Want to know how to read food labels? How to read supplement labels? How to understand body product labels? 

Let’s start with the basics, I recommend you avoid anything that you don’t understand, eg if it is some cryptic word it may be a toxic chemical you don’t want to be consuming or putting on your skin

Did you know that whatever you put on your skin gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream (without the liver being able to process it)? Therefor by avoiding the following list of common toxic ingredients in your food labels, supplement labels and body care product labels, you can feel better informed to make the right decision when it comes to your health.

Common ingredients to avoid on food and drink labels

Aspartame – A sweetener that is one of the main ingredients of rat poison. Known to calcify the pineal gland, therefore blocking your intuition and ability to meditate. t is commonly put in diet drinks or sugar-free foods and drinks as well as NutraSweet, Equal and Canderal.

Corn/Maize – unless it is organic is highly likely to be genetically modified because corn is one of the most GM foods on the planet. It is unable to be digested and not fertility friendly.

Stevia – a sugar replacement that has a contraceptive effect on the body.

Sugar – in the form of cane sugar, brown sugar, granulated sugar, sugar cane, rice syrup, high fructose corn syrup, (or any kind of syrup except date syrup at a push!)

Here’s an image of the mice being fed High Fructose Corn Syrup, courtesy of ViewZone, you can see the link to rapid obesity when consumed:


Remember, you don’t want to slow your digestive system down by dampening the life force energy needed to digest food, which is exactly what sugar does. Slowing down your digestive system can impact your thyroid gland, part of endocrine system which therefore inhibits your body’s ability to regenerate cells quickly and efficiently which does not do you fertility any favours.

What sugar is safe to have when trying for a baby?

At a push you can have agave nectar and coconut sugar but the healthiest sweetener packed full of nutrition is your local raw, unpasteurised honey as well as Whole Bee Hive Honey.


Whole Bee Hive Honey (get it here) has medicinal properties to boost your energy levels and your immune system. Has 100% bio-available (absorbable) ingredients such as:

  • royal jelly
  • propolis
  • bee pollen
  • vitamins A, B’s, E and K

Whole Bee Hive Medicinal Honey is beneficial  to reduce allergies and inflammation (which is one of the biggest causes of fertility issues).


Avoid honey if you are pre-disposed to thrush

Soy/Tofu – this is a well known hormone disruptor causing an increase in xeno-oestrogens (fake oestrogen) resulting in acne, giving men unnecessary female hormones, (causing ‘moobs’), painful periods for women, known to be linked to breast cancer, ovarian cancer and brain cancer.

Avoid these common preservatives in food and drinks

220  Sulphur Dioxide

221  Sodium Sulphite

222  Sodium Bisulphite

223  Sodium Metabisulphite

224  Potassium Metabisulphite

Preservatives preserve the shelf life of food and drinks and will shorten yours when consumed because they cause intestinal damage and digestive disorders


Avoid these fillers in foods and drinks – namely nut milks

Acidity regulators – (eg Potassiumphosphates)

Carrageenen – Sounds healthy (as it is derived from seaweed), but don’t be fooled, it has been manufactured in such a way it is carcinogenic, meaning “cancer causing”.

It is a common food additive found in everything from ice cream and soy/almond/coconut milk to vegetarian hot dogs and beer because it is used as a vegan/vegetarian alternative to gelatin – which is derived from animals.

Studies on the safety and potential health risks of carrageenan are mixed. Some believe it can cause inflammation in the digestive system and more serious intestinal issues as well as possibly malignant tumors.

There are additional concerns the red seaweed used to make carrageenan could be contaminated by radiation from nuclear disasters – such as the one in Fukushima, Japan.

E-Numbers – Are toxic chemical preservatives and stand for “Emulsifier Numbers” that are used to improve the consistency of processed foods and nut milks. E-numbers have now been linked to inflammation, and a number of inflammatory diseases: cardiovascular disease, liver disease, inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

The most dangerous emulsifiers that are to be avoided at all costs: 

  • E102, E110, E120 and E124 – which are usually found in vanilla ice-creams and desserts.
  • E125, E141, E150, E153, E171, E172, E240, E241 and E477 are best to be avoided as much as possible as they represent a serious threat to your health.

