How to take an effective fertility break and enjoy the holiday festive season when trying to conceive


You know, it is “okay” to take a break and in fact a break can re-boot your energy and your focus!

‘Tis the season to be jolly and it is okay to have a break


Give yourself permission to take some time away from your fertility journey and take an effective break


Before you do, ask what it is you are craving or feel deprived of so you know what it is you are truly desiring and you can give it to yourself! For example, do you want to go on holiday and enjoy some bread, or some alcohol or latte’s or chocolate?


Are you just wanting to have fun and not have to say “no” to anything offered to you?


Are you sick and tired of not eating and drinking what all your friends are enjoying and just want to join in for a change or party during the festive season or your birthday?


Whatever your reason, get clear so as you consume the alcohol or processed foods, caffeinated drinks etc. (that are not fertility-friendly) that you love consuming these things and that you wont feel guilty doing so.

Never feel guilty

Did you know guilt is a man-made emotion? It does not exist naturally. There is no word in Tibet as “guilt” so please erase it from your vocabulary and your mind-set. There is never a time or a need to feel guilty – it is simply a self-sabotage construct of your ego-mind. If feelings of guilt arise, sigh it out; let it go. You choose your reality and you can choose not to disempower yourself.


Taking an effective break means enjoying every single moment and not feeling guilty in the process.


Taking a proper break

Taking a proper break means you create a fun-filled experience that enriches your life and the levels of joy you experience

During your chosen break time, invest every moment into a state of joy. This means, enjoy each mouthful you swallow or each day when you don’t do your fertility exercises or meditate for fertility.


Instead, meditate on health and happiness, peace or stillness.


Tell yourself

  • “I am consuming this (food/drink) because it brings me so much joy!!”
  • “I am enjoying not exercising and sleeping in because it brings me so much joy!”


If you choose to have a fertility break then have one 100%!


If you only half-heartedly take a break you will feel you wasted time by stepping off the optimal path. If you whole-heartedly enjoy your break it will make you so happy and this happiness is the biggest catalyst for fertility success!


If you can do this, then taking a break is your best option! (Especially if you opt to do so over the festive season/holiday season).


If not, then perhaps it is time to consider:

  1. Doing a cleanse
  2. Upgrading your meditations
  3. Practicing mindfulness in your daily life; your daily comings and goings



Doing a fertility cleanse

Now that you have asked yourself some important questions, you may have concluded you would like to do a cleanse. Whether you decide to do a cleanse instead of taking a break or; after you have taken a break, it does not matter – the only thing that matters is that you are now choosing to do a cleanse.


Cleanses are a pro-active step forward in the right direction along your fertility path. Cleanses help your body to heal. It is best to choose a cleanse that fits into your daily lifestyle. If you are working it will be too difficult to do a week+ cleanse because you wont be able to function well at work.


Cleanses are like operations and you need to treat yourself with care, extra rest and less physical demands to prevent yourself blacking out or passing out. 


Gentle, easy and cleanses that adapt well into your daily lifestyle include:

The MSM Maintenance Cleanse

Building up to a daily dose of 4 tablespoons of MSM (organic sulphur) mixed in with vitamin C (bio-available vitamin C) and fertility honey. (All these ingredients are available in my shop). Have two in the morning and two 12 hours later


14 benefits of MSM – as a cleanse and to take daily


  • Due to the fact that toxins need sulphur to remove waste products from the body, it helps with detoxification.
  • Sulphur helps you shift unwanted water by helping remove excess fluid build-up on a cellular level.
  • MSM helps relieve the body from inflammation
  • Naturally increases energy
  • Helps cells to heal and rejuvenate at a faster pace
  • Increases absorption of nutrients
  • Strengthens nails
  • Strengthens hair
  • MSM is a ‘beauty mineral’ that produces collagen and keratin
  • Detoxifies on a cellular level
  • De-calcifies the body from the ‘bad-calcium’
  • MSM improves joint flexibility
  • When combined with vitamin C it helps to restore healthy cells, tissues and organs (including skin)
  • Just as it gets rid of scars inside and outside of the body, it also improves skin health and complexion reversing sagging, wrinkled, dry and cracked skin



The Wheat Grass Juice Cleanse and Organic CCABALAP Juice Cleanse 

Juicing 4 – 5 fresh wheat grass shots a day and juicing:


  • C – Coriander (cilantro) – handful
  • C – Carrot – half a carrot
  • A – Apple – whole apple
  • B – Beetroot – whole, raw
  • A – Apple – another whole apple
  • L – Lemon – unwaxed, juice with skin on
  • A – Apple – third one per drink
  • P – Parsley – handful


For a minimum of three days consume just these organic juices, no water and chew your juices. Ideally you want to do this cleanse for seven days but five will also be highly beneficial.



Castor Oil Pack Cleanse

Castor Oil is a medicinal oil used to encourage blood flow to the fallopian tubes, uterus and liver.


  • Dissolves uterine fibroids
  • Balances hormones and getting rid of excess hormones
  • Helps diminish non-cancerous ovarian cysts
  • Helps dissolve scar tissue
  • Frees congestion in the fallopian tubes
  • Increases oxygenated blood and improved circulation to the whole of the reproductive system


Don’t use if menstruating (or pregnant) or when it’s a full moon


You will need the following which are all available in my shop:

  • Castor Oil
  • Organic Hemp or Cotton Cloth
  • Storage container (jar)
  • Plastic to cover
  • Hot water bottle



  1. Saturate the castor oil on cloth, but not dripping with oil
  2. Can re-use the pack
  3. Lay on towel on your back
  4. Fold oiled cloth in 3rds
  5. Place on lower abdomen
  6. Then place plastic covering, (towel optional) and hot water bottle on lower abdomen with hot water bottle covering liver (above right hip)
  7. Wait for 30 mins


Minimum of 6 to be beneficial.


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