Craving more energy while trying to conceive?

Looking for faster fertility success?

Looking for a lust for life?

Sick and tired of trying to conceive and not getting pregnant or holding your pregnancy? 

If you can relate to any of the four statements above, it seems it’s time to empower you with ways you can change your chances to become a parent sooner rather than later.

Let me start by asking you: “Do you know your body’s signs and symptoms if your hormones out of balance?” 

What are your energy levels like?

Controlled by hunger pangs?

Do you get severe hunger pangs and ‘need to eat’ to not feel faint or to manage your mood? (e.g. you need to eat to prevent yourself becoming too irritable)? – this may be a sign that your blood sugar levels are out of balance. This is common for women with PCOS (or even diabetes).

Do you know that blood-sugar issues can negatively impact your fertility? Sugar is a killer, so if you have a sweet tooth it is advised you get it under control by eating small amounts regularly, avoiding processed sugar, limiting too much natural sugar (from fruit, especially processed fruit juices) and to help you do this I recommend increasing your protein intake and taking chromium supplements to curb your post meal sugar cravings.

Feeling tired but can’t sleep until late?

If you are tired but wired (eg tired all day until about 10:00pm when you get a burst of energy) – this is a sign of extreme hormone imbalance and you could be on the brink of adrenal fatigue.

I recommend you sleep in a pitch black room. I also advise you do physical exercises that clear your mind and tire your body so you can sleep deeply between 10:00pm – 6:00am when your adrenals glands and liver are replenishing themselves. (The healthy function of these organs can greatly improve your fertility)

Are you extra sensitive to weather/temperature? 

Do you get hot quickly and cool down very quickly? This may be a sign that your thyroid is compromised.

Getting the right balance of iodine in your diet and these QiYoga for Fertility exercises (pictured to your right) can help your body to regulate thyroxine

Do you have PMS or painful periods?

Do you feel irritable before your period comes?

Do you have uncomfortable abdominal pain and cramping just before or during your period that requires you take a pain-killer to ease the pain?

Do you find you are feeling too heavy and achy to exercise at any stage during your period?

Have you notices clots in my menses?

… If you experience any of the above issues with your period or your periods are becoming lighter or there is spotting between your periods then these are all major signs that your hormones are out of balance.

When you naturally balance your hormones you won’t get period pain, mood swings, feel low on energy, lack sex-drive or find it difficult to sleep

There are different ways to help your rebalance your hormones and for over 10 years I have seen the following works wonders for my clients and may work for you too:

Restore your energy and stop overthinking with Qi Gong routines like this one:

Hormone balancing yoga routines like this one:

Tips to curb a sweet tooth, read more…

Adaptogenic herbs to help restore your adrenal glands, eg Medicinal Mushrooms.

The Castor Oil Cleanse kit, read more…

Light Cycle Treatment, read more…

Creating an Evening Routine and Sleep Space, read more…

Mood enhancing strategies like this and this

Specific essential Oils, read more…

MSM (organic sulphur from pine trees), read more…

If you are worried your hormones are out of balance you may want to see a medical professional/healthcare professional to help you restore balance and harmony for faster fertility success.

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Fiona Kacz-Boulton

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