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Light Cycle Treatment for Regulating Menstrual Cycle – Creating Regular Periods

Light Cycle Treatment for Regulating Menstrual Cycle

– Creating Regular Periods For Drug-free Fertility Solutions

The Light Cycle Treatment is a simple technique that works by mimicking the action of the full moon to stimulate ovulation, thereby triggering a period on Day 29 of the newly created cycle.

Sounds powerfully exciting, right?  

Step 1:

Sleep in TOTAL darkness. This means blackout conditions, i.e. no light coming into your bedroom above or at the sides of the curtain rail. (See our Sleep article here for full details)

This starts the count at Night 1.

Use a red photographer’s light bulb in a torch if you need to get up at night to go to the toilet.

Step 2:

On Nights 14, 15 and 16 (three nights in all) sleep with the lights on.


Step 3:

On Nights 17 through to 28 sleep in total darkness.


Step 4:

On Day 29, you should start to bleed. If not, start the count again as Day 1 and repeat the technique.

Anytime that you start to bleed before Day 29 automatically becomes Day 1 of a new cycle and you start the technique again.

This usually works in 2-3 cycles           

Guest Writer Dr Suzann G Harper 

Suzanne originally qualified as a naturopath and osteopath before winning a scholarship to study acupuncture.  She practiced for many years in London’s Harley Street before moving to the West Country in 2014.
Suzanne has also worked in the field of feng shui for over 20 years and has used all of these natural health practices to help couples to conceive and to maintain their families’ health.  She travels to her clients’ homes or does distance consultations by Skype.       |


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Naturally balance hormones and blood sugar levels for faster fertility success

Craving more energy while trying to conceive?

Looking for faster fertility success?

Looking for a lust for life?

Sick and tired of trying to conceive and not getting pregnant or holding your pregnancy? 

If you can relate to any of the four statements above, it seems it’s time to empower you with ways you can change your chances to become a parent sooner rather than later.

Let me start by asking you: “Do you know your body’s signs and symptoms if your hormones out of balance?” 

What are your energy levels like?

Controlled by hunger pangs?

Do you get severe hunger pangs and ‘need to eat’ to not feel faint or to manage your mood? (e.g. you need to eat to prevent yourself becoming too irritable)? – this may be a sign that your blood sugar levels are out of balance. This is common for women with PCOS (or even diabetes).

Do you know that blood-sugar issues can negatively impact your fertility? Sugar is a killer, so if you have a sweet tooth it is advised you get it under control by eating small amounts regularly, avoiding processed sugar, limiting too much natural sugar (from fruit, especially processed fruit juices) and to help you do this I recommend increasing your protein intake and taking chromium supplements to curb your post meal sugar cravings.

Feeling tired but can’t sleep until late?

If you are tired but wired (eg tired all day until about 10:00pm when you get a burst of energy) – this is a sign of extreme hormone imbalance and you could be on the brink of adrenal fatigue.

I recommend you sleep in a pitch black room. I also advise you do physical exercises that clear your mind and tire your body so you can sleep deeply between 10:00pm – 6:00am when your adrenals glands and liver are replenishing themselves. (The healthy function of these organs can greatly improve your fertility)

Are you extra sensitive to weather/temperature? 

Do you get hot quickly and cool down very quickly? This may be a sign that your thyroid is compromised.

Getting the right balance of iodine in your diet and these QiYoga for Fertility exercises (pictured to your right) can help your body to regulate thyroxine

Do you have PMS or painful periods?

Do you feel irritable before your period comes?

Do you have uncomfortable abdominal pain and cramping just before or during your period that requires you take a pain-killer to ease the pain?

Do you find you are feeling too heavy and achy to exercise at any stage during your period?

Have you notices clots in my menses?

… If you experience any of the above issues with your period or your periods are becoming lighter or there is spotting between your periods then these are all major signs that your hormones are out of balance.

When you naturally balance your hormones you won’t get period pain, mood swings, feel low on energy, lack sex-drive or find it difficult to sleep

There are different ways to help your rebalance your hormones and for over 10 years I have seen the following works wonders for my clients and may work for you too:

Restore your energy and stop overthinking with Qi Gong routines like this one:

Hormone balancing yoga routines like this one:

Tips to curb a sweet tooth
, read more…

Adaptogenic herbs to help restore your adrenal glands, eg Medicinal Mushrooms.

The Castor Oil Cleanse kit, read more…

Light Cycle Treatment, read more…

Creating an Evening Routine and Sleep Space, read more…

Mood enhancing strategies like this and this

Specific essential Oils, read more…

MSM (organic sulphur from pine trees), read more…


If you are worried your hormones are out of balance you may want to see a medical professional/healthcare professional to help you restore balance and harmony for faster fertility success.

