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Help dreams come true and make a real positive difference on this planet

You may choose to be a Fertility Specialist by combining your existing skills to our Specialist Training Programme or you may want to be a:
We offer the training programme to suit you
  • You may even be a walking-talking success story from Fiona’s course
  • It does not matter what your skills are as long as you have a calling to serve others

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Fertility Expert Specialist Learning Streams

Our comprehensive certified fertility course is divided into two streams

  • Stream 1: Fertility Yoga Teacher Training Course  
For existing yoga teachers – Read more here 


  • Stream 2: Fertility Specialist Coaching Course  
For therapists with a base skill that can be used to facilitate a fertility business

Acquire a new understanding of:

  • How the mind works: identifying and clearing beliefs and blockages preventing clients from fertility success
  • Meditations: their role and importance
  • Energy Field: subtle bodies, dimensions, chakras
  • Fertility Coaching: styles and strategies
  • Balancing Emotions: namely through elements and corresponding chakras
  • Fertility Fit: QiYoga techniques (you learn some fertility yoga postures to teach your clients but you could never run a fertility yoga class as you would not be qualified to do so at this level).
  • Fertility Foods & Drinks: what helps and what hinders
  • Fertility massage: teach self-massage techniques including and understanding how to stimulate fertility acupressure points
  • Living a Fertile Lifestyle
  • Role of the Child
  • Role of Conscious Parent(ing)
  • Client Relationship Building
  • Code of Ethics
  • Running Fertility Workshops
  • Business Skills: 
    • Documenting client notes/strategies used/results/Using CMS: Client Management System
    • Formulating your unique methodology (incorporating your skill set with newfound fertility facilitation skills)
    • Defining your product and what you offer
    • Discovering your avatar for marketing and sales

Career Boosting Benefits

Support – Sell – Connect


  • Get tools that sharpen your skills – keeping your tools in your tool box relevant and up-to-date with client trends and requirements


  • Income streams – you will make money from all Awakening Fertility Merchandise sold directly from you (and online via a code that will mean Go for it! Happy Fertility Specialist with Awakening Fertility
    each sale generates revenue to you – calculated and paid to you monthly
    ) including:

    • Online Fertility Lifestyle Course
    • Fertile Lifestyle DVD
    • Fertility Yoga DVD
    • Fertile Lifestyle book
    • Workbooks
    • Recipe books
    • MP3 Packages


  • Connect to the worldwide community wanting to meet with you and support you on your compassionate crusade.
  • We have our Closed FaceBook Community, Infertility Support Groups, fun global events such as talks, retreats, workshops and more!

Correspondence Course is 18 contact hours + 4 week correspondence requirement

  • Step 1 Pre-requisite training: completion of the Online Fertile Support Course
  • Step 2  Intensive weekend of practical training (Saturday and Sunday)
    • Perth, Australia 2016 (offered once a year)
    • England, UK (offered once a year)
  • Step 3  Spend 1 month putting into practice what you have learnt, studying content and completing your dissertation
  • Step 4 – Group Skype meeting where each student will undergo a role-playing exam (you can use/refer to your notes as long as you handle ‘note reading’ professionally – which you will learn how to do on the course
  • Step 5  Graduating with confidence
This Fertility Specialist Correspondence Course is £2,950.00 including extensive resource material.
(Note – Fertility Coaching Correspondence Course is £2,500.00) The Fertility Specialist course is two contact days as well as an online exam day (three days in total over a four week period). Inclusive of resource material for self-study and home support.
– Recommended for people who cannot take time off work mid-week

Residential Course is 5 days

  • Step 1 – Pre-requisite training: completion of the Online Fertile Support Course
  • Step 2 – 5 days of training, passing exams and graduating
    • Perth, Australia 2016 (offered once a year)
    • England, UK (offered once a year)
The 5 Day Fertility Residential Course is a fully certified training course for £5,470.00
– Recommended for people who can take five days off mid-week

The difference between the Specialist Fertility Training Course and Coaching

  • Fertility Coaching Correspondence Course only one day training – Saturday only
  • Fertility Coaching Correspondence Course only has 8 modules instead of 15
  • Click here for coaching info

Balance = harmony. In harmony you create fertility

New Skills Will Require Insurance

For insurance purposes you will require cover for your certified qualification which includes:
  1. Yoga teaching (Stream 1 and 2)
  2. Nutritional counselling (Stream 2)
  3. Fertility coaching (Stream 2)

Supplementary Courses

There are supplementary courses you can do too – to keep adding strings to your bow – essential for Continual Professional Training (CPD) to keep your skills up to date including and not limited to:
  • How to Teach Meditation – Moving meditation, still meditation, Qi gong, guided, mantra, trataka, and more. (Only open to people with an established daily meditation practice)
  • How to Teach Fertility Yoga (Level 1 – click here for details)
  • Nutritional Counselling – Understanding cleanses, detoxes, SuperFoods, The Yin Yang phenomenon, Ayurvedic principles, organic food, bio-dynamic food and wild food, teas for fertility and pregnancy
  • Working with Crystals – the healing properties of crystals, how to cleanse, how to programme and how to boost your clients healing and wellbeing potential

Final Note Re: Fertility Training

People can combine both streams of fertility specialist training if they are existing yoga teachers.
Stream 2 is growing in popularity because it covers all aspects of how you can effectively facilitate faster fertility success for your clients by covering all bases. Fertility yoga (as you can see) is one aspect of the high success rate Awakening Fertility yields – and believe us, you want ALL your clients to be a success story.

Secure your place – your investment in your future

Book nowSpaces are limited so that we can offer attention to detail with our training and allow each student to grow in their own time (instead of being pushed along with a herd of people).
So, secure your place now with a non-refundable deposit of £170.00 via our payment page, here


  • Hello

    I’m an acupuncturist, would the fertility specialist coaching suit me best? Do you have the training dates for July intake?

    Do you have any graduates, acupuncturist preferably, who I could talk to?

    Who is the qualification accredited By?

    Thank you very much.

    Best wishes,


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