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If you are wanting to know:

  • Are digestive health issues like IBS a blessing or curse when trying to conceive (TTC) a happy healthy baby?

  • What are the best foods that help heal digestive disorders and boost fertility?

  • How does toxicity and stress negatively impact digestion which links to fertility problems?

  • What are the steps to improve fertility by healing the digestive system?

…Then you have come to the right place.

There is a link between digestive health and fertility issues so it comes as no surprise that by healing your digestive system you can improve your fertility.

Even science proves there is a correlation between a healthy digestive system and reduced anxiety/stress-related disorders: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28767318

Whether you have been diagnosed as having digestive system diseases or just feel discomfort after eating, there is a reason why

What are the physical, mental and emotional reasons behind digestive discomfort?

In pain and suffering from IBS and cant get pregnant

GI tract problems such as bloating, gastric reflux, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), SIBO and ulcers are impacting the lives of more and more women nowadays.

There are different reasons as to why your digestive system needs some TLC. To truly heal and restore vibrant health, you need to understand the mental, emotional and physical reasons for the imbalance.

Mental and emotional reasons gut health issues

According to Dr Northrup as well as a number of other authors including Dr Raphael Kellman, author of Gut Reactions: A Radical New 4-Step Program for Treating Chronic Stomach Distress and Unlocking the Secret to Total Body Wellness, the mental and emotional reason behind gut health issues is that you are prioritising other peoples needs and desires before yours. The same applies with fertility issues.

Prioritising other people before you and your needs is one of the biggest reasons why women have fertility issues and struggle to have their baby

The digestive system is called the ‘third emotional centre’ which ties into the emotions of self esteem, self-worth and body acceptance. When you heal this, and re-ignite your empowerment you will feel your ‘fire in the belly’ return.

Influenced by the words of Dr Northup and the teachings of Louise Hay (author of You Can Heal Your Life) I recommend you journal or at least connect in with yourself  and ask:

  • Am I afraid of responsibility in certain areas of my life?
  • Do I feel the need to be responsible for everyone and everything all of the time?
  • Do I respect myself and love myself enough to put my wants first now?
  • Can I confidently make changes, for example, to my hairstyle, and feel good — even if others are critical?
  • Am I in a relationship with someone out of fear of being alone?
  • Do I often seek approval of others? If so, why?
  • Am I afraid to take care of myself? What might happen?
  • Am I critical of others?
  • Do I often blame others for some of my own problems or current circumstances?
  • In general, how good to I feel about my home? My body? My relationships?

Taking the time to reflect and grow is healing.

Accelerate healing with a focused daily intention

You can accelerate healing by integrating a daily intention to choose the path of least resistance, so you are constantly in a state of ease and grace. Without resistance there is harmony. Harmony means you lay the foundation for digestive health and fertility health. In doing so, this harmonious state puts you back in flow to be a magnet of abundance which can then flow to you in all the forms of joy that life has to offer.

Meditation for digestive health and fertility

Meditation works for healing digestive issues and fertility

Meditation can put you in this abundant, harmonious, health-activation state. Here are some free meditations from the Awakening Fertility YouTube channel for you to benefit from right now. There are eight to choose from, I recommend this one:

Fertility yoga can help improve digestive health 

Combining Qigong with therapeutic Hatha Yoga is one of the fastest ways to restore health to your body when you are trying for a baby.

Digestive disorders are a sign your body is tense, therefore your muscles need to relax so you can experience more blood flow throughout your body. When you are stressed you hold tension in your body and as the body activates ‘fight or flight’ mode the sympathetic nervous system kicks in.

When this happens, your body stops focusing on digestion and pulls all your blood and life-force energy to the extremities.

To restore the digestive fire, a combination of Organic Edible Castor Oil with Organic Thai Black Ginger in a glass of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice works as a delicious elixir to soothe and restore your digestive system whilst boosting your fertility at the same time.

Prolonged bouts of stress ultimately damage your digestive system and reproductive system.

Therefore, in addition to this soothing drink, I highly recommend this short video to help increase blood flow to your digestive system and reproductive system:

Physical or environmental reasons gut health issues

Healthy microbiome for healthy pregnancy and ttcYou may have had food poisoning, antibiotics, certain medicines or prolonged ingestion of processed food or non-organic food (with herbicides, fungicides and pesticides), heavy metal exposure, etc., all of which creates a toxic overload that destroys the good gut bacteria.

If you have endured any of the above you will need to replenish your microbiome with restorative gut-health supplementsa especially the combination of powerful prebiotics and probiotics to re-grow the essential flora, coupled with gut-health foods that are helpful for fertility and digestive health.

The best foods are:

  • Aloe vera flesh (best added to smoothies fresh from the succulent leaves)
  • Organic avocados
  • Organic bananas
  • Organic celery
  • Organic leafy greens
  • Organic papaya and papaya seeds
  • Organic sweet potatoes

Stay away from inflammatory foods

Foods that cause inflammation include sugar, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, corn, gluten, processed foods and non-organic foods to help improve your digestion and fertility.

Be kind and support your gut biome with 100% vegan prebiotics and probiotics because then you are kind to the planet as well – https://powerfullypure.com/products/prebiotic-and-probiotic-fulvic-minerals❤️

What makes these Fulvic Minerals the best choice for supporting your gut health?