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Fiona Kacz-Boulton

Fiona Kacz-Boulton is a Fertility Specialist and key-note speaker at the London Fertility Show

Jump for JoyAn expert in her field since 2007

Founder of Awakening Fertility – Harley Street, London and Concept Fertility, London

  • Natural Fertility Specialist
  • Huffington Post Fertility Writer
  • Fertility Coach
  • Nutrition Counsellor
  • Public Speaker
  • Fertility and wellbeing author
  • Mind Mastery Practitioner
  • Blogger
  • QiYoga® Founder
  • Fertility Yoga Teacher Trainer (RYS 200)
  • Fertile Lifestyle Motivator
  • Fertility Support Group Facilitator
  • Fertility Practitioner Training Co-ordinator
Through Fiona’s Fertile Lifestyle Course she helps you navigate major transitions to detox your mind (and body) to help you effectively ‘think yourself fertile’ and experience faster fertility success
Book your 30 minute complimentary consultation

With founder of Awakening Fertility, Fiona Kacz-Boulton here.


Why Reducing Stress Can Create Faster Fertility Success

Tarryn Williams writing for Awakening Fertility

The health benefits of reducing stress for faster fertility success

The reality is, most of us live busy lives. We spend the majority of our days rushing from one thing to another, multi-tasking at every opportunity and keeping up with the demands of the modern world. We don’t sleep enough or make time to nourish ourselves physically and emotionally. This can leave us feeling overwhelmed, stressed and burnt out and can have many negative effects on our health, as well as on our ability to conceive.

But stress isn’t all bad. From an evolutionary perspective, stress is a survival technique necessary to keep us from danger. It ensures our bodies are able to deal with threatening situations so we can stay safe.

So what happens when we experience stress?

A stressful event activates our sympathetic nervous system which releases hormones like adrenaline and cortisol that get the body prepared to either fight the potential threat or run away from it (known as the fight or flight response).

The problem is, in our modern lives we are very rarely in these life or death situations but our bodies still respond to a stressful trigger the same way, whether it’s real or perceived. Basically, your body doesn’t know the difference between a physical threat like being chased by a pitbull or a hugely overwhelming to-do list!

And while an encounter with a vicious dog might only last 5 minutes (you’d hope), for many people today the perceived stress that comes with working long hours, meeting social obligations and trying to build a career and care for a family is chronic. That overflowing email inbox and trying to meet so many daily commitments never ends and it means our bodies are constantly on high alert. Not surprisingly, this ongoing release of stress hormones can cause a number of health issues.

5 benefits of reducing your stress levels

1) You’ll want to eat better Health to Happiness for Awakening Fertility

Being in a state of stress often derails our healthy eating patterns. Our adrenal glands make more of the stress hormone cortisol which stimulates appetite and causes food cravings – generally for foods high in carbohydrates and sugar. You might also find yourself drinking more alcohol to relax and unwind.

We also tend to have less willpower and time to make healthier choices when we’re experiencing stress.

2) You’ll Sleep Better

When you’re constantly in a state of stress, your body doesn’t allow you to sleep deeply and restoratively. High levels of adrenaline keep you slightly awake to ensure survival in case you need to jump up in the middle of the night to deal with a life-threatening situation1.

3) You’ll improve your chance of conceiving naturally

Stress can affect ovulation, cause loss of libido, lower sperm production for men and absent or irregular menstrual cycles for women, so reducing your stress levels is a really important factor in giving your body the best chance of conceiving naturally2.

4) You will improve digestive issues and nutrient absorption

When your body is under stress it directs energy away from all non-essential processes like digestion to reserve energy for a possible fight or flight situation. According to a seminar by renowned nutritional biochemist Dr Libby, 1 in 5 women have IBS symptoms that are likely to be related to stress (in particular bloating). Chronic stress leads to sluggish digestion, which affects the body’s ability to breakdown and use nutrients in food and can lead to potential deficiencies over time1.

5) You’ll get sick less often

An extended release of cortisol lowers your immunity defenses making you more susceptible to illness. Elevated cortisol levels can also lead to a state of chronic inflammation in the body which can cause many health issues from heart disease to autoimmune issues3.Today I Choose Joy For Awakening Fertility

Top 7 ways to reduce stress

In our modern fast-paced lives, stress is somewhat unavoidable, which is why stress management is so important to ensure we minimise its impact on our health.

