March's Womb Awakening Seminar

Activate the Power of Your Womb
Magnetise your baby to you

Live Wednesday 20 March 2019 (1hr)

1pm UK time | 9pm Perth, WA time | Or watch the replay

Did you know sexual energy is the most potent energy for manifestation?

We are always manifesting… Thing is, because we live the majority of our lives in auto-pilot from our mid-30’s onwards, it means we end up manifesting whatever we think and feel (including our greatest fears!)

  • Are you ready to activate your most powerful essence of being a woman?
  • Are you ready for help to open up and be receptive of your deepest wisdom, freedom and power of love.
  • Are you ready to activate your sexual, magnetic and wild inner energy ?
  • Are you ready to transcend boundaries, giving you the tools to overcome any obstacle?

This Womb Awakening can radically transform you, breaking you through all your fears and allowing your Life-Force to flow

I find one of the biggest blocks for my clients trying to have a baby is their lack of self-love. You see, if you don’t love yourself enough you can not love your baby to the extent that it needs to thrive.

  • If you are struggling to have a baby this ground-breaking seminar is for you
  • If you have endometriosis or have miscarried then you can’t miss this seminar
  • If you have issues around power, 1-to-1 relationships or even money, then this seminar is for you
  • If you have fibroids or oestrogen dominance this seminar is for you
  • If you fear you might miscarry, this seminar is going to help you
  • If you are feeling disappointed in yourself or your fertility journey is getting you down then this seminar is definitely for you.


The final of the 3-part series of strategies
designed to improve your chances of having your
happy healthy baby in 2019


Ways This March Seminar Can Help You

  • Are you tired of seeing everyone else around you have babies but your turn still has not come yet?
  • Are you wanting to enjoy your life? To stop putting it on hold and despite being busy still have the baby of your dreams?
  • Are you ready to clear the mental and emotional blockages that are preventing you from manifesting your baby into physical form here on planet earth?
  • Are you ready to learn how to stop the negative mind-chatter so you can be open to receive new possibilities, new potentials and the miracle of life?
  • Are you ready to take the effort out of "trying" to conceive?
  • Are you ready to boost your energy levels?
  • Are you ready to feel happier whilst trying to conceive?
  • Are you ready to increase your chances of becoming a mum to your happy, healthy baby this year?
  • Are you ready to increase your AMH levels (to 'buy yourself more time and extend your fertility window?)
  • Are you ready to improve egg health?
  • Are you ready to improve womb health?
  • Are you ready to minimise the chance of miscarriage?

Are you wanting to become baby ready now so you can have your happy, healthy baby in 2019? Then this seminar can help you.

Which Ticket Is Best For You? 

Both tier tickets give you access to:

  • Reclaiming your power and confidence on your fertility journey
  • Learning how to heal your womb
  • Learning how to nourish your womb
  • Learning what foods help your womb
  • Learning what foods are not ideal for your womb
  • Tips to care for your womb (your babies first home with you)

VALUED AT £397.00
>>> Yours for only £37.00 <<<

  • Includes resource support material (worksheets) to ensure you capture the notes from the seminar
  • If you want to keep the recording it costs 2x £37.00

Or join the seminar as a VIP member and receive a bundle of support:

  • A remote personalised 1-to-1 (over the phone/internet) consultation after the seminar to clarify you have understood all the concepts taught in the seminar (30mins) - value: £97.00
  • A remote personalised 1-to-1 live Fertility Healing recorded for you to listen to afterwards (30mins) - value: £100.00
    • The healing will help you awaken the power of your womb
  • It will include a downloadable ebook with all the concepts of the seminar clearly illustrated for you to implement what you learn, because - as you know - without action, nothing will change and these little lifestyle tweaks will help make the world of difference for you manifesting your baby in 2019. - value: £67.00
  • It will include 4x weekly womb activation meditations you can download and keep - value: £599.00
  • BONUS - You can watch the replay - value: £37.00

    >>> Yours for only £197.00 <<<

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How is this content different to your past seminars and ebooks?

Everything in this seminar is new material; all advanced teachings and the ebook is a newly written ebook with easy to 'understand and do' strategies never before seen.

Feedback From Past Seminars in 2019



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