Light Cycle Treatment for Regulating Menstrual Cycle

– Creating Regular Periods For Drug-free Fertility Solutions

The Light Cycle Treatment is a simple technique that works by mimicking the action of the full moon to stimulate ovulation, thereby triggering a period on Day 29 of the newly created cycle.

Sounds powerfully exciting, right?  

Step 1:

Sleep in TOTAL darkness. This means blackout conditions, i.e. no light coming into your bedroom above or at the sides of the curtain rail. (See our Sleep article here for full details)

This starts the count at Night 1.

Use a red photographer’s light bulb in a torch if you need to get up at night to go to the toilet.

Step 2:

On Nights 14, 15 and 16 (three nights in all) sleep with the lights on.


Step 3:

On Nights 17 through to 28 sleep in total darkness.


Step 4:

On Day 29, you should start to bleed. If not, start the count again as Day 1 and repeat the technique.

Anytime that you start to bleed before Day 29 automatically becomes Day 1 of a new cycle and you start the technique again.

This usually works in 2-3 cycles           

Guest Writer Dr Suzann G Harper 

Suzanne originally qualified as a naturopath and osteopath before winning a scholarship to study acupuncture.  She practiced for many years in London’s Harley Street before moving to the West Country in 2014.
Suzanne has also worked in the field of feng shui for over 20 years and has used all of these natural health practices to help couples to conceive and to maintain their families’ health.  She travels to her clients’ homes or does distance consultations by Skype.       |


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