  • Reduce your caffeine intake as this produces more of the stress hormone adrenaline leading to even higher stress levels in the body. It can also increase your perception of stress, so should certainly be kept to a minimum in particularly busy or stressful times4.
  • Avoid foods high in sugar and processed carbs as these can spike blood sugar and increase cortisol levels in the body, putting extra stress on your adrenals5.
  • Aim to incorporate foods into your diet that support your body in times of stress. Leafy greens contain high levels of magnesium which is critical for coping with stress, while 
citrus fruits and berries are high in vitamin C which has been shown to reduce levels of cortisol. And you’ll be pleased to know, dark chocolate contains flavonoids which have relaxing properties too5!
  • Address your perception of stress. By identifying stressful situations in your life and trying to remove them or see them differently you can start to shift your body out of a constant state of stress.
  • Manage your time. Plan your schedule with a planner or calendar so you’re not trying to remember everything. Prioritise your to-do list and ask for help or delegate where you can.
  • Incorporate calming activities like meditation, yoga and deep breathing exercises into your day. This will activate the parasympathic nervous system (the opposite of the fight and flight response) and help the body conserve energy and rest, reducing levels of the stress hormones in your body.
  • Move your body. Exercise produces the feel good hormone serotonin, which has an uplifting effect on your entire body and can reduce the negative effects of stress.

These are just some of the simple ways you can restore balance to your nervous system and make the most of the benefits that come with reducing stress. But everyone is different so pay attention to what makes you feel stressed, what that feels like in your body and experiment with things that work for you to overcome this feeling and make you feel good.

Happy experimenting!


1 2015 lecture with Dr Libby – The Perception of Stress.

2 Virginia Hill Rice’s Theories of Stress and Its Relationship to Health


4 Caffeine’s Effects are Long-Lasting and Compound Stress

5 George Everly Jr. and Jeffrey Lating’s A Clinical Guide to the Treatment of the Human Stress Response


 Guest Writer Taryn WilliamsTarryn Williams Bio Pic For Awakening Fertility

Taryn Williams is a certified Transformational Nutrition Coach passionate about giving women simple ways to achieve boundless energy, effortless weight loss, the confidence to totally love themselves and finally be free of the self-judgment and negative beliefs that are holding them back.


Get ready to start living an energized, healthy and happy life in a body you love at

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How to Find Joy When Trying to Conceive

How to Find Joy Day to Day When Trying to Conceive

Busy Mind - Help Me Clear Clutter of My MindInfertility brings with it a myriad of issues from making sense of medical information and juggling the dizzying array of appointments and treatment options.

Then there is having to manage stress and strug­gling with worry; the challenges of living with infertility (sub-fertility) can be daunting for even the most resilient person.

It’s no surprise that much has been written about successful ways to cope with the rollercoaster ride of emotions for couples trying to conceive, including the benefits of rely­ing on peer support groups and leading a healthy, fertile lifestyle.

Clearly, there’s much to be gained from finding practical ways to handle the difficulties that an infertility (sub-fertility) diagnosis often brings.

It is possible and indeed very common, to become so preoccupied with trying to conceive that it becomes difficult to find joy, wonder, gratitude, and pleasure in everyday life.

Why is this the case?

People can become so busy reacting to the challenges of infertility and the monthly cycle of hope and disappointment, that they stop proactively seeking out good things to enjoy.

Research shows that things done to help reduce anxiety and sadness have little effect on happiness or satisfaction.

In other words, it doesn’t follow that happiness is achieved by not feeling sad!Iceberg analogy subconscious mind

Sigmund Freud likened the levels in the human mind to an iceberg. The top of the iceberg     that can be seen above the water represents the conscious mind, or general awareness. The part of the iceberg that is submerged below the water but is still visible is the preconscious mind, or ordinary day to day memory. The bulk of the iceberg lies unseen beneath the waterline and represents the subconscious mind.

The comparison used demonstrates that the bulk of human thinking consists of sub-Subconscious Mindconscious thoughts, feelings and emotions. In order to experience joy, it is necessary to
engage with and enrich all aspects of the mind, but especially to find techniques to harness and improve the happiness levels in the subconscious mind.


A happiness researcher at the University of California found that life circumstances (e.g. money, personal appearance, success) only account for 10% of happiness. 50% depends on our genetic pre-disposition for being a happy individual.

A whopping 40% of our happiness is influenced by what we do deliberately to make ourselves happy.

Being happy is the key antecedent to joy

“You can’t be joyful all the time,” says researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky, “but people who are happy are going to be joyful more frequently.”