Flavouring/Natural Flavours – Don’t be fooled, this can sometimes mean MSG which makes the food or drink addictive but costing your health.

Stabilisers – (eg Gellan gum) can upset the small intestine and prevent it from functioning properly.


Why fillers (bulking agents) are used in supplements

Companies use fillers in their products for one simple reason: it saves manufacturers money by bulking out the capsule or tablet so you think you are getting more than you really are. Thankfully the most common filler used by supplement companies is cellulose which is not harmful but they are still being deceitful for using them when you really want the goodness of the supplement.

Fillers are referred to as bulking agents on the label. Fillers/bulking agents can be a wide range of things – from hypoallergenic rice flour and oils to more controversial ingredients like toxic lubricant used on the machines to produce the supplement, called magnesium stearate.

Avoid these fillers in supplements

Food grade fillers – even these ‘food grade’ fillers are unnecessary and not fertility-friendly such as:

Potato – (common in probiotics)

Rice – which unless is organic could be GMO (which scientific studies have linked to infertility)

Corn – (it is not able to be digested so depletes the body’s energy trying).

Common nasty fillers/additives to be avoided

Calcium Carbonate – (A Filler, Binder, Coating Agent) – can be harmful to your health if you take too much, it can be highly toxic.

Gelatin – Unless it is stated as organic, it is usually sourced from low quality, factory farmed animals fed a GMO diet which would have dioxin in which can harm you and your future baby.

Hydrogenated Oils – Used as a filler in capsules but it is as toxic as margarine which is known to cause cancer. Anything that causes cancer causes fertility issues.

Dicalcium phosphate – A cheap and inorganic form of calcium, which helps to bulk out tablets. It is not well absorbed or able to be used by the body.

Lactose – A sugar from milk that 70% of the world’s population is unable to digest. It is a common allergen that is linked to inflammation. Secondly, in most cases it is sourced from cows treated with medications and fed a GMO diets which would cause your body and your baby’s health to suffer.

Magnesium Silicate (Talc) – This powder serves dual purpose as a deodorant is also used in supplements as a filler and anti-caking agent. Magnesium silicate is similar to asbestos in composition and can cause stomach and lung problems when inhaled or swallowed.

Magnesium Stearate (stearic acid) –  By far this is the most talked about additive because it is used in around 90% of nutritional supplements. The reason – it can speed up manufacturing by preventing machinery from clogging. It can be derived from animals or vegetables, but either way it can potentially damage your immune system. One final worry about magnesium stearate is that it could impede nutrient absorption.

Mercury, Lead, and PCB’s – High levels of PCB’s in omega fish oils are common because the larger the fish the more mercury, lead, and other toxins the fish have. Always choose fish oils that have been.

Your label should state that they are Molecularly distilled and 3rd party tested to ensure PCBs, dioxins, mercury, lead and other contaminants are below acceptable limits 

An even better option is to get your omegas from Marine Phytoplankton (which the fish eat to give them their nutritional benefit). Even NASA recognises the importance and health provided by Marine Phytoplankton. Get yours here.


Silicon Dioxide – Functions as a flow agent, an additive that helps prevent the active ingredients from clumping together. It absorbs moisture, which makes it an ideal anti-caking agent but is a fancy word for sand.

Sodium Selenite (Selenite) – A toxic and inorganic chemical trying to replicate selenium. The best selenium supplement is 3 Brazil nuts a day.

Palmitate – Commonly used as either a lubricant and/or preservative, it is derived from the oils of palm trees. The World Health Organization (WHO) stated there is evidence that consuming palmitic acid may increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Potassium Sorbate – This is typically created synthetically and known to cause nausea and indigestion, (as well as allergic reactions with some people).

Titanium Dioxide – A very common colour additive that makes tablets and capsules bright white. It is not an ingredient found in any natural food and is completely unnecessary because it is linked to causing numerous health issues. In production, it has been shown to cause lung inflammation on workers and in studies, has been shown to marginally damage DNA. Mice studies show that this additive causes intestine inflammation and kidney damage.


What to specifically avoid when buying fertility supplements


Want to know what to avoid in your bathroom/body care products?

Read all about it, in my previous article: Toxic Chemicals to Avoid in Bathroom Personal Care Products, here…


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