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Calling In Your Baby – Match Your Baby’s Frequency For Faster Fertility Success

For a long time I have been hesitant about openly sharing this type of content because I did not want to ‘scare off’ potential clients who may not be used to this type of language or open minded theories.

Most of my clients (and probably you!) are independent women who are financial, successful and just need one or two things to fall into place so they can feel complete and truly happy

These 1 – 2 things are:

  • 1. Having a happy, healthy baby

  • 2. Having a happy, healthy relationship with partner


What to do if you are calling in both the baby and the partner?

This is actually quite common. I have had several clients over the past 10 years who are single females on their fertility journey relying on a sperm donor to help them achieve their dream of parenthood. To date, the most successful clients (by successful I mean the ones who fall pregnant and give birth to their baby the quickest) are the ones NOT looking for their ideal partner and trying for a baby at the same time.

My theory is that women who are actively seeking a baby and a man/partner are not 100% focused on one or the other. By splitting their focus it dilutes their intention. Yes, I believe it is possible for both to be actualised but you are better off focusing on one at a time.

I appreciate the pain this causes for it is human nature to:

  • want to love and;
  • want to be loved and;
  • want to be in a loving relationship

It is instilled into us culturally that we will all one day marry ‘the one’ then settle down and have a family with 2.4 children… But this is not everyone’s reality.

My advice is to ‘move out of “wanting” and into “knowing” that you are having both in divine time.’  You move into knowing when you access what is in your heart. Music is one of the mediums you can access to help you get there because music creates joy and our hearts hold joy.

My previous month’s article entitled Calling in THE ONE – In Search For The Love of Your Life Soul Mate was one of my more popular articles with lot’s of people offering feedback about songs that represent their feelings toward the yearning they feel for “the one.”

This can happen within relationships too

We all change. We are all growing, this is human nature and we have no choice but to go with the flow of life. It is when we resist the flow that life becomes hard, we become irritable and this creates a ripple effect in our life.

Successful marriages

Successful, happy marriages and partnerships occur when people grow together. However, with the pressures of trying to conceive taking their toll month after month and year after year it means:

Sex can become a chore and the only thing you are giving birth to are new arguments


I have numerous female clients who say to me “my husband does not support what I am doing on my fertility journey.

If this is the same for you, it can make things very difficult because you are not feeling supported. However, it does not mean that your partner does not support you, they just show it in a way different to how you would like to see and experience it.

It is at this point that I recommend new dialogue take place but only when you have done work on your heart (to open, soften and expand into heart-space consciousness) so that you can be seen and heard in your conversations.

How to communicate effectively to your partner

The most optimal way to communicate with your partner is to speak from the heart. This is easier said than done because most communication comes from our ego (or our lower self). It is our ego/lower self that gets offended, that judges and that has expectations. It is your ego that wants to control (even if it is for the greater good of your fertility journey, it is unlawful to force your will unto others).

When we are coming from our heart we have no judgement, only compassion and an open mind to understand where the other person is coming from. Therefore, when you communicate from your heart (from the depths of your being which is the very essence of you) you will be seen and heard without struggle.

When there is clear communication from the heart, you no longer feel that your ‘buttons are being pressed’ you are no longer irritable and hold onto grievances. You are free and you will naturally rekindle your spark for passionate heart-felt sex which is key to making better babies.

Quan-YinPracticing this level of communication and awareness of heart-space consciousness will put you into good stead for being a conscious parent.

You see, I believe all my clients are called to come to me to surrender their troubles. In doing so, it gives me and the Goddess of fertility and abundance Quan Yin (who works through me) the opportunity to re-balance their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies so they can match the resonance of their future baby.

When you match the resonance of your baby then it is easier for your baby’s soul to reside in you and stay for the full 9 months.

Remember, your cells feel what you feel and we can only feel one emotion at any one time. If you predominantly feel down, deflated, disappointed, exhausted, sad, depressed etc. then these heavy emotions will not be congruent to the light vibration of your baby’s soul.

Being feminine means giving yourself the permission to surrender

Being feminine and giving yourself permission to surrender can be so difficult but it is the turning point that will bring great success, I promise! When you learn the tools and techniques to surrender your body softens and you release from stress as well as negative emotions that bog you down. You release from disharmony.

It is harmony and joy that create a fertile body

This cannot be faked, it must be genuinely felt. To achieve true harmony and joy you need more than affirmations. (Affirmations only sink into your conscious mind, it takes years of repetition to sink into your subconscious which is the power-house of your destiny). When you do transition into a state of joy and inner harmony, you surrender to the infinite possibilities in the knowing that your body can heal and transform enabling you to be a Mum within 12 months.

What is the secret to achieving faster fertility success?

The secret to achieving your dreams of parenthood ASAP is:

  1. Stop trying hard, instead learn the techniques to surrender. When you are trying hard and not seeing results it means you are going against the flow of life. When you are trying hard it means you are in your masculine energy and you need to be embracing the feminine aspects of you to keep fertility turned on and to allow assisted fertility to be successful.
  2. Stop “wanting” this baby so much that you strangle the life force energy flowing through you. This will be easy when you master your several Manifestation Techniques (scroll to the end of this link for instructional manifestation video for of one technique)
  3. Stop “wanting” and feel your inner “knowing.” This can be achieved through your “Being” fertility meditations available on MP3 or free with the courses and programmes I offer.

All these techniques are easy and I can teach you how via my Fertile Lifestyle Programme and Online Course

Baby theories

Baby by fertility expert Fiona Kacz-Boulton

Have you heard the baby theory – that babies choose their parents?

Have you heard the baby theory – that babies often hover around the Mum for months and sometimes years until they are ready to come?

Have you heard the baby theory – that babies come when they are ready, that is is all in ‘Divine Timing’ not your preferred timing?

Have you heard the baby theory – that sometimes babies come to you, live in your womb for a few weeks then retreat back to the light because either:

  1. They are not ready to experience such dense energy or;
  2. They had a soul contract with you to only experience life in the womb and will help bring forth a new soul for you to give birth to?

This puts a new perspective on miscarriages doesn’t it?

You do not have to believe these theories to achieve faster fertility and parenthood success but opening your mind to new possibilities and theories can be helpful.


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