Here’s what experts believe you can do to increase the joy, both large and small, in your life: 

The Mayo Clinic in the USA has created a ‘Handbook for Happiness’ based on its research. It includes a four-step, 10-week program aimed at changing attitudes, as Dr Amit Sood, who led the research, believes that happiness is a choice. He has developed something known as the 5-3-2 technique that helps train the mind into focusing on the positive aspects of life.

People often report enjoying themselves most after positive “flow” experiences – those moments when they became totally absorbed in what they were doing and lost all sense of time and place, such as being captivated by a favorite mystery novel. The key is simply experiencing the positive event as it un­folds without thinking too hard about it.

Dr Sood also advocates building emotional resilience through gratitude, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness. Whether it’s the joy of spending time with family or the pleasure of going for a morning stroll, try to notice the good things in that moment.

Increase feelings of joy by expressing gratitude for these good things inwardly or outwardly.

The third stage of the Mayo Clinic program is to strengthen the connection between mind and body. Sood encourages a range of activities designed to relax the mind including reading, exercise, music, art, prayer, meditation and yoga.

It is best if people adopt healthy habits, such as exercising more and eating well, both of which are an essential part of leading a fertile lifestyle.

To illustrate how building emotional resilience, take the case of a lady who fought a very aggressive form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma for nearly 2 decades. She had dreadful episodes of the disease, when tumors have fractured her spine and nearly shut down her liver. At various times, she was told she had “just months to live.” Now free from cancer for nearly 3 years, she reflects on how, even in the face of this deadly disease, she never lost her ability to experience joy.

At one point, when she thought she had only a short time to live, she planted roses with her toddler grandson, even though she knew they wouldn’t bloom for months. Connecting to nature and to someone she loved “brought me tremendous joy,” she says.

She now gets “unbelievable joy” every afternoon by going outside to read with her legs resting on her 57 kilo dog, Clyde, something she says takes her back to the joy she felt as a young child growing up in Norway when her dog would pull her on skis through the woods.

Joy is what makes life beautiful

Joy gets people through challenges by allowing light in to illuminate the shadows. Joy heals wounds, inspires to greatness, and fills the soul with goodness.

Other research endorses the third stage of the Mayo program through stressing the importance of empowering the connection of the mind-body. Researchers have begun to demon­strate the psychological benefits of being consciously aware of positive feelings while experi­encing them.

Mindfulness is a meditative techniqueHow-to-Meditate-Manifest-Mindfulness-Techniques-Cover

Mindfulness helps the individual celebrate the present and connect with countless positive
experiences – from the spectacle of a beautiful sunset to fully appreciating accomplishments and those of loved ones. Natural fertility consultant Fiona Kacz-Boulton at Awakening Fertility offers Mind-Body Detox programmes, which include learning how to meditate and experience mindfulness.

For a helpful, easy to read and – more importantly – put into practice step by step guides on mindfulness, meditation and manifestation read Fiona’s eBook (as pictured to the right).

Yoga for acquiring more joy

Yoga can stimulate joy. Yoga attends to all aspects of being – body, mind, breath, emotions and the inner Self. Awareness of breath allows the individual to be in the present moment. Regular practice of Yoga establishes the individual in the Self; feeling a sense of belongingness with everyone and everything and at peace internally and with everything around.

QiYoga for Fertility

Fiona Fertility YogaA natural fertility solution, which is the only form of Yogic exercise recommended for anyone TTC and can even be continued during pregnancy, is QiYoga. This form of fertility yoga differs from regular yoga, as QiYoga nourishes the sex organs as well as promotes healing for the whole reproductive system, the digestive system and spinal column.

On the mental and spiritual level, QiYoga gives the practitioner feelings of really being alive,
being re-energised and refreshed as they connect to themselves through this mindful and life changing practice.

The natural reaction to an infertility or sub-fertility diagnosis is uncertainty, which often makes people anxious and afraid. When it proves difficult to see the good in life, go out and look for something that brings joy. It could be as simple as lying down in the grass and watching the clouds race across the sky or making a trip to a favourite, special place that brings happiness.

Joining retreats are an excellent way to rest, recover, rejuvenate, recharge your batteries and leave feeling refreshed on all levels.

Click here to find out details of local revitalising retreats

Yoga & meditation for energy - embrace nature

Research shows that no matter how it’s done, being in the moment and savouring positive experiences, not only enhances quality of life, but it can also strengthen the immune system and promote physical health. Unfortunately, people are often too busy, distracted, or worried to even notice, much less savour, positive moments.

The key is not to let coping with the challenges of infertility overshadow the joys in life.

