This article was inspired by a question I received from one of my Fertility Help members (a private facebook group of like-minded women who have come together for genuine fertility support to become baby ready ASAP in an easy and enjoyable way).

During this week’s Fertility Q&A Wednesday segment (where all my Awakening Fertility newsletter subscribers can come online to ask me all kinds of fertility questions absolutely free to support them on their fertility journey), one lady wanted more information about her recent karyotype test.

You may have heard of this test, or you may not. You may find yourself asking:

What is a karyotype test? Do I need it? What do my karyotype tests mean?

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What is a karyotype test?

A karyotype test, (also referred to as genetic testing, chromosome testing, chromosome studies, cytogenetic analysis) looks at the size, shape, and number of your chromosomes. Chromosomes are the parts of your cells that contain your genes which are parts of DNA passed down from each parent.

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You normally have 46 chromosomes, divided into 23 pairs, in each cell. One of each pair of chromosomes comes from your mother, and the other pair comes from your father.

However, if you have more or fewer chromosomes than 46, or if there is anything unusual about the size or shape of your chromosomes, it can mean you have a genetic disease.

What is a genetic disease?

A genetic disease is a gene mutation (which can either be inherited from either parent or could actually occur in your lifetime based on your levels of toxic exposure, physical stress, emotional stress or trauma). Genes are the building blocks of proteins that were passed from your parents to you. Your genes hold DNA which are the instructions for making proteins. Proteins do most of the work in cells; they help the cell to detoxify, build structures and regenerate.
A gene mutation changes the gene’s instructions for making a protein, so the protein does not work properly or is missing entirely.

Why is a karyotype test used?

A karyotype test may be useful to determine if a chromosomal defect is preventing you from falling pregnant or be the cause of miscarriages.

If you are struggling to get pregnant it could be due to:

    1. Problems producing eggs, usually diagnosed as either polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) whereby the ovaries may not release regular healthy eggs; or diagnosed as primary ovarian insufficiency whereby the ovaries stop functioning before menopause
    2. Cellular environment not being optimal (based on sensitivities caused by physical, mental and emotional imbalances that cause inflammation, oxidative stress, inability for the cells to have enough energy, inability to detoxify and or regenerate)
    3. Male factor (sperm issues)
    4. Unexplained infertility (which is a term given when there are no physical explanations). As a fertility expert, I have seen time and time again that it is actually due to people not living a fertile lifestyle and once they do this in combination with working with Spirit, because we all know fertility is a spiritual phenomena, they can overcome this and fall pregnant with ease and grace.

If you are struggling to hold your pregnancy through to full term (and suffering from miscarriages) the medical science says it can result from:

    1. Age
    2. Physical problems
    3. Hormonal problems
    4. Lifestyle or environmental factors 

What do the results of a karyotype test mean?

If your results were abnormal (not common) it means you have more or fewer than 46 chromosomes, or there is something abnormal about the size, shape, or structure of one or more of your chromosomes. Abnormal chromosomes can cause a variety of health problems. The symptoms and severity depend on which chromosomes have been affected.

Some disorders caused by chromosomal defects include:

  • Down Syndrome (linked to intellectual and developmental issues)
  • Edwards Syndrome (linked to causing issues with the heart, kidneys and lungs)
  • Turner Syndrome (linked to causing girls to have their developmental female characteristics affected)

How to understand the results of a Karyotype Test

It is recommended you consult with a genetic counsellor because they are professionally training in genetics and genetic testing. Not only can they hep you to understand the results of your genetic testing, they will know the best route to support you to make informed decisions about your health and what next steps you can take. 


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