What To Do When You Can’t Get Pregnant

Are you sick and tired of trying to get pregnant and it just not working?

In an ‘ideal word’ would you love to ‘stop trying’ for your baby, enjoy your life and without any more effort easily have your happy, healthy baby?

Well, I am here to tell you that you can!


When you change your beliefs and your perspective, you can live a FUN and ENJOYABLE fertile lifestyle. You won’t be focused on lack or restrictions or failure.

Let’s give an example you can relate to:

If you see your fertility journey as one of “restrictions” – for example, limiting your consumption of sugar, dairy and gluten (all the things that hurt and harm your physical body) then you will manifest more feelings of restrictions.

Instead, tell yourself you are choosing to consume less sugar, dairy and gluten because you love your body and want to give your body all the energy it needs for fertility instead of fighting the inflammation caused by these harmful foods. You don’t have to cut it out all the time, give yourself a day off every week to enjoy the things you crave… That way you will not be restricting yourself, just limiting harmful toxic exposure to your body temple.

I believe that your strong yearning to have your baby is you are responding to the calling of your baby wanting to come to manifest here on Planet Earth.

However, if you have beliefs that are not congruent with you having your baby, then you will block baby from coming… No matter how many times you try naturally or with assisted fertility like IVF. It just won’t work.

As you will see from the video below, the solution would be to dissolve your limiting beliefs and this is easier than you think for two reasons:

  1. Beliefs are simply thoughts you have held for a long period of time and nothing more, so change your thoughts and you change your reality.
  2. Your soul, your inner essence, your ‘being’ has no comprehension of lack, it only knows abundance, so you are already half way there to achieving fertility success.

To quote Abraham Hicks “It is really a rare person who really get’s this: …You are a vibrational being who has the ability to control your vibrational output; and when you control your vibrational output, you also control what comes into you in terms of a realised life because the Law of Attraction – the most powerful one in the Universe… says that whatever you are vibrationally omitting is what is coming back to you because in your emanation you set a vibration that equals your receiving… (So) What you focus on sets your receptive mode dial. You can’t be thinking one thing and getting another. You can’t be feeling one thing and getting another. The Universe does not hear your words, the Universe is responding to your vibrational output.

Basically whatever you are currently focused on now is what you are attracting to you now.

I assume you have heard of the law of attraction? The law of attraction was brought to mainstream awareness via the book and movie The Secret and by the teachings of Abraham Hicks, especially in their book Ask And It Is Given.


Due to the fact Universal Laws govern our lives (whether you know about them or not), if you are serious about manifesting what you want and not manifesting your fears, then I recommend you get in touch so I can help you (just as I help all my fertility clients who are doing the world famous Online Fertile Lifestyle Course).

  • If you are focused on past failed attempts then you are manifesting more failed attempts.
  • If you are focused on the disappointment caused by the fact you have tried and tried for your baby time and time again yet you have not been successful, then you are manifesting more disappointments. 

The number 1 key to faster fertility success is JOY.

So, please stop your limiting thoughts and you can change your circumstances. This video gives you the tools to do this:

Time to delve deep and get honest with yourself

Do you feel and have that inner knowing that your body is baby ready yet?

  • If you have primed your body (by ‘enjoyably’ living your fertile lifestyle for at least 3 months) then there is no reason why your body is not baby ready.
  • The cells of your body respond to your emotional state, so if you are in a high vibrational state then your body will be thriving and your fertility will be ‘turned on.’
  • If you are stressed, have signs of inflammation or you are fatigued then your body may not be baby ready just yet.

How to boost your fertility

You can boost your fertility by making minute-by-minute daily choices to feel good about yourself and ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE. This is of paramount importance because your child will not fulfil the love and happiness you are craving. You can not expect your baby to complete you… This will only block baby from coming to you.

What’s the recipe for faster fertility fertility success?

You only things you need to focus on is:

  1. To be in a high vibrational state
  2. Look after all aspects of you (so you are  in a state of wellbeing physically, mentally and emotionally)
  3. Believe you can and are worthy of having this baby now
  4. Be receptive to baby coming: practice the art of allowing, of softening, of opening, of surrendering
  5. Love everyone (including yourself) like you will love your future child: show compassion, kindness and forgivenessThen and only then will you attract your Rainbow Warrior, highly conscious, highly intelligent and highly sensitive baby to you… Fact.

How do you know that you will ‘attract’ your child to you in this state?

Let’s go back to basics for a moment… This is an energy Universe and you are an energy being. This is very basic science.

The following 5 aspects of your physiology have been proven by scientists:

1. Your cells are made of energy (protons, neutrons, electrons)
2. You have rivers of energy moving through you (called meridians), commonly used in acupuncture, reflexology, Tai Chi and QiGong
3. You have wheels of energy (called Chakras) connected to your nerve ganglia along your spine that link in with your emotions
4. You have an energy field (aura) that can be seen through Kirlian photography
5. Energy has a vibration and you are constantly transmitting a signal which draws to it situations and circumstances that match your vibration.

How to effortlessly and enjoyably have your baby

You can’t want to have a baby and doubt it will happen because you are only moving further away from achieving fertility success.

When you doubt you can be a Mother to the baby you are yearning for; or you doubt your body will have enough energy; or you doubt you are worthy… Then you are not allowing yourself to be in the receptive mode.

This is why I ran the Awakening Fertility Seminar  in January 2019 helping women just like you to become baby ready by using their Emotional Guidance System (EGS) because fertility is more than a physical experience. Fact.

Fertility relies on your egg health and your womb health
+ the health of the sperm
+ the emotional allowance of you to receive baby
+ your baby having the free will to choose if it wants to incarnate now or later

How to experience faster fertility success

If you want to speed things up and move from the state of ‘wanting’ your baby to ‘having’ your baby, then you will need to close the gap between these two points:
Point A = the energy of ‘wanting’ baby
Point B = the energy of having your happy, healthy baby.

How do you know how big your gap is and if you have closed it?

Simple. Your Emotional Guidance System (EGS) is helping you to translate how big the gap is between your desire and your manifestation.

So, enjoy every millisecond of your life and if you need help to do this, please reach out to me, I can help you.

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