Funny videos to help you shift gears to have your baby with ease and grace


Yes, such a thing is possible.

The first thing I would like you to realise is what you focus on you experience. If you focus on your fertility journey being one of lack, hard work and sacrifice, it will be that.

I invite you to focus on things that make you happy (to raise your vibration and therefore change the energetic blueprint of the cells, organs and systems of your body).


Since 2007 I have been encouraging my clients (just like you) to focus on joy as your catalyst to faster fertility success


To focus on joy means taking pursuing self love; doing the things that you enjoy and begin to put your needs first.


Trying to conceive doesn’t have to be so serious

  • Adding a little humour to your journey works wonders.
  • Here are three funny videos to help you lighten the load.


This first video will melt your heart. I wanted to share this one first because the gorgeous little girl (a mere toddler) speaks with core-splitting honesty and innate wisdom. She is an example of ‘how to communicate from the heart’ and not from the head.

You see, to boost your fertility and to help hold your pregnancy, the sooner you learn “Mind Mastery” (a technique within my Fertile Lifestyle Course that boasts an 80% success rate), the sooner you will learn how to operate from your heart and not your head.

When you function from your head you end up creating self doubt, fears, worries and anxiety that can be destructive to your body and prevent you from holding your pregnancy to full term


For this reason, being ‘heart centred’ is key to you having your happy, healthy baby from 2021 and beyond.

What makes these next two videos funny?


Right now, if you are reading this I am sure it is safe to state that all you want in the world is your little baby, to hold, nurture and treasure.

Although your current life may be tiring  (due to the emotional torment), the life you seek with your future baby is one of busy-ness, sleepless nights and never ending chores.

Nevertheless, this is exactly what you want!

Let’s take a sneak peak into the humorous side that your fertility journey is leading you to:


Why Co-Sleeping is No Sleeping


How these videos can help if you are TTC


If you enjoyed the humour these videos bring then you have allowed ‘feel good hormones’ called endorphins to course through your body and boost your health. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain, including heart-ache and disappointment.

Did you know that laughter increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease?

Additionally, laughter is the best medicine and the joy you allow yourself to feel will help to dissipate feelings of:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Remember, your body can only feel one emotion at a time…

So make it an empowering one!

Your fertility journey is your road to being the best version of you

to create the best version of your babies and give them the best start in life.


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