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Need more energy to help you fall pregnant? 

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by your fertility journey? 

  • Do you feel you need more motivation?

  • Been told you have too much yin or not enough yang by your acupuncturist?

  • Been told you need to activate your solar plexus?

Yin Yang Symbol Fire and Water

Life is about balance – which is essentially what the yin-yang symbol represents. This  article is about balancing the yin-yang polarities within us so you can live a more optimal, energised and balanced life.

When you are balanced, your mind and your body’s systems work in harmony.

When in harmony it helps you to make better decisions and your fertility improves because you are creating a better environment for your egg and womb health to flourish.

How to balance yin / yang energy when trying to conceive (TTC)

Yin and Yang When Pregnant

To fall pregnant we need to embrace as much yin energy as possible. Yin is the feminine energy, it is the energy of surrender, governed by the moon and the water element.  However, when we have too much yin in our body we feel very heavy, slow, even lethargic.

When the yin-yang polarities are balanced it will give you the motivation you need to get up every hour to get the blood moving through your body – which is essential when you are pregnant.

If you are finding it difficult to get off the sofa or to even drag yourself away from your desk every hour to walk and gently stretch then you need to add a bit more yang energy (fire energy) to give you the motivation and strength to do so.

Yang energy comes in short, sharp bursts, e.g. adrenaline rushes. During your pregnancy it is unsafe to be yang dominant but it can make pregnancy feel really tough if you are yin dominant.

What is the solution to balancing yin and yang energies?

Balancing Yin Yang Energies

The solution lies in balancing your external environment with your internal and vice-verser.
You can do this through diet and through exercise.

So, if it is hot outside you want to cool down with cooling foods.

eg Yang external environment is balanced with a yin internal environment.

For a full list of yin and yang foods

Click here

But what if…?

What if you are feeling heavy, lethargic, been told you are yin dominant and/or your solar plexus need re-activating and it is a hot day? You surely don’t want to consume more yin foods… Or do you?

You don’t.

In addition to using food, to re-balance your qi (vital life force energy) we recommend the following exercise routines.

Exercises for increasing yang energy

Do these Sun Salutations (not if pregnant), click here

Watch this video of the 5 Tibetan Rites (not if pregnant)

Try these Warrior poses – which are safe during pregnancy and help re-activate solar plexus as well as yang energy:

For a balanced yin-yang routine for fertility 

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Need more motivation?

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