It’s important to set time aside to engage in enjoyable, pleasant activities, despite the challenges you face.

And please always bear in mind:

‘We are troubled, but not crushed; sometimes in doubt, but never in despair; there are many enemies, but we are never without a friend; and though badly hurt at times, we are not destroyed.’


Fiona Kacz-Boulton is a Fertility Specialist

Fiona KACZ-BOULTON Fertility Specialist(An expert in her field since 2007) and leader in fertility yoga – inspiring people to evolve on their conscious journey to parenthood.

Founder of Awakening Fertility – Harley Street and Clapham, London.

  • Fertility Coach
  • Fertility Support Group Co-ordinator for Harley Street Fertility Clinic and Infertility Network UK
  • Nutrition Counsellor
  • Public Speaker
  • Author
  • Blogger
  • QiYoga® Founder
  • Fertility Yoga Teacher Trainer (RYS 200)
  • Fertile Lifestyle Motivator
  • Fertility Support Group Facilitator
  • Fertility Practitioner Training Co-ordinator
Through her coaching programmes, Fiona helps navigate major transitions to detox your mind (and body) to help you effectively ‘think yourself fertile.’


Book your 30 minute complimentary consultation

With founder of Awakening Fertility, Fiona Kacz-Boulton here

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Case Studies

Testimonial to Fiona’s Fertility programme

(click here for a cross section of case studies)


“Dear Fiona,
I hope you’re doing well and enjoying your spring. Thank you again for your valuable advice last month. I followed your advice and the doctors at my natural fertility center were able to retrieve some good quality eggs! They were excited given my age. The embryos have been frozen and I’m cleaning out my body from the mild ovarian stimulation drugs and optimizing my health before I do the embryo transfer. Thanks for everything!!”

– LC, Medicine, 46

“I had a strong belief that I would have another child but I couldn’t quite see how I was going to get there!
I had conceived my first son in a seamless fashion, in fact he was a happy mistake and yet the desire to give him a sibling was becoming harder by the day.  Those nearest to me kept telling me “to relax, to not be so obsessed, to focus on what was fabulous in my life” all said and meant with good intention but equally frustrating, incredibly annoying and more likely to send me into a frenzy!
Following the birth of my first son, I had a unique condition which baffled the medical profession.   I contacted fertility experts in London and tried both IVF and  IUI a number of times.  Each attempt left me emotionally and financially drained and the prospects were bleak.  I was referred to consultants in the UK and Germany and finally ended up having a massive operation at the University of Heidelberg in October 2014.
Just before Christmas 2014, I was advised that the German operation had not been successful and that the best I could do was accept I wouldn’t have another child; I was totally devastated.
An Australian friend of mine suggested that I started meditation to help calm me down and Fiona was recommended to me.  I was not entirely sure that meditation was going to work for me (I am a forthright banker by trade!) but I was willing to give anything a go.
As luck would have it Fiona turned out to not just be someone who could guide me through meditation but a fertility expert and by the end of my initial telephone conversation I was beginning to feel more positive.
Within weeks I was totally hooked.  My vitamin and supplement intake had improved, I was enjoying meditations, introducing myself to fertility yoga and looking forward to my twice weekly sessions with Fiona.  I was calm and family and friends began to comment on how much happier I was.
I started seeing Fiona in December 2014 and followed her regime vigorously, I fell pregnant in June 2015 and gave birth to a healthy baby boy 3 weeks ago (February 2016). He is my little miracle and I feel indebted to Fiona and her team for not just him but all that I achieved along the way.
Keep believing…..Namaste!”
– AC, Banker. Fell pregnant just before 43rd  birthday

“My husband and I have just completed the Silver – 3 month fertility support programme with Fiona. Before we met Fiona we were applying for NHS funding for IVF treatment and to try and help us come to a decision about having treatment in the UK or abroad we went to the London Fertility Show where we met Fiona.



We found her approach really refreshing – she was the only person that asked us why we were going down the IVF route. It made us realise we were going down that route because that is the path offered by the NHS but it didn’t feel right for us at this stage and we wanted to know that we had done everything we could naturally before taking this step.



So after an initial consultation with Fiona and after talking to some of her previous clients (who had been in a similar situation to us) we decided to do a 3 month fertility support programme.



I can wholeheartedly say this was the best decision we made.


We’d never done yoga or meditation before – so we were slightly nervous about how we would find the programme but we needn’t have worried.



Fiona is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does we quickly felt comfortable with her and threw ourselves into these new tools and techniques and were amazed at the benefits we felt after a matter of weeks.”

