How Happiness Helps When Trying to Conceive

Happiness raises your vibration.

In less scientific terms, being in a state of happiness means your emotional state is elevated.

When you are in an elevated emotional state you are in “thrive” mode.

If you are not feeling elevated (in a state of joy, peace, love, appreciation, gratitude, inspiration or empowerment) then your body is not in a harmonious state.

Being in a state of harmony allows your body to heal, rebalance, restore vital energy and ultimately turn your fertility back on.

By contrast, if you are feeling any of the following emotions then you are in “survive mode”:

  • anger
  • frustration
  • fear
  • sadness
  • resentment
  • competitive

In any of these states, biologically speaking, you activate your sympathetic nervous system which tells your body to turn fertility off as you program your mind and body to focus on survival. Human beings can survive without being fertile so when stressed it is the first system the body turns off (as stress triggers survival mode: a sympathetic nervous state).

Did you know you can only experience one emotion at one time?

So, if you are wanting to turn fertility on start observing your emotions and make a conscious effort to shift from “survive mode” and into “thrive mode.”

How 5 Rules of Happiness Offer Top TTC Tips:

Happiness Rule #1


They say there is a fine line between love and hate. To feel hatred is incredibly draining and fertility requires lots of energy.

To free your heart from hatred, make a conscious decision to forgive. Forgiveness does not mean you are okay with what you have experienced from someone or something, it simply stops you leaking energy over something that causes you misery and prevents your body from acquiring the necessary energy it needs to have a baby.


Happiness Rule #2


If you find yourself worrying, it means you are not being present.

There is only now. The present is all we have.

The future does not exist so do not pour all your energy into worrying about something that may not even eventuate. In the now you have the power to change the future to a worry-free one.

Practising mindfulness, meditation and mind mastery techniques can help you to be present.

When it comes to choosing happiness ask yourself: “If not now, when?”


Happiness Rule #3


When you over complicate your life, or keep yourself busy, you may miss out on enjoying harmony, peace and other elevated emotional states.

Whilst trying to conceive, it will pay dividends if you simplify your life, reduce distractions and stressors.


Happiness Rule #4


When you give you feel abundant. Abundance puts you in a “thrive” emotional state; a powerful elevated emotion. Fill up your cup of gratitude to put yourself in “thrive” mode which will give you the energy to give more to your self and to others.

Your self requires more energy, more love, more nurturing – all of which will improve your fertility, (help your mind and body to become more fertile).

Remember being fertile is your natural state.

If you are sub-fertile then allow your mind and body to re-callorbrate itself so you can turn fertility on.

By being of service to others it increases the sensation of ‘feel good’ hormones in your body which in turn create balance, health, harmony and wellbeing on a physical, mental and emotional level.


Happiness Rule #5


  • Be grateful.
  • Gratitude is the antidote that transmutes low emotional states into grace.
  • Grace triggers abundance.
  • Abundance is joy.
  • Joy is the highest vibration (highest emotional state).
  • Joy is the biggest catalyst for faster fertility success.

How to Have a Baby with an Emotional Shift

Yes! Emotional shifts change states of dis-ease into harmony and health.

Experiencing an elevated emotional shift can and does create spontaneous changes in fertility, I have see it in my clients on a daily basis for more than a decade.

If you want to learn how you can experience an emotional shift to help you have a baby I offer free support on my discrete Youtube Chanel “QiYoga4London” videos and via the content in my private “Fertility Help” Facebook group.

If you are serious about seeing results in a few months, my 90 Day Online Fertile Lifestyle Course goes into more detail about how you can make the transition from how you are naturally feeling to how you want to be feeling so you can increase your chances of a natural pregnancy ASAP.


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