here
      • Powerfully Pure brand Fertility and Pregnancy Honey, here
        • If not in stock, you can order from this online brochure HERE
  5. Vitamin E
  6. Vitamin B6
  7. Fibre
  8. Omega 3 Fatty Acids/Good oils
    • Foods:
      • wild, saltwater fish
      • flaxseeds
      • chia seeds
      • walnuts (but be careful of mould)
      • grass-fed animal products
      • coconut oil
      • olives
      • olive oil
    • Supplements:
  9. L-Arginine
    • Foods:
      • chickpeas
      • lentils
      • wild salmon
    • Supplement:
    • Arkworld’s Pink Drink (available through the Powerfully Pure shop, here)
      • If not in stock, you can order from this online brochure HERE
  10. Chaste Tree
    • Also referred to as Agnus Castus, I advise you “body test” this chaste tree supplement in your health food store to see if you need it.


Other ways to naturally increase natural progesterone

  1. Maintain a healthy body weight
    Excess weight is scientifically proven to cause your body to produce more oestrogen. When your oestrogen levels are too high it lowers your progesterone.  (How can you tell if your oestrogen levels are too high? You may have heavy periods, clotty periods, cellulite, fat around your tummy, fibroids, cysts and/or endometriosis).>>>Watch this video for more information<<<
  2. Reduce stress
    Stress triggers the production of stress hormones and can cause your body to convert hormones like progesterone to cortisol.
  3. Refrain from overexercising or HIIT
    This can cause your body to produce too much cortisol or too much exertion on your adrenal glands which puts your hormones out of balance, namely by slowing your metabolism by reducing your body’s ability to produce thyroxine.

In addition to lifestyle changes (such as improved diet and living a ‘fertile lifestyle’) purchasing a bio-identical progesterone cream is also the way to go.

Progesterone creams that my clients have used and recommend:

  • Elan brand
  • Mood Mama’s brand: Matriach 100
  • Platt Wellness brand (my personal favourite and I am not endorsed in any way by any company).
  • Progesterall brand
  • Wellsprings brand

You need to find a brand that tells you how much progesterone you get per pump/squirt. Platt Wellness’s brand does this and that is why I like it.

If you are pregnant, remember to choose the progesterone cream that does not have lavender. (Lavender is not safe to use in your first trimester).


Remember, correcting hormone imbalances is in your control… Therefore, your fertility is too!


Fertility Support

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