Fertility problems can be such a difficult and painful reality but Fiona

completely turned that around. With her support we both felt back in control and really positive about our situation. It helped to re-connect us and strengthen our relationship during a challenging time.



We’ve also never been healthier or happier as a result of the programme – in fact I would recommend doing the programme not just for fertility reasons – we have so much more energy now and we’ve learnt how to manage stress effectively.



We are confident this programme will work for us and we will continue to follow this new lifestyle and everything we have learnt long after the programme has finished.



Thank you Fiona!”

– Mr M & Mrs C Jones, Dorset, England


Fiona was a great help over the course of trying to fall pregnant for over a Natural Fertility Treatments That Work at Awakening Fertilityyear.
I had a few Skype sessions where we went through many things that I implemented immediately and found to be of benefit straight away.
I wrote down lines saying I’ll be holding my baby next summer and guess what I will be !!
Meditating twice a day plus the guided ones she sent me relaxed me and made me feel that my body at 39 could and would do this it made me feel very in control but also let me get rid of those wasted thoughts and self negative beliefs that were holding me back.
The fertility yoga dvd was fantastic I did it almost everyday and really enjoyed it and it didn’t feel at all like a chore instead it helped me to stay focused and also gave me the energy I needed for that day ahead.
I was booked in to have IVF but I knew in my heart I could do this naturally and with Fiona’s help I have got my wish .
Husband and I are ecstatic! 🙂
Thank you Fiona xxx


– KB, self employed beautician. Fell pregnant at 39


“I am overwhelmed by the support, love and guidance that Fiona has given me over the past six months.  
My fertility journey for my second child has been a uniquely long and tricky one but Fiona has kept me positive and happy and i feel so much better in myself and better able to cope.
Fiona has changed my diet, my mindset and my perspective; I now embrace meditation, yoga and energy body healings in a way i never thought possible and i have encountered other wonderful supporters via her fertility network.
Most importantly, Fiona has become a trusted friend and i look forward to our twice weekly sessions enormously.”
– MB, formerly worked in finance. Aged 42

 “I was given devastating news about my fertility despite the fact I’m in my early 30’s and I just felt lost and full of fear. 



I was advised to have IVF which I did but it was not successful.  Another blow. 



I then started working with Fiona and made many changes to my diet and used the stress management tools she taught me.  These changes were easy to make and made so much difference to how I felt. 



I then had another cycle of IVF which unfortunately was also unsuccessful.  I handled this further disappointment so much better for having worked with Fiona and with her support and the techniques she taught me, I picked myself back up pretty quickly and carried on. 



After all of bad news and knock backs, I felt so low and Fiona helped me to rebuild my confidence and have faith that my dream would come true and it did.  After just 3 months of working with Fiona, I fell pregnant naturally!  I’m now in my 2nd trimester and so happy.  My pregnancy just feels so right and all the more special given what I’ve overcome”. 

– AJ, Lawyer. Fell pregnant at 33

Older_woman_reclined_with_baby__awakeningfertilitycom“I was extremely fed up and disheartened with the whole fertility world and was getting almost agoraphobic as I hated going out as everyone was either pregnant or asking me when I was going to get pregnant or asking me when I was going to ‘get on with it.’ 

Fiona’s QiYoga® was both energizing and calming. I felt the health benefits and the early morning sessions especially set me up for the day (helping me to maintain a positive fertile-lifestyle mind-set).”

– CMJ, Overworked media executive. Fell pregnant at 42


loving mother hands embrace twins babies“I combined Fiona’s work with a little acupuncture. I have never been one for alternate therapies at all – probably because I’m a pharmacist, but I’m so certain that the IVF would not have worked without my positive calm approach to the process as a result of the sessions with Fiona.”




– SPW, Pharmicist. Fell pregnant at 35


Mother with baby at outdoors“Fiona, thank you for helping me prepare my body and mind for the treatment that made this beautiful baby possible. If it wasn’t for your program and support I would not have been as relaxed and able to cope with the onslaught of stress. I mean that, thank you.”

–TMJ, Finance. Fell pregnant at 35


Man hugging pregnant wife

“We got some very exciting news!


On Valentines day (2015) we found out that we’re 5 weeks pregnant – the best V-day present ever!



We are over the moon and want to thank you so much for your amazing yoga DVD and also help with Craig’s fertile lifestyle program which we are sure helped. Your work is so powerful that things happened really quickly – quicker than we thought possible because we had been trying for so many years before meeting you.”

– Mr & Mrs Jefferies. Fell pregnant at 31

“We are so happy and would like to thank you again for all your ongoing help and support.



