Have you been struggling with an irregular or missing menstrual cycle? 

Regulating your period is so much easier than you think!

Regardless of the type of modality of medicine you have tried or use you can still  get super fast results. Our bodies are photosensitive. Working with natural light and light therapy, we can:

  • Look at ways we can balance your hormones 
  • Increase blood flow to the reproductive system
  • Balance your central nervous system

Working alongside the light cycle treatment from the Fertile Lifestyle Course, most clients take 2-3 months to regulate their cycle again.


Click on the video below to learn how to return your period to a regular cycle each month and create faster fertility success!



About the Author

Fiona Boulton has been a Fertility Expert since 2007. Since then, Fiona has helped thousands of women to have their happy healthy babies following her 6-pillar epigenetic protocol, the Fertile Lifestyle Course.

If you would like to receive personalised support to help you achieve faster fertility success, apply for a private consultation with Fiona or her team today: http://fertilelifestyleconsult.com/