It’s time to reclaim your sovereignty and take back control of your life and your fertility journey.

Black magic, negative intentions, spells and codings might not be something you thought to address during your fertility journey, but it’s important nonetheless.

You have no clue what or who you might have been around that created blockages and codings that are impacting your fertility journey.

The good news is that fertility meditations can help break those down and you can take back your power and your life.

This specific meditation is to help you surrender, release and clear out any black magic that may have been put against you. You are the ultimate person who has control of your life and it’s time to truly break free! Click the video below to try this meditation.

About the Author

Fiona Boulton has been a Fertility Expert since 2007. Since then, Fiona has helped thousands of women to have their happy healthy babies following her 6-pillar epigenetic protocol, the Fertile Lifestyle Course.

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