The other thing we want to say is that your Manifestation works! we been doing it for about 3-4 months – and all our dreams come true!



We also are in the process of buying a house and got our offer accepted in the same week as we found out we were pregnant! Simply amazing! We are feeling very blessed.”

– IC. Fell pregnant at 31

Im gonna be a Dad top“I’m a happy Dad! I’d been diagnosed with poor sperm mobility and motility and lacked a lot of energy.



I never had energy in the morning for sex and every month I saw my wife’s sadness take over because it was due to my sperm that we were not falling pregnant.



After a few sessions with Fiona I noticed a real improvement in my energy levels since taking her unique Pink Drink L-Arginine supplement.



I not longer craved caffeine as much and within weeks we conceived due to my fertile lifestyle strategies. Thank you Fiona!”


– CP. Became a Dad to pregnant wife at 29


“Fiona’s course helped me fall pregnant for the first time ever. 

I had tried and had never fallen pregnant until working with Fiona and I fell pregnant in such a short time!

Good luck everyone! Miracles happen! 

Thank you Fiona, your fertility yoga really works fast! Thanks for the extra nutrition support/help and stress management tools too – I benefited from it all.”


 – EH., LondonUK (Ella has since had twins as pictured above)


“Great news! 

… am due on 27 October 2014

I had my 12 week scan yesterday and bubby looks perfect! 

I am feeling positive for smooth sailing for the rest of my pregnancy.

Thank you Fiona”

– BW., SydneyAustralia (Belinda had her baby in October 2014)

Indian parents and baby girl at outdoor home garden

“I have the most Mildly Decent news of all. 

I’m pregnant!!!

We are super duper happy and with God’s grace we willbe holding our baby long before my birthday 2013. 

You area miracle worker.”

– DP., HamiltonBermuda (Deepti has since had her baby)

“I got a positive pregnancy test this morning! I can’t believe it! I’m in shock a bit to be honest. I can’t thank you enough I put this 100% down to your Awakening Fertility course, Fiona.”

– RAR, Teacher. Fell pregnant at 40



Cross-Section of Case Studies

MW, 34 – Lawyer

Client’s medical history:

Medical Cross

  • Had 2 and 3 small follicles in each ovary (which is very low)
  • AMH levels very low at 0.7
  • During IVF a cyst developed on the left ovary during which was producing a lot of oestrogen. This meant MW could not take the drugs to stimulate follicle growth as they would just feed the cyst


Client’s state at the time Fiona’s programme was joined

“Had failed IVF and wanted to try to fall pregnant naturally without any medical assistance. (Despite being told I did not have much time and I will be going through early menopause).”

Months it took to fall pregnant with Fiona

“Four months”

MW’s tips and advice to help others in a similar placePositive-Pregnancy-Test

“If, like me you have been trying for around 3 years; have been given worrying test results; and/or failed IVF… Do not panic – there is still hope!



Fiona came highly recommended by my sister-in-law who knew about Fiona’s Fertility Yoga successes.  However my work with Fiona was more than yoga – namely, she helped restore my confidence on all levels.



I learnt to reconnect and read my body in ways I have only dreamed of.


Through Fiona’s unique work I fell pregnant naturally within four months of her programme.  I found each session incredibly enjoyable and completely transformational.



Each programme is tailor made to suit everyone’s individual needs. For me the mind-mastery techniques that cleared blockages as well as the meditations are really what helped me more than anything.



I urge anyone who no longer wants to struggle with fertility to do a course with Fiona. It works and I couldn’t be happier.”

Dee, 34 – event manager

Client’s medical history:

  • Medical CrossSevere endometriosis
  • Twisted fallopian tube
  • Ovaries adhered to pelvic wall
  • Very low AMH levels that were preventing eggs maturing


Client’s state at the time Fiona’s programme was joined

“Mentally I was exhausted – had a stressful job and then being told I had to do IVF within a certain timeframe before it was too late, which emotionally was a roller coaster.

Physically I felt strong and had been working hard to have a strong body. That said when we decided to go ahead with IVF it was with the right frame of mind, and I embraced the process (as tough as it was, especially the daily injections) as well as did as much as we could around it to help things along.”

Months it took to fall pregnant with Fiona

“We were incredibly fortunate that after only one round of IVF we fell pregnant.  This was after a two year struggle to fall pregnant naturally.

I firmly believe that IVF, a combination of holistic therapies (fertility yoga, reflexology, cranial osteopathic treatment) and the power of prayer were all part of our success – many thanks to Fiona’s programme.”

