Balancing Yin Yang Energies

We are all natural born healers. How do you know you are ready to take your in-built knowledge out to the world to be a healer?

First you want to identify the signs that you have the inner calling. Look within and see how you can best respond to your desire for balancing your inner and your outer world.

This is essential for any new endeavour in life. If you feel it and know it to be your truth, if you are passionate about it then all you need is to build your confidence and you can shine in your career (or part-time job) of choice!

Choosing to be a spiritual healer is different to other jobs or careers

Ironically, in ancient civilisations we had ‘medicine men’ (e.g. Shamans) who were spiritual in nature but nowadays the statistics state we put more trust in scientists and people in white lab coats when it comes to health. Many people who follow their inner yearning to be a healer end up as doctors (GPs, nurses or surgeons) but being a spiritual healer means you will be operating from a different level altogether. Unlike the medical profession, healers are not as widely accepted in mainstream society so being confident in what you do is paramount.

As a healer and healing course instructor I have written this article to help you:

  1. First identify your inner calling and skills
  2. Align yourself with a healing school to give your healing structure and ensure you graduate with competence and confidence

Ask yourself the following:

  1. Do you have an interest in Spiritual healing methods – e.g.: energy healing, reiki, shamanism?
  2. Do you feel you are part of the plan helping humans to expand their consciousness?
  3. Have you experienced challenges in your life that have helped you understand the duality of relativity and now you feel prepared to help others reach a heightened state of consciousness too?
  4. Do you enjoy spending time on your own to connect with multi-dimensional beings or dimensions?
  5. Are you able to commune with nature?
  6. Are you sensitive?
  7. Are you empathetic to others’ needs?
  8. Do you have an awareness of things that others do not have?
  9. Do you yearn to ease the suffering on Mother Earth?
  10. Do you suffer physical pain/tension and fatigue? (This is often from not following your calling to its full extent)
  11. Have you noticed you have healing hands?
  12. Do people ask you for massages because you’re known for being good at them
  13. Do you have vivid dreams and/or you can lucid dream? (To lucid dream means you can control your dreams)
  14. Do you recognise any of your healing powers? (Telepathy? Communion with animals/plants or psychic abilities or are you a seer or can you channel?)
  15. Do you feel different to others or that you don’t quite belong anywhere?
  16. Do you have a history of healers in your family?
  17. Do you have an attraction to crystals?
  18. Do you prefer natural healing methods over conventional medicine?
  19. Do you think of ways to make other people’s lives better?
  20. Do you have a relentless desire to help others, even at a loss of your own?
  21. Do you often feel overwhelmed with the amount of things you’ve agreed to help others with?
  22. Do random strangers reveal their life stories to you without asking?
  23. Do your friends and coworkers often come to you for your trusted opinion on potential romantic prospects or new job hires?
  24. Do you already work in a way that improves the lives of others? Yoga teacher? Carer? Vet? Chiro? Osteo? Conselor? Naturopath? Massage therapist?

“Am I ready to be a healer and take my healing skills to the next level?”

How many are you able to identify with?

Busy Mind - Help Me Clear Clutter of My MindIf you can identify with around 20 of these points it seems apparent you are ready to pursue your healing abilities. This is especially true if you are suffering from any physical pain or discomfort because it is a sign your soul is ready to be exemplifying love, joy and healing in greater ways than you are currently doing.

What healing school best suits you?

I recommend you read around and follow your heart. For more information about my Qi Energy Healing Course, read here…

Booking your place on the next healing course

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