✅ Not made of human faecal matter
✅ Made from 100% organic nutrient dense humus


✅ Helps to remove the build up of toxins in our bodies from:
– toxic chemicals in our diet (eg processed foods and chemical farming methods);
– our air (from radiation, chem-trails and other pollutants);
– our water (especially recycled toilet water or water drunk from plastic bottles).

✅ Easy to take, just put 7 drops in your water and sip throughout the dayFulvic Minerals 50ml Prebiotic and Probiotic Vegan Organic Natural Cool Irritable Bowel SyndromeHere’s an illustration that sums up what has been covered so far:

Gut health and fertility link


Can digestive disorders like IBS be a blessing when trying to conceive?

IBS can be a blessing when trying to conceive

Have you ever wondered that what you are suffering with could actually be a blessing?
I believe that IBS can actually be a blessing when you are trying to have a baby. You see, your body is always communicating with you: sending you messages and giving you feedback. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) has an array of uncomfortable symptoms such as:
  • abdominal pain and cramping
  • excessive gas
  • mucus in the stool
  • bloating
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • pain relief is often reported following a bowel movement
According to www.painpathways.org/ibs-irritable-bowel-syndrome/ many of the IBS symptoms are related to hormones.
Curtis Weaver, MD, a gastroenterology fellow at the University of Rochester/Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York, explains that many theories exist about the exact cause of IBS, and studies are continuously being funded to learn more about the condition.
“Dietary changes to avoid specific triggers, adding fibre, supplements and regular physical activity can all help to prevent acute exacerbations of symptoms. (So can) recognising that:
symptoms are often related to stress and anxiety says Dr. Weaver.
This means, when your body has been diagnosed with IBS, it is really telling you that:
1. You need to find stress management techniques that work for your personality and IMPLEMENT THEM to such a degree that you spend the majority of your waking hours in a ‘stress-managed-state.’
(This means when you wake you set your mind up to activate harmony and healing, you apply your ‘fertility fit’ routines to your ‘fertile lifestyle morning routine).
2. You need to have more organic fruit and vegetables
(Up to 30 points of nutrient servings per day, including glasses of clean water – not tap water, so getting a water purifier is essential! For discounted water purifier options PM me for details or leave your questions/interest in the comment box below).
3. You need to avoid inflammatory foods and foods that dampen down your digestive juices (eg caffeine, sugar, processed foods).
4. You need to learn to process your emotions and not ‘digest them.’
(The Awakening Fertility Mind Mastery techniques are designed to help you with this).
5. QiYoga and Qi Gong
(The medical martial arts designed to put the life force energy back into your sacral band where you need it the most for fertility and digestion, see video above).

Basically your digestive health disorder is helping you to rebalance whatever is out of balance: physically, mentally and emotionally!

✅ IBS can guide you to take the key aspects of living a fertile lifestyle more seriously to achieve faster fertility success because your body always speaks your mind

Considering a Fertility Digestive Detox Cleanse? Here’s What You Need to Know First

Not all cleanses are safe for fertility and not all cleanses or detoxes can be done when you are trying to work or overcome other debilitating health conditions.

Heavy Metal Detox Cool Irritable BowelA very powerful detox that leaves you feeling deeply refreshed and helps improve your gut health is the Powerfully Pure Heavy Metal Detox.

Due to the fact it is tasteless, it is easy to take with your morning lemon water and MSM detox drink. It magnetises the heavy metals to Zeolite, then Bentonite Clay mops up additional toxins, while with Psyllium Husk quickly excretes it out of the body.

Hydrating your colon is essential for improving digestive health recovery and fertility because it boosts your life force energy and your body’s ability to detoxify.

Hydrating your colon with alkalised, ionised, structured clean water will work faster than any other water you drink. Clean, natural, water is renowned for healing most ailments on the planet, the problem is it is difficult to come by, which is why people turn to specific water purifiers.

What Is a Fertility and Colon Cleanse?

Fertility and colon cleansing has risen in popularity in recent years as a natural fertility treatment. The goal is to flush out the heavy metals, toxins, and inflammation that have accumulated in the body—factors that may lead to infertility.

“These toxins are basically just sitting in our fat cells where they can be released very easily when we detoxify,” says Dr. Sangiuliano.

Why Do a Fertility Cleanse?

For women who are struggling with infertility, cleansing can be important for ensuring that their bodily systems are completely ready to conceive. “After we detoxify, we get pregnant faster because of egg quality and the environment of our womb is much healthier for conception,” says Dr. Sangiuliano, who believes:

Fertility and colon cleanses are especially important for anyone with unexplained infertility

Fertility and colon cleansing gives women a better foundation for conceiving and to improve the quality for a healthier pregnancy in general.


“We need to make sure that our eggs and our sperm are the best quality possible before conception takes place, because if you’re conceiving with eggs that are poor quality, you’re increasing the risks of miscarriage, childhood leukemia, autism, ADD, and diabetes, warns Dr. Sangiuliano.


Final note:

? As you can see there are many ways to increase fertility and heal your digestive disorders that simply involve tailoring your lifestyle to a healthier, happier way of life.

It’s no secret that eating healthy, staying active, and maintaining a positive attitude are the foundations of any fertility and digestive health treatment.

However, this is not so easy in today’s hectic world.

Make it easy by following an enjoyable fertile lifestyle and getting the right supplements that target the results you seek you will be able to restore health and harmony to your mind and body.

✨ Be kind
✨ Be kind to yourself so you release from excess tension and stress
✨ Be kind to your digestive system (it processes your emotions as well as your food)


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