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I had a client submit this question (below), I responded with a live video and said I’d share some content on the website for everyone to benefit from.

“Hi Fiona, I wondered what your thoughts were on the below supplements the IVF clinic have suggested I take…

Co Q10 
Myo Inositol 
I already take omega 3 and multi vit with folate but would appreciate your thoughts on the others 
LC United Kingdom

I have created a table to help you read more about these supplements – which, for an IVF company to recommend is very progressive. Sadly there are some big name IVF clinics in London and around the world that do not recommend quality supplements.

Devastatingly they are often recommend supplement full of synthetic ingredients (like ascorbic acid instead of bio-available vitamin c from food sources; or folic acid instead of folate). When you ingest synthetic supplements they are difficult for the body to absorb and so they are not helping your body as much as you’d like. It can also contribute to toxic over-load and drain your energy as your body tries to metabolise them.

Some clinics sell fertility supplements that include soy which is not good for fertility at all. Many include fillers, binders and magnesium stearate (a toxic lubricant used on the machines to manufacture the supplements faster).

I only sell and support the purchase of wild, natural, food grade, 100% organic and bio-available supplements. This is why I highly recommend the Powerfully Pure brand products – discretely labelled and 100% authentic.

If you are worried about your fertility supplements, take a picture of the ingredients and post it into the Fertility Help support group so I can help you ascertain if your supplements are as beneficial as you believed they were when you purchased them.

Co Q10 
Ubiquinol is better because your body needs to convert CoQ10 to Ubiquinol.

Read more about how it can help egg health and anyone with low ovarian reserve here…

Melatonin is a hormone naturally made by the pineal gland (which also helps to improve your intuition, helping you to make better decisions).

Melatonin helps to improve your sleep for cellular repair and rejuvenation.

Melatonin helps to relieve anxiety and depression, so by pulling yourself out of these low vibrational states you can expect your body to thrive and therefore turn fertility back on.

Melatonin has been known to benefit women with PCOS and women with poor egg quality by improving ovarian stimulation and supporting pregnancy to full term.

There are different brands on the market, some are very weak and you won’t notice a change. There are others that are so strong you need a prescription.

Book in a consultation with me to discuss this or send a picture of the one you are interested in purchasing to the Fertility Help private support group, here for professional guidance.

As mentioned in my video, this amino acid (an essential protein!) is great for men and women. It gives you energy and increases your sex drive.

Remember, the more passionate your love making the better the chances of making a baby!!

Read about one of the best L-Arginine products on the market, here… Or eat lots of kiwi fruit.

L-Arginine is particularly good for male sperm and is the easiest supplement for men to take/want to take(!) when it is in the sports drink mentioned in the link above. Read how/why and what other supplements increase the benefits of L-Arginine here…

Myo Inositol 


Myo-inositol is a member of the vitamin B-complex group so it helps to give you energy and helps the function of your liver which processes most of your hormones.

Myo-inositol is known to provide fertility benefits for women with PCOS and women with poor egg quality by improving ovarian stimulation. For this reason, myo-inositol is commonly recommended in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures.

Myo-inositol also helps to regulate your menstrual cycle, improve egg health and support pregnancies to full term.



Serrapeptase  is made from silk worms – so not ideal for vegans.

Research, especially in Japan, has been conducted on the ability of serrapeptase to reduce chronic inflammation and support a healthy immune response within the body to reduce inflammation which therefore boosts your fertility.

Serrapeptase is also known to shrink fibroids (especially when used in conjunction with Powerfully Pure brand  organic MSM from pine trees and vitamin C.)

This is the red pigment found in berries and grape skin that is known to preserve fertility.

Resveratrol protects immature egg cells or oocytes, and is known to potentially extending the fertile years (to more than their 15 year life-span).

Resveratrol helps to reduce inflammation (which is one of the biggest factors contributing toward fertility issues).

Resveratrol helps to balance hormones.

Resveratrol is recommended as part of your diet if you are over 30 and wanting to have a happy, healthy baby. So, eat your organic berries everyday. Raspberries are best when trying to conceive (TTC).

Omega 3 Multi-vit with folate
The best fertility multi-vitamin supplement that contains omega 3 and folate that is 100% natural, organic, no heavy metals at all (unlike fish oils) and is vegan is the Powerfully Pure brand of Marine Phytoplankton. It gets rid of radiation and is gives you instant energy.
Read all about it here…
Some missing supplements worth considering
Click this link to read more… 
When you have a look at this link, book a complimentary 15 min consultation with me to discuss your best options and get personalised, professional support when choosing your fertility supplements.


If you would like this kind of complimentary fertility support, reach out within my Fertility Help group, it is private and closed to the public.

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