Essential Oils for Hormone Balancing and Fertility

Balancing Hormones with Awakening Fertility Essential Oils

Hormones are effected by your lifestyle: by things you ingest (eat), by the things you breathe, by what you put on our body, etc.


For this reason it is important to support your liver as it plays a role in hormone balancing and detoxifying your body from things that put your body out of balance). Essential oils can help your liver to function better.


The liver also provides adrenal support. Your adrenals are your body’s batteries and they also release hormones. They also form the foundation for overall hormone function so it is important they are functioning well.  If your adrenals are not doing well, it will negatively impact your fertility. To help support your adrenal glands it is advised you sleep between 10:00pm – 6:00am (especially 10:00pm – 2:00am).  Essential oils can help your adrenals function better by activating ‘stress management’: switching your body from ‘fight and flight’ mode to ‘relax, digest and activate fertility’ mode.


Below I have listed essential oils that are great for fertility – BUT ONLY IF THEY ARE ORGANIC AND OF THERAPEUTIC GRADE.

Remember a combination of 3 essential oils makes the blend 11x more powerful that just taking a single blend



  • Regulates and balances hormones
  • Provides liver support



  • Eostrogenic. (This means it can be beneficial if there is an issue with xeon-oestorgrens; ‘fake oestrogrens’ in your body which I am personally finding to be the biggest contributor for fertility issues with men and women)
  • Stimulates the reproductive organs. (This means it helps to wake them up and energise them to function better). However only use Clary-Sage to help you conceive, after conception you will not benefit from using it. If you take Clary Sage when pregnant it can cause contractions of the uterus which will be helpful during labor.



  • This is the purest form of frankincense and is edible
  • Helps to repair cells throughout the whole body
  • Ideal to support egg health and sperm health


Combining these three together will reduce pain felt during painful periods  (menstrual cycle) because they have the balancing effect for hormones



  • Supports the liver
  • Detoxes the body from xeno-oestrogens



  • Balances progesterone



  • Reduces hormonal changes
  • Especially useful to use (or drink as a tea) during your period (menstrual cycle)


Lost your period? Not menstruating? Have irregular cycles?

  • Use this combination of Clary-sage + Thyme + Geranium


Blood sugar effects fertility, so if you have PCOS

  • Use this combination of Cinnamon + Peppermint + Grapefruit to be used internally
  • Peppermint is cooling so only take this combination in the warmer months
  • Grapefruit hinders the absorption of synthetic medications so if you are on medication do not take grapefruit)
  • Out of these three, cinnamon is the most powerful/best for regulating blood sugar but remember a combination of 3 essential oils makes the blend 11x more powerful that just taking a single blend


Stress reduction essential oils

  • To reduce stress use citrus oils (can be calming and soothing) – eg wild orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit or a citrus blend


Mood support essential oils

  • Sacra oil is great for managing moods. It clears negativity (from your thoughts, feelings, emotions and environment – eg your work environment or in the home if you’ve had an argument)


Libido enhancing essential oils to stimulate your sex drive

  • Ylang Ylang
  • Patchouli
  • Clary Sage


What’s putting your hormones out of balance?

In today’s modern world we are over exposed to toxins (way more than our parents and grandparents). Toxic exposure means xeno-oestrogens are entering your body and disrupting your hormones to the extent they may be turning your fertility off.

How are you being exposed to xeno-oestrogens?

  1. By drinking from plastic bottles
  2. By heating plastic in the microwave and eating the food heated this way
  3. By drinking from polystyrene cups (styrofoam)
  4. By eating from polystyrene boxes (styrofoam)
  5. By being around and inhaling paint fumes
  6. By being around and inhaling new carpet fumes
  7. By being around and inhaling new car fumes
  8. By being around and inhaling synthetic deodorises (from plug-in room fragrance releases to toilet sprays and everything in between)
  9. Washing yourself with synthetic fragrances and chemicals
  10. Using non-environmentally friendly cleaning products
  11. Applying non-edible body products and cosmetics to your face and body
  12. Eating non-organic food
  13. Eating processed food (this means anything that has come from a factory)


Whatever you inhale or eat or drink goes into your bloodstream so if you are exposed to synthetic hormones it puts your hormones out of balance.


From the list above you can see how easy it is to be exposed to fake/synthetic hormones (xeno-oestrogens).


Please remember none of this information is to override any medications you are taking or following doctor’s advice.


The benefit of essential oils is you can heal yourself with plant power (this is the way all medications started and as time has gone by scientists have been able to create synthetic versions of the healing powers of plants). Unlike medications there are no side effects from essential oils if they are high quality, therapeutic grade and organic.


Where can you get good quality essential oils and what ones are best for you?

Email me directly fiona[at] and I can help you. There are a lot of essential oils that are mis-sold on websites like Amazon as being therapeutic grade and organic when they are not so please do not purchase from websites, purchase from a credible, trained person.

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