I’ve been teaching QiYoga since 2006 and hundreds of women have found fertility success because of how beneficial it is for fertility.

QiYoga means “life force energy” and “unity with Source Creator”. It’s all about bringing your energy into balance and connecting your mind, body and spirit.

When you have stagnant energy in your body, blood cannot flow to your essential organs and cells, including your reproductive organs. QiYoga helps to balance your energy by expelling stagnant energy and bringing fresh energy in.

Other benefits include: balancing your central nervous system, strengthen your immune system and bringing fresh oxygenated blood to your reproductive system.

This video also includes a meditation because yoga is amazing at preparing you for meditation. Because yoga connects your mind, body and spirit with the breath, it primes your mind and body to meditate so your meditations will be more effective.

Click below to try this QiYoga routine.

About the Author

Fiona Boulton has been a Fertility Expert since 2007. Since then, Fiona has helped thousands of women to have their happy healthy babies following her 6-pillar epigenetic protocol, the Fertile Lifestyle Course.

In the video, I refer to the world-famous Fertile Lifestyle Course. Awakening Fertility has helped hundreds of women and couples across the globe to achieve fertility success with this coveted course.

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