Indian parents and baby girl at outdoor home gardenDee’s tips and advice to help others in a similar place

  1. “I became a green smoothie addict and felt completely cleansed inside and out!
  2. I also cut out dairy, wheat, alcohol and sugar during my treatment.
  3. The power of positive thinking and visualisation – something we can all do daily to reach our goals.”


Mari, 39 – worked in the legal field of media

Client’s medical history:

Medical Cross

  • Unexplained infertility for years


Client’s state at the time Fiona’s programme was joined

  • “I was very frightened of not getting pregnant and not having a child.
  • I was fed up with lots of supposed fertility counselors, health care specialists and doctors who all told me different things. They all suggested I do different remedies, all contradictory and some very daunting and upsetting”

Months it took to fall pregnant with Fiona

“It took four years for me to fall pregnant. IVF at the ARGC was the only treatment that worked.

Fiona’s course and yoga helped me stay focused and positive. I felt fitter and slept better.

I also saw a Maya massage therapist (who is only one of about two people in the UK who specialised in fertility and womb massage at the time). I am thrilled Fiona is now teaching her clients how to fertility massage.”

Hispanic family portrait in home kitchen with baby.Mari’s tips and advice to help others in a similar place

  • “Don’t give up.
  • Don’t waste time and money on seeing the many people out there who are keen to take your money with no solid results and are keen to waste your time (even further) when you are already at your wits end.
  • If you feel a therapist or doctor is not right, move on.”


Pippa, 34 – pharmacist

Client’s medical history:

Medical Cross

  • Female client had no fertility problems but her husband had low sperm mobility


Client’s state at the time Fiona’s programme was joined

“I was in two frames of mind really – very frustrated at not getting pregnant naturally, knowing that it was very unlikely, not because of any known medical reason but rather 4 years or so of trying.

I was in the system at the time and likely to be starting IVF soonish but I was so desperately worried about the whole thing and it was consuming me completely and affecting my marriage.”

Months it took to fall pregnant with Fiona

“When I joined Fiona’s fertility course she taught me in an early session how to make a mantra and to stick with it. (In one of the mind-detox sessions). I thought about it and said “I will be pregnant in September 2010″, that was in April I think.

And of course I did become pregnant in September 2010 with my lovely twins.

I did have IVF and the first cycle was successful.

I do completely attribute this to my frame of mind which had completely changed through attending Fiona’s sessions – especially the yoga.”

Happy parents with their baby girl at home in the bedroomPippa’s tips and advice to help others in a similar place

“It is such a difficult position to find oneself in that it can be overwhelming. I would advise anyone faced with this situation or considering IVF to look to alternate therapies such as Fiona’s Awakening Fertility programmes. I’d especially recommend combining QiYoga® and acupuncture to improve frame of mind and be able to approach the IVF process with feelings of calm and positivity.”


Ann, 36 – Senior Financial Services Manager, Investment Banking

Client’s medical history:

Medical Cross

  • Recently diagnosed with low ovarian reserve
  • High FSH
  • Non-existent AMH – most IVF clinics wouldn’t treat her! 


Client’s state at the time Fiona’s programme was joined

“Due to my medical diagnosis I had given up hope about having a second child until meeting Fiona.”

Months it took to fall pregnant with Fiona

“Two months the first time and three months the second time”

Ann’s tips and advice to help others in a similar place

“I recommend making time for Fiona’s Fertile Lifestyle program. The techniques for relaxation and balance are ones that I will use for life.

As each programme is structured to individual client needs, mine started with uncovering my unconscious blocks about conceiving my second child… turned out I had quite a few. Addressing these issues and the trauma of my first child birth was like lifting the weight of the world off my shoulders.

The programme then moved towards me reconnecting with myself. Another thing I was unaware of but on reflection I had been so busy balancing raising my first child with work I had lost all of my personal intuition and guidance.

Through meditation, yoga, nutritional guidance and many other exercises taught by Fiona I can say I have fully reconnected with who I am and want to be. I’m healthier than I’ve been in years.

As for results, well I’m writing this testimonial in the joyous knowledge that I’m pregnant. It’s not a miracle (as I was told by doctors just this morning!) it’s down to the work Fiona has put into transforming my approach to health of mind and body. I can’t thank you enough Fiona.”


Want your fertility journey to be a success?Happy Couple with Positive Pregnancy Test Results thanks to Fiona: AwakeningFertility

Like so many others, it is normal to feel lost, confused, deflated and upset due to difficulties endured when trying for a baby. Fiona can help take you from where you are to where you want to be: holding your happy, healthy baby in your arms.




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